Simmer Celeberties

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Those knees quivering in excitement can only mean one thing… you have spotted a famous celebrity!
From hearing from an experienced blogger.

So I heard back from the blogger I mentioned as my inspiration, so as promised I will cite her blog on here.  Her name is ashleigh825  and she writes on a site called “New Reflections” here on wordpress. Originally, her site was just “reflections” following the Charms Legacy and this was the first legacy blog I ever read and it really drew me in. However, due to some technical difficulties she had to scrap it and started her new reflections with the Waverunner Legacy. Both are great.

So anyway, thank you ashleigh825 for writing such an impelling story to inspire me to write my own! I can only hope to be half as successful as you!

I’ll have you up here on a blogroll as soon as I figure out how to do one. heh heh.


One thought on “Simmer Celeberties

  1. Oh my goodness, I’m blushing, I’m so flattered right now, haha! I’m so glad you like my legacy. I’m hoping to get another update in before school starts up again. I’ll add your sawyer legacy to my blogroll. If you need help on how to organise your blog, I wrote a nifty guide you can find here: Don’t mind the layout problems. I just haven’t gotten around to fixing the site’s layout yet.

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