Cultracy 1.7. Winter ~ Gemelli

Not long ago we left our Karla with her cute babies Antonio and Giuseppe, taught little Tony to walk, talk, and potty, and bonded with the even smaller Sep, got a perhaps a little active with Vinny in her spare time, and found out there was a number three on the way.

Ciao friends! Zefiewings here and also here but a wee bit preoccupied is Karla Cultric.  She is, as we speak, bringing the third Italian cultured child into the cultracy, the goal of which we hope to show you all about.

Yeah, you just keep blabbing on. Not doing anything important over here that might require some attention or anything.

Good because I have some good and bad news for the readers.

Bad news: there are only a few pictures for this season. I messed up and cleared my uploads folder thinking I had already transferred the pics. So I only have the first day and a bit, plus I am missing the first day of spring. So this won’t be the most fulfilling episode in the world. That’s why I put it out so soon after fall: hoped the Tony spam in there would tie you over until ‘spring’.

Good news: I quit playing so I could catch up after the first day of spring, so after this update I can finally start playing again! Yay! This means I will be taking pictures with this writing style in mind rather than making do with pics meant for a narrative.


While you were yakking up a storm, I already got to the hospital and finished over here!

Actually, that point can be argued. Why is her newest blue bundle on the floor you ask? I guess for her third go at it a conventional birth wasn’t good enough for Karla so she opted for a magic ‘birth-in-two-places-at-once’ method. I hear its all the rage among the new age midwives.

Karla took a cab and waddled her way to the hospital, but I took longer than usual to actually tell her to go. I must have sent her just on the “oops too late its a home birth” moment of time because she walked in, did everything normal and we got to pick the name and traits (more on those in a second) then she walk out and…wasn’t holding anyone. Baby here was laying on the floor at home as though she birthed him there. And Baby number two was in the middle of the hospital among the bushes, needing to be reset because they were unreachable. So…half home birth, half sorta hospital birth. Weird.

I don’t have proper pictures of the situation because I still thought I was doing a novel and obviously couldn’t include glitches then.

Hold on…did you just say baby number two?

I did in fact! Instead of three little Nooboos at once you now have four. Oh man.

Screenshot-442Meet the twins, Montez and Claudia! Monty there with Dad really Loves the Outdoors and won’t be bothered too much by the crowded nursery because he is such a Heavy Sleeper! Mom is holding Claudy, gently humming to her girl that seems almost Virtuoso in level. She is not wrapped as tightly as the boys are because also Loves the Cold.

The traits are straight forward this round: loves the outdoors from mom, heavy sleeper is an automatic okay, virtuoso because mom listened to the radio while pregnant (forgot to show it) and loves the cold was unlocked from her winter time birth.

I hope its not a sign of favorites that they are both thinking of Claudia, but being the only girl in a house of boys almost guarantees that Dad is going to spoil his little princess to bits.


Yeah…this is going to be a little nuts isn’t it?

Had to extend the nursery so all the cribs fit. Hopefully our two wonder-parents can keep things in line.

Really though, the challenge is what I strive for! Chaos is fun, way too boring when things get all easy. I just hope I don’t have to eat my words later.


Groan. Can I eat them then?

Poor girl. Four babies makes it hard for her and Vinny to keep their motives up. Still, I give them props, they take it like a couple of troopers!


15 thoughts on “Cultracy 1.7. Winter ~ Gemelli

  1. Wow twins, that should be a blast! Haha /sarcasm. I don’t think blonde hair should eliminate Sep from heirship, just choose your favorite. Or let the fans decide 😀

    • Okay, thanks thanks for your opinion.
      I’m thinking about doing a vote but at this stage of the game, with like 4 followers that might make things a little odd. I guess we’ll see what happens between now and then. ‘^.^

      And yeah…the twins. Oh twins. So cute but a bit of an “oh dear” moment when I saw the second one…hiding in the bushes of the hospital haha.

  2. Yay! Baby girl!!
    Not that the baby boys are adorable and all…
    super excited, but you are right, you need more pics 😛

  3. Hey, APoo here on her newly-remembered WordPress account.
    I just wanted to post to say that APoo and I are the same person so if anyone (mainly Zefie) is confused, it’s all okay.
    I’ve posted a new post about my Backwards ISBI, Zefie, by the way. I can’t get onto the forums for some reason so I thought I’d post it here.

  4. Aw! I’m so sad you lost all those pictures, and the ENTIRE point of the long life stages was so everyone could have their first Christma-er Snowflake Day! I totally support you for fuming. I’m excited for a girl!

  5. Sep is so cute! And he can totally be a blonde Italian, just like the Northerners, from above the ‘boot’. I have Italian friends that are all blonde.

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