Cultracy 1.1. Summer ~ Casa



I’ll do my intro as we fly in. Hello everyone! Zefiewings here, ready to start a new legacy, “World under one roof”. The first thing I ummed and Awwed about was how to tell this story. Narrative, or Narration?

As you can tell, I ended up opting for narration. There are two (hopefully good) reasons for this;

  1. I am using this story to showcase my new ideas; The Cultracy and Inheracy. Both of these now have pages of their very own, found at the top of the page or the links here and here. Using this method of story telling should make it easier to talk about the game-play aspects of my new Challenges. In theory.

  2. I don’t actually read dramas/biographies. So I found my lack of experience hair pulling-ly difficult when I was writing about Fredrick’s family. I never knew what to do or write. I kept wanting to switch to my sci-fi/horror style, which isn’t really the point here. This should make it easier and in turn allow me to update with more consistency. Again, in theory.



Now that we have arrived in town, let’s introduce our legacy founder and start of the show.  Karla Cultric. Three guesses as to where I got her last name. Say hi Karla.


I guess it will be an unofficial family trait to hear voices. Should I have given her the insane trait?


I guess not. I did give her blond hair for a reason. Almost all the other cultures we will be working with have dark hair so I wanted to pre-emtively mix up the genes a bit.  We have also already picked the generations culture. Living in Monte Vista makes it easy to come up with reasons for her to meet a nice Italian man. So there you have it.



The first thing we do is stop by city hall to sign the home-owners papers. I like making my sims do that ,okay?

wait…you mean I don’t actually have to do this?

Yes you do. Hush.

Well, I do like the city you’ve chosen for me. It suits my traits perfectly. And this is a beautiful city hall. Like a castle.

I know it’s perfect for you. That’s why I made..erm..chose you for it. And I promise you’ll like this next part. Call a cab and lets go see your land.




16 thoughts on “Cultracy 1.1. Summer ~ Casa

    • It really is!
      Luckily for me, Monte vista is available in retail stores or I most likely wouldn’t have gotten it. It’s my favorite world.
      I’m glad you like it, thanks for reading!

  1. I am finally reading, sorry it took forever to start. But I have a bit of time right now so I will try to get as much read as I can.
    I love it so far! I love your style of writing, and the narration and “hearing voices” hehe. I also love Monte Vista so all these pictures makes me all squee-y.
    Karla is SO cute and so pretty (did I get the name right? -blush-)
    Anyway, so excited to read more so off I go to do so! Awesome job Zefie ^_^

    • This makes me so proud! Hearing my writing is good from such a fantastic writer!
      Like if Tolkien himself said I wrote a good fantasy or Poe enjoyed one of my poems!

      That likely would have made more sense if I used people who weren’t you know, dead. But I couldn’t think of any writers I idolize who are currently living lol.

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