Cultracy 1.2 Fall ~ Pioggia


When last we left poor Karla, she started her legacy on an empty lot,  gained a few painting skill points,  ate a slimy fish and a ton of marshmallows , finally registered as an artist, and found out why people don’t usually spend 24 hours a day outside in the dead of summer.

Hello again everyone, this is zefiewings reporting. And you all remember our darling Karla Cultric. Together, we are trying to tell of the wonders of my self made legacy challenge, the Cultracy (rules of which can always be found at the top of the blog).  Without getting her killed we hope.

Does anyone else find that seasons makes the sim days go by incredibly fast? Well here we are, seven days in, and only just employed. Summer ends, with some relief to Karla’s blistering skin, and fall begins today. Of course, she doesn’t know that fall brings weather problems of its own.


Rain. Lots and lots of rain. And this is only the first night. I feel bad that Karla is currently sleeping in a river, so I buy her something small for when she wakes up.


I woke up with the terrible need to pee. Really badly. I’m glad you bought me this toilet but did you stick my hands in water last night?

No. It rained. But your night owl trait kept you in bed so long that it stopped and most of the puddles are gone so it’s kind of hard to prove right now.

I did have another motive for the toilet.

I’m shocked.

Quiet you. Thing is, pretty as the views are, your lot is terribly far from anything. You had to spend so much time commuting for the necessities you got almost no painting done. Now that you have a toilet in a field, a shower you have to use with a bathing suit, and endless supplies of stale marshmallows, you can concentrate on painting!

um…you know when you put it that way…

These things will never be updated or added to until you have money. Now get to that easel!

…I have the sudden erg to paint.

Pro tip: if you are following the self employment extra rule, you might want to pick a lot closer to everything than I did since it takes longer to get started. Especially if you only sell at the store and not buy mode.


15 thoughts on “Cultracy 1.2 Fall ~ Pioggia

  1. I’ve always liked this writing style, and you’re doing a great job with it! Legacies can suck at first, but I think that’s when it’s the most fun lol I’m glad Karla was able to get inside at last

    • Thank you!
      Hmmm too bad that isn’t a party type in the sims! If I wasn’t already past this part in the game I would through a feast party or something and pretend.
      Good idea for next time though!

  2. Karla is adorable! I love the sunburn picture. The pic where she is on the toilet made me laugh since there were now walls. I could never do that haha! Your commentary makes me laugh. 🙂

  3. “Does anyone else find that seasons makes the sim days go by incredibly fast?”
    YES when I first started playing I was like lsdnldkjvflbnrwln and felt weird since usually I’d have a lot more done in a sim week. It’s so weird! It’s scarily close to real life… -.-
    When they started splashing in the water I just laughed so much (and it sounds like something I’d do :I)
    Really enjoying this ❤

  4. I love your writing and I love the Cultracy idea! Yay she got a little house so she won’t freeze to death! 🙂 Can’t wait to continue reading!

  5. Vinceno is gorgeous, and I love your narration. Can’t believe I’m just finding this blog. Looking forward to many more, and I’m happy for a break from my homeless “Untouchable Patels.” Your cultracy idea is great- maybe I’ll try that next!

    • Thank you Dorian! I’m glad you like it!
      Vinny was fun to make, and he went from being a sim I liked to a sim I loved in no time at all. I hope you feel the same!
      I will check out your ‘untouchables’.
      And if you DO decide on doing a Cultracy, let me know! 😀

  6. I know it’s completely redundant but I just realized I have a friend named Karla….
    Since my native language is part italian it’s unusual to see names with a K, and we say to her “Your name is like soooooooooo exotic ” XD
    Idk, I just wanted to comment
    Love the story so far!

    • lol that’s awesome since she lives in basically sims Italy. I had no idea. Yay Karla!

      Ah! You’re Native language is part Italian? Now I’m nervous…tell me if I messed anything up and I hope I did the language and stuff justice!

      Thanks for reading

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