Cultracy 1.10.Fall ~ Spavento

Screenshot-99When we last saw the Cultric family their oldest son grew from a toddling baby to a school age child, Giovanna’s husband left her, Karla did repairs while pregnant, a new little girl joined the family, and Vinny grew up with a mid-life crisis.

Yeah…I hate midlife crisis. Zefiewings here…remembering why I was putting this off…

I wish it would only come to those who it makes sense. Oh Vinny… you can’t even hear my sighs of disapproval.


“First thing I need is a new wardrobe.”


“Yeah…now I look young and hip!”

Sure…I hope this doesn’t last too long.

Screenshot-58 (2)

Still, I’m glad someone still has the priorities of the family in order.

“Who’s my good little princess! Who’s my sweet distraction from my current marital crisis!”

Speaking of that thing you don’t want to think about; what are you planning to do about that?

I…I think I will just let him alone for now. Unless things get too destructive. I don’t know.

Well I will keep an eye on him.

So, since I forgot to show you guys last time here is Elisabetta’s bear.


Grey and…flames for loves the heat. i didn’t have a lot to work with okay?

While I was making her teddy, I realized I really dropped the ball on Claudia’s “loves the cold bear”. So I gave her a new one.


See! Snowbear is perfect for her!


14 thoughts on “Cultracy 1.10.Fall ~ Spavento

  1. Not super happy with you right now, Vinnie. Stop this crap and be the man that Carla deserves.
    Loving the kids though; what fantastic personalities. They are really growing up to be real little unique individuals.

    Very glad to have you back, I have really missed reading the updates.

    • I was mad too, but the fact that he simultaneously wish two loving things about karla kind of softened it for me. It was like he was trying to tell me “No, I don’t really want that, its just the stupid bad programing of the mid-life crisis”.

  2. Oh Vinny. Oh Vinny and your midlife crisis. (More on this later) I just LOVE those bears! It’s a fantastic idea, and I MIGHT steal it from you (and give you credit) but I’m probably too lazy to do it. So we’ll see! Oh Antonio the Angler! I adore him, I really do. And that bedroom! AMAZING! The sun glasses and Monte Vista always make me laugh! And “who invited this chicken leg” LOL! And yay for super sitter sighting! Giovanna has all my likes. She’s a very cool lady. I hope she’s recovered from her husband leaving her! And yes, I believe you are correct that Giuseppe grew up in the WORST possible outfit. The blue muscle shirt and camo undies. TERRIBLE. Sep and his broken pet rock, however, made me very sad. Will you please buy him another one? And WOW. Amazing Spooky Day celebration!

    And Vinny. Nice Ride. *snort* it’s funny, Leif and Bettina rolled divorce each other wishes right along side with loving wishes, so I just pretended it didn’t happen. They didn’t REALLY want to divorce each other. No divorcing Karla, Vinny.

  3. Aww Snowbear is very good for Claudia! And it is amusing how much Tony went to splash in water :3 Sep grew up nice and cute an di love his room, you did a great job. I also love the decorating for spooky day. I am jealous. Come live in my house and decorate my sim houses. I will pay you in cookies.
    I love Sep so much ^_^ kindahopingheisheir
    And oh jeez Vinny, nooooooo! (Specter had a midlife crisis but his wishes were all putting the kids into boarding school, getting another tattoo, and woohooing with Chance.)
    As for the pictures of pop ups and notifications, I hit “prt screen” and copy and paste it into paint. As that did now always work for me, I started off using snipping tool which most should have. Just hit start and in the search bar type in snip and it should pop right up. Sorry if you’ve been informed of this already, but as I didn’t see it in the comments on this chapter I thought I’d throw it in.

    • Thanks for the print screen suggestion! Don’t know why I didn’t think of that.
      I would love to decorate your houses! ^.^

      I agree about Vin. Stupid Vinny. Stupid mid-life crisis.

  4. Vinny! What the hell! Also you can take the pics of the notices and interface in windowed mode. Go to windowed mode, press the “print screen” button on the keyboard, go to paint, click paste and save. 🙂 I’m loving your story!

  5. I think most of my sims with mid-life crises have rolled the “divorce spouse” wish. I mostly just ignore it, unless one of them is flirty or something, and might legitimately want to divorce. Those midlife crises get annoying after a while. Generations brought so much awesome (IFs, prom, pranks, learning to drive) and yet a whole lot of annoyances as well (non-cancellable scolding!). Then again, that’s EA for you.

    Sep is so cute, even if I don’t love his name. Waiting to see how the twins turn out as kids before I decide who my fave is… though Claudia has the early running because she inherited the bright green eyes that I love.

    • I know that the mid-life crisis is borked but I was still sad to see it.
      And the non cancellable scolding is the worst!

      I love Sep a lot. But as much as I loved learning new Italian works, I had a hard time choosing male names I liked.

      And my partner calls him Sep-the-generian. I don’t know why lol

      • God yes, I hate the scolding. I can deal with the other minor annoyances with Generations, but really hate the scolding. Especially when it doesn’t fit their personality. Why must my Rebellious mother scold her child for pranking the school?!

        Haha, Sep-the-generian! Sounds like septogenerian, which is a word for someone aged 70+, though not sure why he’d use that…

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