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Hello and Welcome!

This is the Through the Plumbob legacy blog, where we take a shiny Plumbob and peer through to see what life is like as a sim.

Here I, zefiewings, take on sim challenges and try to write something half arse entertaining about them. And try not to get my sims killed.

If you just want to see all the posts in reverse order, including side notes and updates, click “all them posts” in the Menu

You can also see the newest posts at the bottom of the page.

I am also the proud creator of my own challenge and a rule adjustment (which can be used in coloration with nearly any sims challenge. ) They are nowhere near finished and I would love to hear some feedback on ways to make them better.  They both have their own pages which hold the rules and details to making them part of your sim’s lives.

Just click on the banners below to go to that section of the blog.

Culracy banner

The first is the Cultracy Challenge:  A legacy challenge that differs in culture from generation to generation with the names, house, spouse, traits, and anything else possible all based around that culture.


The other is the Inhericy Rule: a way of tweaking how your sim’s offspring gain their traits with the idea that how they live their lives affects who they become.


This is a Special ISBI challenge. Check it out! Even prizes to be won!

(only has a forum page for now)

gen 1 banner small

For the chapter list of my Cultracy

I plan on updating this a little more yet. Just bare with me for now.

4 thoughts on “Home Page

  1. Hey, Zefie! I just tried to create another Backwards ISBI, and it will most likely stick this time… Want to check it out? It’s at pocketcowsimsblog.wordpress.com and I hope you like it 😀

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