and so, a legacy is born.

Welcome all to the blog site of zefiewings! To hear my story, use the “about zefiewings” link at the top of the page. And since I am essentially talking to myself here , as there is no one who even knows about this yet, I will be breif in my babbling. because, really, what else is there to say?

I was inspired by a particular individual, one who has a blog on this site in fact, but I will not mention who until I hear back from her with permission to do so. Know only that her tales of both intriguing successes and dramatic woe are as pleasing to read as any.

While I plan to play full legacy stories, I decided to start a little smaller (and stranger) with a Wacky, crazy, make-no-sense, challenge. A legacy of five generations inspired by the “insane” trait and some silly flamingos. If you are not familiar with this challenge, read about it here.

Thank you for reading my sim’s stories.  I thank you all personally but especially you, Adrian!

(that probably isn’t your name, but is worth is to mess with the heads of all the Adrians in the world)

May we have fun seeing life through a glass plumbob.

(bonus points to everyone who knows the reference I used in this post!)


One thought on “and so, a legacy is born.

  1. I get it. 🙂
    And I get the reference of the whole title too. 🙂
    How many points does THAT win me? 3 each? 1 for reading each one and 2 for getting each one? Whoo, six points!

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