Seasons! Part 2

Since my quick post when coming back from the mall yesterday, My butt has hardly left the computer chair. Its the expansion we’ve all been waiting for! Or at leased I have.

Some quick points of interest before I begin my legacy anew.

Firstly: Lifespan.

I know I already did all the number crunching and umming and awing about this but the inclusion of changing seasons made me need to reevaluate.
You see, I have a problem with the idea of not getting to celebrate a babies first Snowflake Day just because their birthday happened to fall in summer. With the lifespan as it was, I would be through too many life stages by the time the seasons rolled full circle and I want all my children to get to experience the holidays.

With the seasons set at 7 days long, the lifespan was well into 200 days giving everyone a balanced Season rotation. I liked a full week for the season because then we could have school days and weekends be affected. But this is too long for a Legacy.

So I had to pick. Is it more important for me to have all the seasons for everyone or to have proportionate lifespans?

I picked the seasons.


Baby: 10 days

Toddler: 28

Child: 28

Teen 20

Young adult: 28

Adult: 28

Elder: 28

for a total of 150 days. I know that is much longer than 90 but having seasons any shorter than 7 days would be too short.  Plus, even  though I have a longer Young adult I also have longer baby which will be fun :/

Secondly: Trait earning system: Yes I will be using this: my own unique rules to the legacy challenge.  I will make a page detailing how this works as I go, but I did talk about it in an earlier post so you can get some details their if you like. This will hopefully be a nice added challenge.

Thirdly: SEASONS! YAY!

I am having so much fun with it. It adds a whole new dimension to the gaming, especially as a legacy.  I don’t mind telling you that the pressure to build a shelter really gets hot when the temperature gets cold. (Sorry, bad pun.) Still, there are advantages too if you know where to find them. Psst. The festivals are a great source of entertainment and cheep food for the simoleon strapped sim.

I confess that my legacy founder spent more time concentrating on trying all the new seasonal fun stuff instead of rushing to get the coinage. But that’s how I like it anyway, the sooner you get their life under control the less challenging it is!
One thing of note: If any of you are having problems with the game crashing on save, and it’s right after you build a house, I figured out the problem. Its the foundation. You can get around it by just not using foundation for now. As far as I can tell, already made houses are fine, just not new houses. I’m sure it will be fixed, but Its avoidable for now.


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