Cultracy 1.8. Spring ~ Caos

Screenshot-86When last we left the very busy Karla Cultric she made her live crazy by giving birth to twins, had a great first Snowflake day (though I had nothing to show for it), and helped her little baby Giuseppe age up to toddler.

Greetings all, zefiewings here and with us is the four times Mom Karla Cultric! As you can tell, that extra little bundle really made a difference in how nuts it is around here. This is the first thing in the morning scene. And poor Karla is a night owl so she is not ready to be up yet.

You may notice that there are two more toddlers than there ought to be. Well, remember when I said I was missing the first day of spring? Guess when the twins birthday was?

You missed another precious milestone in my children’s lives! How could you!

I’m sorry! Geeze I feel bad enough already.


Here they are. Two more blonds in the family! Looks like light hair is the opposite in sims world in that it is the dominant gene. Or we have just gotten lucky.


So now all four children can play together. Once they all know how to talk, they will gain relationship from this and social. For now it’s just really cute.


Until the screaming starts again. Then it’s less cute, more hell in a picnic-basket.

What? I’ve never seen a sim with a hand-basket. It had to be picnic-basket.

Screenshot-58As a special treat, I decided to make all the babies’ bears have their favorite colour, and a pattern that (hopefully) in some way relates the their traits. This is Antonio’s little green bear with leaves for his “loves the outdoors” trait.

Screenshot-87I hope you didn’t like the green too much because all of the other like yellow. It’s going to get very bright in here when they age up.

Here is Giuseppe’s bear. It’s not great. You try picking a pattern that fits “easily impressed” and “hates the outdoors”! What was I supposed to do? Windows with steel bars?


Montez’s Loves the Outdoors and heavy sleeper bear. Why doesn’t he have an outdoorsy pattern? I’m sure I had what I thought was a great reason at the time.


And Claudia’s bear has yellow snowflakes because she loves the cold and there were no musical notes for virtuoso.

Yay! I felt that was important enough to devote a whole page to it, though now that it’s all written it seems fairly mundane…


23 thoughts on “Cultracy 1.8. Spring ~ Caos

  1. I hope your computer is fixed soon, Zefie…
    I also hope that’s not gonna be another nooboo… Karla and Vin may not be able to handle that!

  2. I LOVE four toddlers on a block table, it is SO cute. And the bears were beyond awesome! You definitely should be proud *you too Karla* of the entire row of sleeping toddlers. You just might be a ninja. I also really enjoyed all the pics you have of them doing housework on “catch-up” day. I know it was just mundane tasks, but it really felt like a “home” if that doesn’t sound super sappy. LOL
    I also adored the anniversary date! and of COURSE it’s going to bite you in the end, Vinny needs one more kid!

    I also miss tipping very much. I was constantly tipping good maids. That babysitter is pretty epic.

    • lol thank you! I liked the bears too!
      I know what you mean about the chore day…it makes them feel more real! ^.^
      Vinny never has enough kids…he always is wishing for more!
      I wish SO bad you could ask someone to babysit for in sims 2 Apartment life. You know…so you could have people who you trust watching your kids.

  3. Awww the picture of all four of them playing together at the table is so cute!!! Three little blonds! Hehe.
    I like the bears, they’re super cute :3 that’s a fun idea giving them the colors and patterns though I imagine easily impressed and hates the outdoors was a difficult one to do!
    “Your telling me it took someone with a university degree to think of a stack of paper coiled together?” LOL!!!!!!! One of my favorite CC/mods is a notebook for writing. It’s like why the heck can’t my sims write by hand? I know I prefer the computer but still!
    And lol about the glasses I remember the first time I played in Monte Vista I was like… “sunglasses… sunglasses everywhere…”
    Also wow your babysitter is AMAZING I want him I need him in my game how did you do that it was witchcraft I bet. >__> I miss tipping as well and… well, a lot of things from sims 2. (can you imagine one day we’ll probably be like ‘I miss this and that and this from sims 3″ about sims 4? O_O!
    I wonder, have you chosen an heir/heiress yet or will be doing a vote?

    • I have actually chosen an heir/heiress already because I didn’t think I’d have enough followers for a vote.

      But after this one I will leave it to a vote.

      lol about sims 4, that might be true though sense they are saying the will combine the detailed-ness of sims 2 with the open world of sims 3 I think (hope) it won’t be as much the case.

      • That would be sooooo amazing. -flails- but I am trying to keep my hopes down. My hopes got WAY too high for sims 3. I was like super happy when I first started playing it and then was super mad and just played sims 2 for like, ages. xD

        • I see what you are saying. I wasn’t disappointed with sims 3 though and couldn’t go back to sims 2, mostly because I hated the old personality system, even before sims 3 came out. So I am so happy with traits.

          • Oh yeah. I love the traits now. I much prefer traits over the sims 2 personality things. If I could change anything about the personality system in sims 3 is I just wish there were more of the traits xD

          • And by that I mean just like expand on the options more. Like, I would’ve done just about anything to be able to give Chance a naive, or trusting trait. Or gamer trait. xD Stuff like that. I love what they have. I just want more cause I’m greeeeeeeddddyyy

          • Sorry to keep going on xD but the main reason I got mad was because I was all decked out on mods and CC and there was just SOOO much to d in sims 2 and it took me a while to get used to how sims 3 played. After i played sims 3 for ages and went back to sims 2 I was like how the heck do you do anything because my sims moodlets were always needing micromanaged in TS2!!!!

          • lol I know what you mean, it was definitely an adjustment.
            I have no CC. I don’t want to funk up my game and I know I would get addicted.
            There are a few that I want but…
            must resist…temptation…

  4. Wow, super sitter is right! I don’t think I’ve hired a sitter for generations in my legacy, because the grandparents are built in babysitters. Also very helpful for toddler skilling – so impressed you’ve been able to handle four toddlers with only 2 adults!

    Also, I *love* the twins’ green eyes, gorgeous colour.

    • I loved that sitter. *sigh
      I love the toddlers, and I love the challenge, but I’m happy I have a long time to work with them to get it done let me tell you lol.
      They really do have great eyes.

      • Haha, the library is the secret! Teach them everything in there and you can get one toddler done in about 2 days, including books and toys. Though I usually only do the books in there, feels like cheating otherwise, they learn so fast. But I love having my sims reading in the library, so why not the littlies, too?

          • You will really notice the difference with the books. They can get through all 9 of them in a few hours! Don’t know if you’ve heard the acronym TSAL? Stands for Toddler Skilling Assembly Line, best used in the library. I set out all 9 books in a line (or 2, depending on how much room there is) and get the kids going from one book to the next.

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