Cultracy 1.4 Spring ~ Matrimonia


When last we left young Karla, she went on a date with Vincenzo, took it to the next level, had a Snowflake Day party, painted up a storm, then enjoyed her first night in a proper, multi-roomed home.

Hello again everyone, zefiewings here already running out of ways to mix this sentence up. And with us, as always, is the artistic Karla Cultric. Together we will try and help you see the world through a plumbob in Cultracy Challenge. (The rules of which can always be found on their page at the top of the blog).

Three seasons in, and Karla has found herself a man (let’s hope it lasts), gotten a good start on a house, and really made a great dent in her career/hobby. She has been doing very well, especially when you consider her environment.

And the bossy voice.


I help you. One should not argue with a watcher.  Anyway, she has, in fact, been doing so well that she has felt real reward from her life lately. And her painting have gotten much better. I’d almost call her extra creative now.

And my paintbrush sparkles. 

Yes that too.




So painting queen Karla goes to the consignment store to sell off her latest work, but Giovanna doesn’t work there anymore. She had to quite a while ago due to giving birth. So instead of having a great relationship with the person she is selling too, she has too deal with this guy.

I miss Giovanna.

I know. Call her up later.


The Hospital?! Are you feeling alright?

Of course. I just got a commission to make some paintings for the waiting rooms.

Well, good job. Looks like work is spreading about your skills. Also, this is the first time I’ve ever had a picture of a hospital in a legacy that had nothing to do with babies.

With what?


Oh. Why did you use that weird word?

Oh, no reason. Felt like babbling I guess. Speaking of Nooboos, you and Vincenzo still doing alright?

Yes, but why Nooboos should lead to a conversation about Vinny.

Why? Oh geez. Well when two sims really love each other…

No! I didn’t mean…urg! I mean, we’ve been together for a while, but still!

Oh. Well this is a legacy. People are here looking for Nooboos. It’s just the way it is.

Now you tell me.


15 thoughts on “Cultracy 1.4 Spring ~ Matrimonia

    • It’s always a great moment when the founder finds his/her “one!”
      I love the paintings too, I guess that’s why I find myself making lots of painters in sims.

  1. Oooh the Monte Vista dress does make a gorgeous wedding gown! Yay for marriages! Can’t wait to see dem Nooboos.
    Ahh reading this is making me miss just playing for fun. Maybe I’ll have to do that some tomorrow… 🙂

  2. Yay, nooboos! Totally agree, the word makes us all turn to mush.

    I’m with you on playing for fun, I don’t think I could do a sims-story, the setting up of scenes would drive me nuts. Thank goodness we have others like Erin to do the dirty work for us!

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