Cultracy 1.13 Summer~ Fuoco – Parte Uno

Screenshot-54When we last visited the Cultric household, it was winding down to get back to normal. Vinny had his head back in the game and spent time with his kids, the twins finally had their first day of school, baby Elizabetta was working on her toddler skills, Karla became a full fledged adult, and Vincenzo planned an ultra romantic Love Day for his darling wife.

Hi there readers! zefiewings here and with him as always is Garth! Or wait…Karla…

Karla and I are taking on a journey of whimsy and plumbobs and the sims there in. We plan to integrate many different cultures in the sims world and make them a legacy. So thinking about it the children of the last generation are going to be MUTTS. Really they will be everything.

And its a new year, my fourth rotation of seasons! Can you believe it?!

Also I got a really huge surprise today when I saw that a new blog I was reading gave me a shout out in her intro! I was so honnered!

Seriously though, her name is Heather. Go check out her legacy. It’s an ISBI-Alphabetcy and its hilarious. She has inspired me with a few ideas that I can’t wait to implement but I am very far behind with writing so it will be a while before you see it.

Anyway, her blog is the Zale Family ISBI – Alphabetcy and you should go read it. HERE

Back on track…remember the super sweet Love Day dinner that Vinny made Karla (that I just recapped four seconds ago)? That had another awesome side effect!


Yay! Vincenzo mastered his cooking skill! And it looks so great there in his kitchen. Makes both Karla and I so proud of him.

Karla is just about done mastering her handiness, but I am still unsure what the third skill should be.

You know…I tried hitting a clogged sink with a hammer once. It did not help my situation.

This is about the point that, while reading other blogs, I came to a decision. I love when people talk about how when their sims do things autonomously like hug their kids or flirt with their spouse. So I decided, fairly begrudgingly, to turn free will on. Its difficult for me. I have control issues. My sims are almost always happy and with high lifetime reward points. I don’t want to mess with my system! But I will do it, I will try. And I am hoping will show me the last skill she wants to master with her new found free will.

Ummm…so I can hear you. What do you mean you are only JUST giving us free will?! We didn’t have free will?

And this is mildly awkward and I am not even sure why I wrote it. Moving on.


I already had these boys playing together. So what is the first thing the family does on free will?


All the siblings join in and Dad reads on the couch to be with them. It was the most precious thing. I get it now, I get the fuss. So I will struggle through the change in play style so I can have this in my game.

Tony: “Wow! I am rubbish at this game 😀 ”

Then why are you smiling?


Look what else sweet happened! Everyone eating dinner together! Okay… so they often eat together because of the ‘call to meal’ interaction. But Betta is eating with them too! She is usually on a very different eating schedule.


Look! More cutie family moments!  The kiddies are playing together while Karla watches carefully while rocking her baby! I just find it so cute.


Speaking of cute, Claudia watches her dad cook for a minute then decides to join him. This is literally the first time this has ever been used because I never remember to bother with it.


She finished and sat it down at the table but didn’t eat it. She thought of her dad. I’ve never seen a sim child not eat their own baking. There was only one way to interpret this action.


It was a gift for her Daddy!

“Thank you sweetie! This is delicious! You will grow up to be a fantastic cook one day when you sparkle up tall enough to reach the stove!”

It was actually pretty good quality considering she has never cooked. I’m shocked its not burned.


This meal meal is worth a million simoleons.


Oh my goodness. That face. Is it a little hot?

Maybe Vinny shouldn’t make that anymore?

Or no wait…she got a good nice spicy moodlett from it so I guess it works out.


That’s sweet of you to play with your sister Tony. Betta…that is not as nutritious as your Daddy’s cooking I think.

Man there is a lot of eating going on this page.

Screenshot-47Screenshot-53 While the kiddies play outside, (Giuseppe is playing computer games in his room) Vinny keeps an eye the baby while he reads. And I find it super cute for some reason.


10 thoughts on “Cultracy 1.13 Summer~ Fuoco – Parte Uno

  1. Hi! Talk about tearing up. D’awww… thanks for the mention! Very sweet! Yay Vincenzo! Mastered cooking skill! Cooking is one of my favorite things in The Sims. It’s something I miss about an ISBI, because the TH is often too busy to really get a lot of cooking done. I can’t believe you play with free will off! I’ve turned it off before, and my little simmies spent a lot of time just standing around. I felt bad for them… and look! Look how adorable they are! And Aw, I just loved the Claudia and her dad muffin moment. Oh my gosh. That fire! You should go stalking the town to try to find that terrible man who thought the fire and all the poor burning Sims was enjoyable. And ugh, I hate terrible babysitters. The first one you had was so fantastic! Picking the “street art” skill for her third mastered skill is awesome. I’ve barely scratched the surface of that skill, so I’m excited to see what she paints. I enjoyed the family’s outing to the pool. Looks like they had a nice time! And hey! You had the midget elder glitch! I haven’t seen that in ages. Aw, Antonio is awesome and adorable. And hey! I think he had every right to get upset with being insulted! 🙂 Holy crap, his room looks awesome OF COURSE, and where in the world did you get that gnome with the rubber ducky? I love it! Aw, I think Betta is adorable, and I LOVE that child hair. I totally get the messy vibe for reals. I think her room looks awesome, and yay, cat person! Does that mean they’ll be getting a kitty? Those pictures of Tony sailing are beautiful. Aw. What a great post! 🙂

    • Cooking really is fun in the game. I was happy to have someone to focus on it.

      That fire was terrifying. I want to find and delete that guy but I didn’t catch his name. I hope someone recognizes him.

      Terrible sitters make me sad. Why would someone evil even become a sitter?

      I like how his room turned out too…though I can’t remember where that gnome came from. I’ve had it for a long time. I’ll figure it out and get back to you on it. 😉

  2. I have control issues too. I usually try to control one sim and leave the rest free will but I always end up controlling everyone. Maybe I should try a mostly free will play sometime. O_O Reading your legacy, as I said before, makes me miss playing and I intend to do some today. So I’ll try too to loosen my iron grip on my sims!
    THE FIRE WAS SCARY OH MY GOSH and that guy creepily smiling probably started it. “Yes, yeees buuurrrn!” creeeeepppy guy.
    Also I’ve found that a lot of the bad babysitters I have that do nothing the entire time pick up the babies when the adults are on their way home. It’s so weird they do that x_O
    Maybe she painted that awful low-level-looking painting cause of the fire?
    I wish there was a kiddy pool for toddlers :\ and awww Sep looks so cute in that lifejacket!
    LOL about your partner’s remark and Tony’s reaction that is hilariously great! And, as always, AWESOME decorating! His room looks awesome :3 a trait stuff stuff-pack would be brilliant. Or even as a store download thing. We NEED more decorations and clutter :\ I am hard-pressed sometimes to get a room to look semi-decent/right.
    Betta’s room is so cute too oh my gosh. And when you said ‘dog lover’ I was like wtf that has to be a joke?! I was so confused XD I fell for it. –blushes, feeling stupid-
    Ahhh I loved the little story at the end that was cute. 😀

    • That fire scared me!
      Thanks! I liked his room a lot.
      A store set would work! I am pretty sure I would get it.
      hahaha I guess I was just in the mood to mess with people. 😉
      I took all those pics because they were being so cute but then I didn’t know how to present them lol

  3. I love Tony’s room! Guess lots of that nautical stuff came with Island Paradise? I especially love the big wave-mural thing, tis cute. And I totally agree about trait stuff, especially for some of the harder ones, like clumsy and shy.

    The ‘story’ was too cute! My sims rarely play with the costume chest, even on free will. Though I am a pretty hard task master with the skilling.

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