Cultracy 1.6. Fall ~ Pittore

When last we left Young  Karla Cultric, she enjoyed life as a newlywed, found out she was pregnant, prepared for the baby, became a mother, then found out she was pregnant again.

Long time no see everyone! Zefiewings here and with us we see is the new mother Karla Cultric.  That is, you can see if you look carefully at the bottom of the screen shot. As always, we aim to teach you all we know about what life is like for a sim in a Cultracy, While we learn ourselves because this is the first one ever. We will try to do so in what we hope to be an entertaining and  valuable piece of work. Or at least one that you can manage to get through without falling asleep.

Karla has turned into a regular baby making machine! Barely finished having one and already carrying her second. Carrying him or her all the way to the town hall I see. What are we doing here?

I’m being presented with an award for my beautiful art by the mayor!

Well! Congratulations.


Very nice. But that long waddle back means you better hurry! Because we have a special event going on today don’t we!

Screenshot-380“Oh Karla, its so good to see you!”


“And congratulations on being pregnant again! You and Vin are going for a large family I see!”


And here is one of Vinny’s friends.

“…thumbs up.”

Oh sims. That interaction of ‘approval’ for a sim being pregnant always seemed off to me.

But what are all these sims (all these..pfft! there are two!) doing here anyway?


Why its Antonio’s birthday! Geez, don’t smother the little guy Vinny.


While Karla and the bump cheer on enthusiastically…


their “friends” show that there was no need to invite them at all. Who taught these two manners?



And Antonio is now officially a toddler. My, it seems only seconds ago he was a swaddled infant.


Well Giovanna, I see you remembered you were at a birthday party in time for cake. How nice of you.

Course, you can’t hear me since I already slightly established that only the founder and heirs can hear me.


Little Antonio post makeover. Didn’t change much really, he came out perfectly cute on his own. His coloring is all Dad, but maybe we’ll see some of Karla too when he gets a bit older.  That won’t be until late spring early summer though. Can’t remember which.


He is so handsome! Just like his daddy!

I know! I will try and keep the toddler spam-pics to a minimum…no promises though.


20 thoughts on “Cultracy 1.6. Fall ~ Pittore

  1. Love the Antonio spam haha. The most difficult thing when taking pictures is ALWAYS trying to keep down toddler spam, but I don’t think anyone is really complaining!

    • I won’t be influencing gender. You are just going to have to cross your fingers. I actually have the next update almost ready already, so you might see soon.

  2. Can’t wait to see if the next baby is a girl or a boy, but I am with APoo and hope it’s a girl. Vinny seems like the type that would love to have a “daddy’s little princess” to spoil.

  3. Wow, okay Omnipresent, your ability to read my mind is getting a bit creepy. Can’t wait for the new baby, though. Super excited. BTW I really LOVED that pic of Karla and baby Tony in the rocker.

    • I’m guessing you meant about needing another baby?
      Heck yeah! Things being all calm and easy is boring.

      I loved the image too. I love all the cuddly pics of them with their babies. Its all I can do not to spam the heck out of you guys with endless images.

    • Thank you very much! That means a lot to me at the stage with only a handful of followers!

      And yes, Tony turned out really well! I just hope he gets good traits!

      The Inhericy is still very much a work in progress but its getting there!

  4. Who doesn’t love toddler spam? I like the toddlers more than the kids, because their days seem much more constructive. Then again, you have 21 days of toddlers! Pretty sure I’d be sick of them by that time. So how long is your total lifespan, if most stages are 28 days? That would be a really long life.

    • My lifespan 260 days total.
      Baby 7 days
      Toddler 21 days
      Child 28 days
      Teen 28 days
      Young Adult 70 days
      Adult 70 days
      elder 36 days.
      I’m not sure about the last one…is it too short? In comparison to the rest of the lifespan?

      • Wow… And here I am playing with a total of 80 days. Though I guess it depends on your style of play. If I was wanting to do a ‘proper’ life one with the seasons like you are, that’s a good length. But when I’m playing for points and don’t let my sims do much more than skill, the longer spans get boring.

        I think the elder needs to be shorter than the adult. Often your elders will go over that time, don’t forget – I’ve often had elders go 20+ days over, so you could end up with a sim that’s 300 days old! And other than child raising and completing long LTW, I don’t find a lot to do with my elders. So 36 days seems a good length, I think.

        • Thanks for the feedback. I hope that it is a good length…but I never want to loose Karla and Vin so frankly I want it to go on forever. @.@

          And that lifespan is so short lol! Its funny how differently people play lol.

          • Yeah, I guess I’m not one to get attached to my sims much…then again, I haven’t ever blogged anything, so maybe if/when I did that things might change. But for now, I’m happy with that length, it gives me enough time to do everything, without getting boring. I’m playing a legacy for points, so they pretty much do nothing but skill, and it’s a bit more of a challenge with shorter lives.

          • Yeah, its a different type of challenge, in different ways. Long lives are challenging in some ways and short lifespans are challenging in other ways.

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