Setting Lifespans

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Sometimes a good idea just hits you.

I decided to figure out what exactly the sim’s lifespans mean. I mean, is it 1 day = 1 year? Lower? Higher? I thought it would help me with my posting. When exactly has Fredrick been working his farm for one year? five years? It’s an important detail because the passage of time will effect  a sim’s outlook on certain events. Like how it’s perfectly acceptable to propose to a person you have known for about two days and they say yes. The time thing can make things wonky.

So I crunched some numbers. After mostly trail and error I came to a happy 1 week = 5 years. This makes the average lifespan of a sim (90 days)  just under 65 years which seems reasonable. It also means that I can play in day-by-day format until a week has passed, then extrapolate the weeks occurrences into 5 years.  That way going a day without seeing a friend doesn’t mean I didn’t talk to them for a full year. It allows for more control.

I wondered what that meant for the specific age groups however; did my formula make everything still fall into a reasonable place when examined individually or only as a whole? Here is the math, I had to do some rounding;

Baby 3 days = about 2 years = 2 yrs old

Toddler 7 days= 5 years= 7 yrs old

Child 7 days = 5 years= 12yrs old

Teen 14 days = 10 years= 22 yrs old

Young Adult 21 days= 15 years = 37 yrs old

Adult 21 days= 15 years = 52 yrs old

Elder 17 days = about 12.5 years = 64 1/2 yrs old

Okay, not bad, but I am unhappy about being considered a toddler until you are 7 years old. So maybe with a little tweaking;

Baby 3 days = about 2 years = 2 yrs old

Toddler 5 days= about 3.5 years= 5 1/2 yrs old

Child 10 days = about 7.5 years= 13 yrs old

Teen 11 days = about 8 years= 21 yrs old

Young Adult 21 days= 15 years = 36 yrs old

Adult 21 days= 15 years = 51 yrs old

Elder 19 days = about 13.5 years = 64.5 yrs old

There. Not perfect and more rounding was needed this time but overall I am feeling better about these settings. Because knowing that your area toddler until you are 7 would continue to bother me. It’s still 90 days so withing the legacy challenge rules and  I didn’t give myself any advantages like, ramping up the YA span, so I don’t see any problems. In fact, it might be tricky to get all of the toddler skills taught in the shorter span so that might be bad. Still, I really needed to fix that.  Course, I am actually fairly far ahead of the story that is posted because I can, obviously, play faster than I can post.  So it will be some time before these changes are seen implemented in the posts even though I changed it in game today. In case anyone keeps track of such things.

So yeah. Sorry for the long post. The moral of the story is; in my story 1 week in game = 5 years life.


One thought on “Setting Lifespans

  1. That actually makes a lot of sense. My lifespan is at 132 days… Otherwise my sister would complain about her birthdays on her families being messed up… We had it at Epic (over 200 days!) and I wanted it at 90 so I could do the challenge too, so we worked out a compromise. It may give me an advantage but it’s not like I’m posting it online, right?

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