Cultracy 1.12 Spring ~ Frugale

Screenshot-61 (4)In our last Cultric family update Vinny finally overcame his midlife crisis, the twins became cute little kids, the baby grew up as the generations last toddler, the kids spent lots of time playing in the snow, each got a new Snowflake Day gift, and Claudia started planning early about how she was to take over as heir while Montez hoped we wouldn’t fall for her ploy.

Hi everybody! (Hi Doctor Nick!)

Zefiewings again starting to realize that the first generation is going to be over faster than I think, and Karla, our founder, and her large Italian family will have to step down to one of her wonderful children with a new spouse and culture.

But I have quite a ways to go yet and it’s a lucky thing too because I am most definitely not done with Karla yet.


‘Hewp! Dat howsie wook hungwy and he’s stawin at me!’

Awww look at that super pout! It’s okay sweetie. Horses are herbivores.


Another thing that’s changed since last chapter is Vinny has finished growing out his facial hair and its a little thicker now.

I wasn’t sure about it at first but it suits him.

Screenshot-42 (2)

“Remember Sep, no one so much as looks at the twins in a mean way!”

Big brother Tony is feeling protective because finally, a whole season later, its the twins first day of school. See, they grew up Monday afternoon, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, all wound up being snow days, Thursday was of course Snowflake day, and then it was the weekend.

Screenshot-44 (3)

Yeah… I don’t care how badly you don’t want to go school Claudia, you still have to render.

Screenshot-43 (2)

There you are.

Screenshot-38 (4)

Elisabetta has a lot of learning to do today too. It was a busy week in winter and we didn’t get as much done as I’d have liked. She managed to get most of the potty thing done and finally masters it today.

I like how she is looking at the potty chair:

oh! I finawly undewswand!’

Vinny is standing in front of her, but his proud moment is interrupted by an unfortunate phone call.


“What?! No I don’t want to do on a date! I don’t care what rumors you’ve heard about me being in a crisis! That’s over and anyway, all I did was buy a car not cheat on my wife!”

Screenshot-36“mumble…food…bills…birthday…carry the one…”

Ever since he came back from his crisis, Vincenzo’s frugal idle has been showing a lot. He used to do it in the beginning of the marriage when money was tight but Karla’s paintings make enough that it hasn’t come up since. They had quite a nest egg going.

Then, of course, the § 15,000 car.

He didn’t care during the crisis but his guilt shows every time he is still for longer than 3 seconds now. Especially if something upsets him. Like girls trying to make him go out with them.

Screenshot-46 (4)

Karla takes over with learning to talk.

“Okay Betta, let’s exercise those voice muscles! The watcher is tired of having to write your sentences in super baby talk in thinking italic instead of small sentences in speech quotes.”


15 thoughts on “Cultracy 1.12 Spring ~ Frugale

    • Yay and Boo!

      I remember snow days, they were such a mixed blessing for me.
      Nice to get a day off snow.
      Terrible to think of there being so much snow that they cancelled school; because that took a lot of snow in northern Ontario.
      I hate the cold

  1. I can’t believe how gorgeous their daughter is. Make her the founder…carry on the good genes. 🙂

    Loving the story so much and I’ve missed reading them. Add more soon, please.

    • More soon!

      They have two daughters…but I’m guessing you mean Claudia. 😉
      I actually already have the heir planned because I didn’t think I’d have enough fans to make a vote worth it by that point, though it seems I was wrong. I already planned ahead with some ideas but I don’t have to use them…

      trying to decide if I should have an heir vote for gen 1 or just stick with my plan and start having them from then on…

  2. So, I want Montez to be heir – but I THINK you might have plans for Antonio – but… whether you should heir poll, or go with your plan? It’s your party, so I’d go with your plan – and then with future generations, since you know you have the readership for heir polls, you can play without forming a plan and let the readers choose the future. That’s just my two cents.

    Now I think it’s very funny that you did the Dr. Nick entrance, and I frequently do the “Hey hey, Kids!” Krusty entrance. Funny. So do frugal Sims actually worry much more with their idle behaviors when funds are lower? That’s interesting. I like that. HA, I just had a unicorn sighting too! And Vinny and Karla’s Love Day date was epic. Very very cool.

    • Thanks for your input about the votes! I really need it!
      I may have a vote of who WOULD you have picked just for curiousness…not sure yet.
      As for who I am’ll just have to see! 😉
      I need to keep writing though. I plan to do so…after I read a few more of your chapters lol.
      (we are practically having a comment conversation right now and it’s fun)

  3. Loved the chapter! The kids are all so cute (can’t wait for those teen years, hah!) and Vinny was so sweet for Karla on Love Day!
    Also, LOL for the twins missing an entire season of school!

  4. “I don’t care how badly you don’t want to go school Claudia, you still have to render.” Lmao that cracked me up!

    That was so sweet of Vinny! ❤

  5. Wow, your sims had lots of snow days…I don’t think I’ve ever had one in my game. Let alone 3 in one week!

    I love how all the kids play together, it’s so cute! If we were voting on an heir, I’d vote for Claudia; she’s gorgeous, and I love musical sims!

      • I played last night and realised why. I have a mod that causes “a lot less snow and rain”. Because I live in Australia and was annoyed that snow lasted well into spring. So now my sims get enough snow to have fun in it, without it disrupting school. Works for me, possibly less fun for them, lol.

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