Cultracy 1.5. Summer ~ Incinta

Screenshot-317When last we left our Karla Cultric, she became extra creative, proposed to her Vinny, mastered her painting skill, went on a romantic Love Day date, and ended her sim year with wedding bells.

Happy new year everyone! Zefiewings here and with us forever is the hungry Karla Cultric. Well, actually that’s her new husband Vincenzo trying to fix the matter. But Karla and I (and her family) aim to entertain you while living a Cultracy, the rules of which can always be found at the top of my blog.

By the way, I said happy new year because the sim year seems to start at summer and as winter already has a major holiday, who am I to argue? They won’t be actually celebrating it for a few chapters because I only just thought of this and I am ahead in the game, but I have new years items so why not use it?


Anyway, Vencenzo here, being the natural cook, makes his new wife waffles and doesn’t even burn them despite it being technically the first time he cooked. Or, wait, I guess he cooked while living alone. Well, whatever.

Just think. This is all thanks to randomly meeting him at the pond because you felt I needed to fish across the city.

Uh..yeah, *cough*. Yup. That sure was a thing. A convenient, definitely not planned thing.

“You know sweetie, with the money I brought with me we could make a nice kitchen. What do you say?” Vencenzo clearly wants to make use of the large space and get his gourmet on.


“That sounds great! I’ll just finish up writing our thank you cards and we can clear out of here and let the kitchen magically make it self better!”

Hey! You know full well its me that does that!

Most people can’t hear the watcher. I’ll look crazy.

Sims lead interesting lives that the magic self building kitchen makes more sense than a voice. Fine.



There. Not too bad considering I actually didn’t have a lot of simoleons to work with. The appliances with have to be updated later. I like how it turned out anyway. What do you think Karla.




Ah. Here you are. S’matter? Sad tummy?

Ugh. Don’t tell Vinny. He’ll think it was the waffles and they were great. I must have a bug.

Umm. Yup. That must be it. You didn’t happen to hear anything last night did you?

Now that you mention it..I heard a little song. Ice cream, truck maybe?

umm maybe.

Where is he? He didn’t hear me did he?


Nah. He’s reading in the bedroom. That’s the other side of the house. You’re fine.


9 thoughts on “Cultracy 1.5. Summer ~ Incinta

  1. Something about reading your story always makes me want to play The Sims haha Though I think I’d go crazy if I had to play the kids for that long. Just 2 days and I’m already wanting to age them up early.

    • Haha. I actually like the baby stage. I think they make things a little more challenging. I hate when its too easy.
      But the real reason is that I hated the idea of babies missing their first Christmas. So infant and toddler together is a full year. Then child is a year, teen is a year, YA and Adult are two years each, and elder is a year. I just hope that the adult years are long enough in proportion to the kid years. I might have to make YA 3 years…

      • I like this approach to the seasons, may have to implement something similar in my game. I have changed my seasons to be 14 days each, since I didn’t like how they changed so quickly at 7 days. But scaling the life cycles as well never occurred to me – it makes so much more sense your way!

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