Cultracy 1.14 Fall~ Fuoco – Parte Due

Screenshot-126As last read on the Cultracy, Vinny mastered cooking, the Watcher finally turned on free will, there was a huge fire at the Munco Espresso Cafe which involved in some way a smiling psychopath, we found out awesome-sitter’s replacement is evil-sitter, Karla finally found a third skill to master (street art), the family finally replaced the useless sports car with a van, Antonio became the Legacy’s first ever teen, Elizabetta left toddlerhood, Tony got a sailboat, and Vin told Sep an over dramatized bedtime story for no particular reason.

Hey there readers, zefiewings typing away the story of our ever lovely Karla Cultric. Together we strive to convey the message of culture, following the challenge rules of my own design which can always be found in the menu at the top of the blog.

Anyone who has been noticing my chapter titles may be worried what is in store. Anyone who hasn’t noticed them just got their attention drawn to them which may or may not have been my purpose of this dark foreshadowing. I guess you’ll never know…


There are two firsts on the school bus this day: Elizabetta on her first day of elementary school and Antonio going to his first day of high-school.

Which I suppose is not as scary as usual since it is the same building…

…why is it the same building?

That school must be SO CROWDED!

Ahem…back on track.


For the first time in ages, the adults have the house to themselves. And while there are plenty of chores to be done in a house of seven, they can’t resist taking some time to themselves.

I wonder what they will be up too? eyebrow waggle


Oh…right. That’s good too.

Some nice relaxing quiet time in the finally quiet house.  I can get behind that.


But the school day is not all that long, and before they know it their kids are back and working on their homework assignments.

Betta “Could that day have been any longer?! And why do I have homework on my first day?”

Guess the length was relative. The homework on the first day observation might be getting old…but I will never stop finding it terrible for the kids. Especially in elementary school.


The twins often play together and its really cute. I was looking through the house and couldn’t find them for a second. Then I heard the giggling coming from the back yard.


Karla: “Kids?! Time for bed!”

Claudia comes running but Montez trails behind looking sad.


Karla: “Here sweetie. I’ll read you a bedtime story.”

That’s all fine and well Karla but that is Antonio’s bed. Care to try that again?


Elizabetta winds down from her homework with a nice hot bath and ducky time.

Ducky time makes everything better. Deny it if you dare.


17 thoughts on “Cultracy 1.14 Fall~ Fuoco – Parte Due

  1. Hi, I’ve read all the chapters of this in the last few days, and I LOVE it! You’ve had such a great idea with the cultracy!

  2. First, I was so stinkin’ excited to see you posted a new update, I *think* I might’ve exclaimed out loud! Giuseppe aged up ADORABLE. And I LOVE his room (of course!). Karla’s face during the fire, screen shot 152 made me very sad! I am incredibly attached to her, and I don’t like her looking so scared! However, Sep walking in and saying “Why does it smell like burnt house in here” made me LOL. Elsa’s rocking chair mood swing sounds like it would’ve been weird to watch? Maybe she has an overemotional trait? Tony and Vin are adorable. And amen on the SCOLD option! You can “reset” the Sim who was going to do the scolding (or the scolded one), and prevent the action. But I rarely do that, since resetting a Sim increased their mood quite a bit. I’m so excited to see where they’re headed on their vacation!

    • Why didn’t my reply work before :/ Sorry. Didn’t mean to ignore this comment.
      Awww you are so sweet. ^.^ Thanks Heather!
      Sep aged up so cute, he may be my favorite!
      It was REALLY scary being there at the time, I was all STOP BEING AROUND SO MANY FIRES!
      I think Elsa most likely is over emotional, but it was still weird lol.
      I never thought about reseting. I may do that if something similar happens. grounding makes such a hit on the relationship! I usually keep their moods fairly high anyway.
      ^.^ The vacation should be fun to write, though I am worried about the length since I took to many pictures.

  3. Aww Sep makes a cute teen! 🙂 He’s still my favorite xD
    I didn’t know the soup could set the house on fire! Also man those firefighters they are always so slow and then all enraged. They rarely get to my house in time!
    I agree about the scolding thing. I know I have a mod in my game that gets rid of most the scolding but not all and sometimes it doesn’t work. I really wish it had been an option, or at least maybe a pop up message. Yeah! It shoulda been a pop up message. But I guess most simmers would probably just choose not to scold the kid –shrugs- it should still be optional. :I
    I like the idea of the heirs possibly dating around, It’s definitely more realistic!
    Now, onto the next cha—

    What? I’m done?! Out of chapters? D: Nuuuuuuuuu!!!!

    • Sep is my favorite too! (Shhh! Don’t tell the other kiddies!)
      It may be my own fault the firefighters were so late…because my house is SO far away!
      A pop up message would work perfectly!

      I am so sorry you ran out! I will try and get another chapter out soon! >.<

  4. Hello! I’m a new follower of your Cultracy, and I have to say that I’m in love with it. It has been a long time since I’ve read a story in this style and your commentary makes me laugh so that is always a plus. Anyway, I sat down and read the whole thing today.. It took me a few hours, but I did it (had to stop and start several times due to my busy day). Karla & Vinny are probably the sweetest couple I’ve seen in a long time and all of their children are so gorgeous and unique. I can’t wait to see what happens next and where they’re going on their first family vacation! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Your comment really put a smile on my face.
      Vinny and Karla really are cute, I don’t know how they manage to be so sweet! And the Kids just grew so different naturally, I was really quite amazed.
      It’s interesting what happens when you start writing a legacy. Everyone just sort of takes on a life of their own!

  5. Sep is such a cutie! I can’t wait to see what the other kids look like as teens.
    I love this story so much, I always get so excited whenever I get an email saying that you’ve updated. Your idea of a cultracy is so creative and interesting that I wanted to give it a try myself. It’s currently a very small blog, not a whole lot is up yet, and I know you’re really busy with your own life and game but if you get a moment the blog is here
    Anyway, can’t wait for the next chapter 😀

    • Oh Libby! I thought I had commented on this but I was checking some things and I saw I didn’t. I’m so sorry! D:
      I love your story and I am so glad someone is playing a Cultracy! Makes me happy. 🙂

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