Updated the site

I was recently going to start reading a new legacy, but since the latest post is always at the top something got spoiled for me before I was there. I thought I would head this off by making a static home page. I also chose a new theme.

I’m not sure how I feel about it yet though, so I would really appreciate some feedback on the situation.

I’ll use the handy dandy poll function! Because I can!

I also updated the Child traits (as earned as toddler). Be sure and check that out and tell me if you have a better idea for a trait, if something stands out, or if something makes no sense.

Thirdly, my PC up and died on me. Not sure whats going on yet, but that means no simming for me for now. I have enough pics for one last update, but then its the waiting game.

I just hope I can get back on in safemode and backup my save file…

Also, I just got a notification that I reached my 10th follower! Yay me!

Thanks so much guys! It seems only yesterday I was talking to myself on here.


11 thoughts on “Updated the site

  1. At first I found your site a bit difficult to navigate – and by “at first” I mean roughly 4 seconds. And then it was fantastic, and I had everything all figured out like a good little reader. I also think it’s an excellent way to go so you don’t have accidental spoilers. So I really do like it!

      • Okay, I must say this – with the multi page posts, I can’t start a comment and then keep reading, since I have to reload when I “turn the page”. So I have to take notes while reading so I can comment properly and not forget things! However, I really enjoy “turning the page”. So it’s not that I don’t like it, I do!

        • huh..Okay thank you! It’s good to know those things. I will try and brain storm some thoughts….

          I really don’t know if I can do anything >.>
          Maybe the posts are too long and I can make each season two episodes?

  2. I love the length of the posts, and I really do like the layout. I just wish the comment box stayed static or something, so could turn the page and have the comment box stay put.

  3. I do agree about the comment box. I’ve taken to opening up word and typing my comment in there as I go then copying and pasting. 🙂
    -coughs- personally I like static homepages -coughcough- I do think it makes things easier, As long as you have links up to everything, and it might not take as long to load, and you don’t get spoilers. I never saw the old site, so I can’t say I prefer one over the other. 😉
    But just adding in my two cents about yay for static homepages. ^_^

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