Cultracy 1.11 Winter ~ Amore

When we last read of our favorite cultracy family, Sep joined Tony in his school age years, the family had a large costume party, and Vincenzo’s horrible mid-life crisis started to cause trouble, first with a wish for an expensive sports car, then with a wish to leave his loving wife.

Yes, zefiewings here reflecting on the stupid mid-life crisis with much disdain.

You see, I’ve been doing my best to play all the family in what is in their character and let them do, mostly as they wish. This time however those two things are in complete conflict of each other. Vinny still constantly wishes romantic things for Karla. Their relationship is still high in the green even with five children filling their busy lives. His personalty, behavior, and wishes all conflict with this.

As much as I would hate to do it to Karla, if they were having troubles I would grant the wish, in trying to keep my sims influence in their own life strong. But there are no problems. So then the question becomes…how to handle the wish?

Karla hears the roar of the car as it pulls into the driveway. Watches him swagger proudly up the driveway. But I warned her he was coming and she waits ready at the door.

Hey, I can spoil her a little with extra help. Its a upside to being the founder (or heir). Screenshot-106

“Vincenzo…I’ve been trying to be supportive and let you find yourself. I know you’ve been having a hard time. But this latest behavior..Vin going out and buying a 15 000 simolean car? We can’t even put a car seat in it! And your crisis isn’t over so its only going to get worse. Vinny..think of your children. Tony is getting old enough to start understanding what you are doing. Giuseppe needs you as he adjusts to the new changes in his life. The twins are going to be joining the boys at school soon and Elisabetta needs her daddy to help teach her life skills. Think of me…I miss you…”

She looks so sad and disappointed while they talk… I can’t believe how expressive she is.


Vinny doesn’t say anything, just gives her a kiss. Karla and I can only hope that she got through to him.


Karla tries to distract herself from her troubles by painting what might be the most adorable picture in the sims files.

Right. I’m not the one that’s supposed to be distracting. Okay moving on. I guess I’ll see what Vincenzo decided to do.


And…where does he think he is going?

Oh I hope he doesn’t have some crazy new wish like to flirt with another girl or something…


14 thoughts on “Cultracy 1.11 Winter ~ Amore

  1. Yay for therapy!
    I’ve actually never had a mid life crisis, probably because my sims NEVER AGE UP FROM YOUNG ADULT. Seriously. I had this one family that I’d played since the young adult parents were dating and their oldest four kids (quadruplets/two twins) had aged up to young adult and the parents were also still young adult.
    I have a patience problem with the kids and toddlers staying kids and toddlers. I love teen too much.

    • I mean I just age them up early, seriously. It’s like “you finally learned your skills, toddler! I don’t care that you still have half your toddler stage left, it’s your birthday.”

    • That’s funny. And weird to think about.

      I love playing with the long lifespan and it still goes by really fast. I made it longer when I first got seasons because for some reason that seemed to make it go by even faster. I can’t imagine playing it short, even as short as I used to play. I already feel like my sim babies are growing up too fast!

  2. Okay – what new town? Am I missing something? I also really miss the fixable car!

    So, I may be a little out of the loops, but what did Vinny do at the hospital that cost $2000.00? I absolutely love how you grocery shop. I think I’m going to do that. I don’t get on the town enough, and all the elders are stir crazy – I can make them go shopping with the TH. I also love how you sell the paintings at the consignment store. Very cool stuff. I realize that being lazy can eliminate some of the fun – so I’m going to try to stop being so lazy. Ugh. Diva trait. I hate the Diva trait. As you catch up with the Zales, you’ll see why LOL. But I love Claudia! And then there’s Montez. He is my favorite favorite. He has loves the outdoors and night owl right? It might even be loves the cold. I don’t remember exactly. But I love the outdoors, I love the cold, AND I’m a night owl. AND I think he’s ADORABLE. Montez!! Elisabetta is adorbs, and the ROOMS! O.O!
    Oh, and of course you’re good at building houses too.
    The snowflake day celebration looks AWESOME.
    Ha ha Montez! “You guys aren’t falling this are you?” I have never seen that animation before, and I LOVED it. Montez is the bestest.

    • The new town is called Roaring Hights. It’s sort of old hollywood style. There is a fixable car as the primnuim content…and a roller coaster? i think that may just be a venue like the toddler stuff in Aurora skies. I WANT the darn car but I am not sure that ‘Hollywood’ is a culture… maybe? I only have 9 planned and I do need 10…
      and I love all the kids too. ^.^
      The thing at the hospital was only 2 000 $…and it was therapy.

      • I didn’t know you could get therapy? Weird. Did that maybe come with ITF? I don’t have that one. And dude, HOLLYWOOD is TOTALLY a culture! Traits like irresistible, dive, star quality, natural performer, oh man. Big sunglasses, big hair. Fast cars. Pool parties and skimpy suits, quick romances, affairs, spoiled children. Working out, and plastic surgery! Paparazzi! I totally think Hollywood is a culture! I’m super excited now, LOL. You have to do Hollywood!

  3. Oh man when Vinny left I was a bit worried you decided to go with the flow. But yay for therapy… and it is so cute he rolled the wish to kiss Karla right after. (this is really making me wanna play with granting wishes and all that jazz. Ahh I dunno what it is but your legacy just really touches the simming part of my brain!)
    Ahh more excellent room decorating I swear you should like come visit me –shifty eye look—
    I hate too that the kids can’t play instruments. I think they should be able to have a practice interaction at the very least.
    Have you announced the heir yet or are you not close to that?
    BTW I am LOVING your ages. I might use your aging for my just-for-fun playing because it seems like a pretty decent length of life. Do you enjoy it?

    • I love the age length. Some of the length that other people play, I don’t see how they get attached to their sims. But I have it set just so that the seasons keep it fast and flowing and everyone gets a bit of every holiday.

      Thank you! ^.^ That is such a great complement, especially coming from you.

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