Updating the Cultracy and Inhericy rules too way freaking longer than I thought. But I hope everyone is satisfied by the results.

Please be sure and let me know if I left any traits out of a certain lifestage or something.

I also wanted to update the story but I was missing two seasons worth of pics again! I managed to restore them to the recycle bin but I then had to go through and re-sort them by season and delete pics from old seasons. It took way longer than I expected.

Then I started to write and remembered I left off at Vinny’s midlife-crisis. Urg! Bleh.

I hope to get the next chapter out really soon now that my rules have been updated. That was a lot of work and I wanted it done.

After these next two chapters I will finish the banners.

Then I can finnally let myself keep playing! Yay!


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