Changing Rules

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Sometimes a good idea just hits you.

Now, I love Pinsar’s rules as much as the next simmer, but there has always been one aspect of the legacy challenge that has bothered me. The Trait system.  Don’t get me wrong, I get why we randomize it; knowing and choosing what to be would make a perfect heir all too easy. The Problem is as it sits, it is actually more beneficial to not be able to choose your trait because when the game does it, it seems to take things like lifestyle and genetics into account. Just hitting the rolling button does not. Not doing well in life gives you the reward, which I feel goes against the spirit of the legacy challenge.

So me being who I am, I have proceed to begin making a complicated set of rules to counteract that.

Okay not as complicated as it sounds but here it is; all sims start with certain traits they can get in certain stages, but the rest you have to qualify for in order too accept.  These rules of qualification are different in every stage.  I have made a first draft of the first set of rules; the infant stage. These things the pregnant mother must do in order to qualify for their child to get certain traits.  This is with all the current expansions.


Automatically qualify for;





hates the outdoors

heavy sleeper


light sleeper


traits you must earn;

Artistic: Mother painted, sculpted, etc.

Athletic: Mother worked out, jogged, swam, etc. IF mother gains 1 athletic skill point you LOCK OUT couch potato

Brave: Mother puts out fire, wrangled burglar, “promised to protect” someone, or someone “promises to protect” her. Alternate: Stomach interacted with by a policemen, fireman, or military person.

Couch Potato: Mother watched T.V or napped. IF either happens 3 times you LOCK OUT athletic

Disciplined: Mother got a massage from another sim

Eccentric: Mother got massage from spa

Excitable: Mother “announce pregnancy” to 5 sims. IF mother announces to 10 sims you LOCK OUT grumpy

Friendly: Belly was “talked to” by 5 sims. IF talked to by 10 sims LOCK OUT loner

Genius: Mother read two different pregnancy books

Good: born in wedlock IF mother receives the “charitable” or “day brightened” moodlet LOCK OUT evil

Loner: Born at home. IF stomach never interacted to by any sim (besides mom) LOCK OUT friendly

Loves the outdoors: Mother does any outdoor activity IF gain 1 outdoor skill point (gardening, fishing, collecting) LOCK OUT hates the outdoors.

Perceptive: Stomach is “felt” or “listened to” by 5 sims. IF either by 10, LOCK OUT absent minded

Slob: Mother receives “Filthy”, “Vile surroundings”, or “disgusted” moodlet(s) IF happens 3 times, LOCK OUT neurotic

Virtuoso: Mother listens to music or plays an instrument

Remember these start when you hear the bells, NOT when your sim realizes she is pregnant. She is affecting her unborn child whether she knows it or not.

When the child is born, if you are able to choose both traits, you start with the top one. Keep rolling until the trait that appears is one you qualify for. Once that happens, remeber it and do the same for the bottom. When you get one, remove the changed top trait and put the original in.

You also automatically qualify for the traits your parents have, but these can still be locked out. If a trait is locked out you can’t take it even if you qualify.

Remember that qualifying for a trait in one stage does not mean you can get it in another. You mush re-earn them (except in the case of parent qualifications)

If anyone decides to try this, let me know any problems because I am still trying to play-test. I think I will gave myself some time to write the rules for all stages, so I will probably implement this in about the fourth gen or so. I will tell you if I do and update you on the next stage of rules.

Also, let me know if my explanation doesn’t make sense 😉




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