What to do, what to do…

So I have been suspecting for a while now that the trait system I made is just to complicated to keep track of for most simmers. Even I, who enjoys making things overly complicated, am finding that it is a lot to keep track of, especially with 5 kids and two adults in the house. So I am scrapping the idea and doing something a little simpler.

There will be two lists of traits for each lifestage: the availible ones and the not availible ones. In genneral, the ones already availible to you will be the more boring, useless, or undesierable ones (though sometimes yo would want them. They are the “negative” ones so to speak.)

During that lifestage, for each time you reach a spicific number of lifetime happyness points, you may switch the location of a single trait. The number of points needed will vary with lifestage and with lifespan.

There will be two optional meathods, one with an extra challenge.

option 1. When you reach the next birthday, just jot down how many lifepoints you have so you can subtract it from what you earn in this next lifestage.

option 2. You can only buy rewards on your birthday, and you must buy as many as possible. If you run out of rewards you like/want, you must buy things like “change of taste” repeatedly until you can afford nothing else (and just not change anything.) Then the number you have by your next birthday is the number you work with for the trait rule.

This is where I need feedback though. If you could tell me how many many lifepoints you find your sim earning from one birthday to the next and what lifespan that age is on, it will help we find a fair number: possible but still a challenge.

I really need your feedback for this one guys.  Tell me if this one seems like it will work better.

Secondly, I came up with another challenge (I know, I know) but it is a single generation challenge and I really want to try it. Should I put it off? Play, but just not record? Or play and record along side my cultracy?

Lastly, I plan on changing the titles of the cultracy, so they are not so long and the beginning isn’t the same on all of them. Expect this very soon.

Thank you for the feedback. With the changes I am making around the site and to the rules, I want to get that done a bit first but I will try and get the next cultracy chapter out soon.


8 thoughts on “What to do, what to do…

  1. I think that the new trait thing sounds like a good idea, but maybe I’m just tired because I can’t really understand it.

    • hmm..maybe I didn’t explain it well enough.

      Say I decided the goal in childhood was 500 lthp…starting on their child birthday they can make one trait either now available or not available for every 500 points they get. Make sense?

  2. I’m liking the sound of the new trait system 🙂 Your old one was cool too but I agree that it was a bit too complicated with so many simmies.

    *LTHR points*
    Baby/toddler (2 day baby/7 day toddler): usually only 200-300, sometimes with IFs they get a little higher
    Child (14 day): I can get anywhere from 5-10k based on how much I like the kid
    Teen (14 day): 10-15k
    YA (LTHR points received in college): I usually can get my YAs 25-30k from a 14 day semester at Uni
    YA (30 day): 50-55k
    Adult (30 day): ~70k as this is where I complete LTWs
    Elder (15 day): 5-10k

    I feel like those are really high points for the shortish lifespan, but I’m one of those players who plays based around the wants of the sims ^^

    I hope this helps 😀
    Can’t wait to see the update!

    • Thank you so much! It definatly helps!
      I figured I can’t go by my experiences alone, especially since i find I get high points as well.

      Maybe not that it is a little simpler people will actually try it!
      It would make my life to see someone else doing my challenge, or using my trait rule in their challenge lol.

  3. I think the idea is much simpler than last time! As much as I thought the other one was cool it was a little complicated. I’ve never paid much attention to my happiness points but it would be interesting to do so to see how many traits I could switch. I do have a suggestion. Have 3 lists. List 1 and 2 are like you mentioned. The 3rd list are a few “special” traits that you must earn. For example: as a toddler the sim must reach level 3 of peg box and xylophone and the genius trait is unlocked for when the sim becomes a child. Thats pretty easy so you can make it harder. Another example is when child sims use the building blocks table they gain handiness skill. I don’t know if there is a
    restriction like toddlers have but say the child sim reaches level 5 handiness the Handy trait is unlocked for their teen birthday. So similar to what you were doing before but not for all traits. Just a select few for an extra challenge that a sim has to earn it. 🙂
    I would love to experiment and give you more feedback! This is really interesting! 😀

    • I absolutely LOVE this idea! I will be doing this for certain! Thank you so much!
      If you do use it, I would love to read your story, I will even put a link on the trait rule page if you’d like.

      • For sure! I think I’m going to do a test run before an actual story though. I’ve been having computer trouble lately. Do you have a list of traits yet? I’d be happy to test it out and give you feedback! I need a mini project while I figure computer stuff out for the Darnells. Sadly the legacy has been put on hold.

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