Cultracy 1.9. Summer ~ Famigla


When last we left Karla Cultric she reprimanded me for missing the twins birthday, and had a day long beautiful honnymoon date that ended with a bang.

Hey there readers, zefiewings here and walking out of a building that looks like a bank but is really business office building is the mother and artist, Karla Cultric.

No really…when the stained glass window picture is of the money sign, the only good thing you can say is at least this business is honest about its motives.

Anyway, together we want to show you want it means to live a Cultracy; a legacy challenge of my own design. The link for the rules is on the home page right now, but I’m thinking I need to put a link back at the top so all my previous chapters aren’t big fat liers…


Before we continue, these are the pictures I promised to get of Karla’s art room. I really like it, I was so happy when I saw all the art stuff that came with university.

Speaking of university…I need all your help deciding if Karla should go or not. If she does, it will most likely be when all her kids are at least teens, she would never be able to part with them as kids. OR should I just save it for future generations?


20 thoughts on “Cultracy 1.9. Summer ~ Famigla

  1. I think that being an at home mom and wife is the most underrated profession ever and that she should be proud to put forth the effort to raise future generations. Leave university to another gen who decides they want to do that first or instead of. Just an opinion. I just think that Karla would be unhappy leaving her babies all day.

    • Well, technically she is a painter, not a stay at home mom. Its Vinny who is not employed lol.
      But I understand what you mean, I don’t think she will be able to leave her babies.
      The only reason I even considered it is because there is an Art degree,
      But then again…she is this successful without it. Who needs education right 😉

  2. As far as the story goes, I am glad they had another baby; i was really hoping for one. And I’m glad its a girl.
    Grey accents really nicely with pink. So even grey with pink touches here and there will be nice. 😉 Not that i’m telling you how to decorate your house; you are pro at that.
    If it automatically brought the third baby home, would it work the other way? Try going to the beach and don’t leave the third baby with a sitter… (save first).
    As always, there were many points in the story where i laughed out loud. Keep writing. The story is getting more and more interesting.

    • I guess her accent colour will depend on her personality when she grows up…but you are right Pink does go surprisingly nice with grey.
      I tried that, but when I said no sitter on the way out it just stopped Karla from leaving. 😦

      Thanks, I am glad I could make you laugh. 😀

  3. Holidays are always a major pain, I just tend to “Testingcheatsenabled” and teleport them wherever they need to go. Buuut I’m also pretty lazy/time-efficient. Oh wow another baby? At least she’s adorable and has an even more adorable-er name ❤ Vinny is handsome as ever, is it just me or do a lucky few guys tend to look almost better when they become an adult?

    I thought the chapter was going to be super duper long because there were so many pages. I was actually a little scared haha, but it turned out to be of pretty average length. I think you can split up the chapters (or send whoever you want to University) however you see fit; it's your story and I like it no matter how you do it~!

    • Yeah…I split up the pages way more than I have to I think lol.
      I’ll keep them by season for now…hopefully someone will say something if they start running too long.

      I wanted to to the teleport thing…but by the time I remembered about it they had already left with the other two and the third was in the crib still and it wouldn’t let him teleport from there lol
      I think I will do that next time though. I don’t think its cheating…I can just pretend that the sims aren’t tards and managed to put the baby in a car seat or carry both or even put one in a stroller and carry the other. SOMETHING! lol
      Thanks for the feedback. It made me happy to hear you like my story and trust me to keep it good.
      Now I just have to trust myself. sigh.

  4. Another child! Wow, but then Italian families are supposed to be big and family oriented, right? I also really liked Karla spending time with her best friend, that was nice.

    I also think Karla should leave uni for the next generations. And I didn’t mind the chapter length, it wasn’t too long for me.

    • Yup! Vinny wants a big family! And I don’t mind telling you he won’t stop rolling wishes for more even now that he has his five for his LTW. Oh Vinny.

      Thanks about the chapter length. I’ll leave them by season for now unless it starts getting out of control lol

  5. Firstly, I’m so excited to see an update from you 😀
    Secondly, I’m enjoying the longer chapters but do whatever is easier on you.
    As far as university goes, I think it’d be better to send generation 2, and hold off on sending Karla (IF you do end up sending her that is). She doesn’t seem the type to leave her kids.
    To get your whole family to the beach, buy a car. And then click on the car and then ‘Visit community lot with’ and then select everyone in your family. OR you can turn on testingcheatsenabled and teleport them there.
    Also, what lifespan settings are you playing? Like, I know babies are 7 days and toddlers are 21 days but how is it set for the other stages?

    • Thank you for the comment! I will try and get an new update out soon!
      These are my lidespan settings:
      baby: 7
      Toddler: 21
      child: 28
      YA: 63
      Adult: 63
      Elder: 28
      I`m not sure if YA/adult is long enough in proportion to the child ages…but its about on the same part of the slider as toddler, a little shorter than child, a little longer than teen, so I hope it balances out.

  6. So, first and foremost – you decorate the most beautiful SimHomes I’ve EVER seen. The bedrooms, the art rooms, everything. Even on a budget you built a gorgeous kitchen early on. Seroiusly. Talent. A fantastic artistic eye. I’m envious beyond reason and thrilled that I’ve found your stuff so I can bask in the glory that is your décor skills.

    I wouldn’t send Karla to uni. She’s too – established? Well rounded? She wouldn’t like dorm life, and keggers, and streakers running around. She’s got more class than that. You can send one of the kids. I personally LOVE long chapters, and Vinny and Abraham are certainly soul brothers with always wanting kids!

  7. I really like the art room!! It looks good! And LOL for the woman trying to pick Vinny up that is hilarious.
    It’s kinda silly you had to do a slow way of getting all the kids there… I wish there was a double stroller in sims!! Although you could have probably sent the kid there on his own, or if you have a car or something I think there’s the option of ‘go to community lot with….’ Actually that might be there on its own. But then you get the annoying blue diamonds over their heads xD
    Another good chapter :3

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