Cultracy 1.3 Winter ~ Accarezzare


When last we left sweet Karla, she learned the dangers of sleeping outside in fall, discovered that fire pits do indeed un-thaw,
met a conveniently handsome stranger named Vincenzo, and slept her first night in the start of her legacy house.

Buongiorno everyone, zefiewings here wishing she knew more Italian.  And sleeping far more comfortably than usual is our star and founder, Karla Cultric. Our goal is to entertain you whilst showcasing my wonderful new legacy theme, the Cultracy, the rules of which can always be found at the top of my blog.

That’s long term though. Short term we hope to build a house where Karla doesn’t have to eat, sleep, and pee all in the same room.

This first night in her room/house marks the last night of fall and our first snow fall. And because I am awesome that way, I don’t have a picture of it. It is a mark of someone that plays for to long of stretches when she makes a decision (such as, take more screenshots for example) but it takes several updates to actually catch up to the point where the readers can see it implemented. Anyway, let’s see if we can keep Karla from freezing to death, or catching food poisoning from her living conditions.


Karla spends the better part of the first day at the consignment store for two reasons. 1) she has more paintings to sell. 2) She met someone yesterday that her best friend just has to hear about.

“He sounds great! Call him up, ask him out! What’s the worst that could happen?”

“I am utterly humiliated, lose one of two friends that I have, and blow my chance by acting too soon?”

“Nonsense. Don’t be cynical. Call him!”

That’s what I said!

Stop your talking! It’s hard to hold a conversation without looking crazy with you blabbing in my head! I wanted a second opinion, okay!

But encouraged by her friend that isn’t a disembodied voice, she calls Vincenzo up and he agrees to meet her at the park by her house. It’s not a official date but it’s a start.


20 thoughts on “Cultracy 1.3 Winter ~ Accarezzare

    • Welcome to the story!
      Thank you! I tried to make someone different than my usual style. I wasn’t sure at first, but I quite liked how she turned out in the end.

  1. Lol that’s awesome their first snowman wasn’t a regular one. I had a sim build ten snowmen or something like that for a wish and they were all standard. -.-
    Whooo on their first woohoo being in an igloo!!! –giggles-getting’ started on dem babies ❤ though she is right about lack of options. Poor girl. xD
    Also I love the idea of spreading out the rooms, it would make things better in the long run instead of having to rearrange rooms all the time. I might have to do that in one of the gens somewhere in Patchwork or Supernatural 😉

    Ahh the end of another chapter. I like how they're set up in a few small parts. I was confused at first but I like that!

    • I’m so glad too because that would have made for a very short legacy lol
      Igloo=fun times 😉 Just not always in the way you’d expect.
      Yay for the broken up house! 😀
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Wow, that’s the first time I’ve seen that hockey player snowman. Have had the rest, but not that one.

    Found your legacy through the Danevbies page, and I love this so far. Especially the Inheracy idea, that’s a great way of allowing more traits instead of just rolling. I am so sick of getting heavy/light sleepers and easily impressed legacy sims. I swear EA rigged the “randomise” button to get the boring neutral traits more often than the helpful ones.

    • Really? That’s interesting about the snowman because that and the normal one are the only ones I seem to get. I have seen the death one on occasion, but I don’t know if it was my sims that did it, I can’t recall.

      The Danevbies? They rock. ❤ Thank you I'm glad you like it.
      Yeah, I hate the randomize too. It always felt like, when following the legacy rules, "Yay! You did a great job raising your kid! Your reward… a terrible trait! 😀 "
      But half the time if it wasn't randomized it was a trait that made sense, or was at least interesting lol.

      • I guess I understand why randomising is used, as it makes things slightly harder. If I get to choose traits, I often end up going for helpful skill ones (or ambitious or similar), and while they make it easier to progress up a career/skill, it makes for less interesting and varied sims. Which is why I like your inheracy approach, which is a good middle-ground between the two.

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