Poll: Choosing the worlds

Okay so there are 10 generations, all different cultures.

There are worlds that are culture associated, and worlds that are just worlds. I want to use the moving feature, the question is how often.

I could move every 3 levels into culture worlds and stay in those worlds 3 generations each. OR I could move every generation into random neighborhoods and every third one is culture relevant.

IE: Next gen might be Japanese in Sunset Vally = the neighborhood is not culture relevant

then in generation 4 it might be Hawaii in Sunlit Tides = the culture is the neighbourhood


I Stay in Monte Vista until gen 4 when I move into another culture neighborhood.

Please Vote



8 thoughts on “Poll: Choosing the worlds

  1. My ever so very humble opinion wants to point out that moving is a bit disruptive. More so to the player than the reader, but it impacts both. As much as I want to watch you build and furnish a new house every generation (selfish) – I feel it might make gameplay and storyline disjointed. Taking my own Zales for example, we’ve moved once (well, we moved a lot, but it sucked- ha ha) so we’ve lived in TWO towns, and the F Generation has been born. I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like to move every generation, let alone the things I would’ve accidentally left behind. Like gnomes, paintings, or heaven forbid, graves. Let alone the B and C spares. I DO plan on moving the Zales *spoiler* when I complete gen 10, like a regular legacy, I plan on writing in some sort of “restart” scenario – and beginning again… oh wait, I’m talking about myself. SO! I think once every third gen is enough. You also don’t have to set the rule in stone. MUST MOVE ON EVERY THIRD GEN. You could make it, must move at least once every 3 generations. Then you could have a little leeway, and a little forced hand. You COULD move as much as you want, but you MUST move every third. Just my two cents!

  2. Speaking from experience, I think you should move when your neighborhood gets buggy. About every two generations or so, I can’t even play the game. So, move when you like, and try not to feel boxed in by your own rules.

    • Thank you for your advice, I appreciate the voice of experience.

      Unfortunately, I have OCD, and my compulsion is unnecessary rules. It’s actually often a difficult struggle…and I find I just can’t play games without a list of my own rules to follow.
      It’s an illness for a reason.
      So once I have made a decision..I will feel compelled to follow it to the end. Which is why I need to decide now.

      Don’t get me wrong! I appreciate the advice!

  3. I voted for other. Moving can be disruptive but personally I can’t see how people can stay in the same neighborhood for more than a couple generations. Honestly I am surprised the Danevbies stayed in Sunset Valley as long as they did, although I did start new save files for it a couple times to stop it from being so buggy (and Luna lived elsewhere a while).
    So my opinion is, move house when you think it’s best. I know that’s not helpful but sometimes moving every generation wouldn’t work, and sometimes having to wait three full generations might not work either. Sorry I’m not more helpful :\

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