Cultracy 1.15 Champs Les Sims ~ Vacanza

Screenshot-199In the chapter preceding this one, Giuseppe aged up to a teen, Tony, Sep, and Claudia all had ‘first days of school’, Karla managed to set fire to the kitchen with her breath, Sep met a cute girl named Alecia and Tony met a cute girl named Elsa, Tony was dragged home by the police for being out too late across the street from his house, and Karla decided it was time for the Cultric family to have its first vacation.

Happy…Vacation everybody! (or something) Zefiwings here, and driving her family to the airport is Mom, Wife, and founder, Karla Cultric! Together we do things and then write about it! Among these things is a goal of making a legacy full of culture! So, without further stalling, lets get to the chapter.


As you no doubt discerned from the tittle, the vacation spot of choice is Champs Les Sims. The family is very excited as they fly in, but before they go off sight seeing, it’s best to head off to the hotel first.


Screenshot-203It was a long flight, so after they find their rooms, everyone takes a little nap. Our couple find a cute room with a good double bed to settle down in.


Only one room accommodates their rather large family though. But at least the kids will all be together in a strange place.

The only thing about it is the one extra bed means a stranger will usually joining them…not to sure how I feel about that.

Maybe the should have had one more kid?

Filling an extra bed: the best reason to decide to expand your family.


9 thoughts on “Cultracy 1.15 Champs Les Sims ~ Vacanza

  1. Yay! Looks like they had a beautiful vacation! I’m so happy to see them again! They did a LOT of exploring! Did they up their visa level? I loved all the pictures!

  2. Champs Les Sims! This, I think, is my most favorite World Adventures destination.
    I love how Karla’s all “oh yes tomb raiding is what people DO on vacations, what ELSE would be doing?”
    So the French culture is what will be the focus of next generation then? Can’t wait to see how it’s executed 🙂

  3. As soon as they went to France I started wondering if this would be the next culture 😉
    I kinda wish sims 3 had put a bit more “normal” vacation/holiday things in for sims to do besides just some visiting a few places. Like even rabbit hole tours to go on or something. Like in TS2 when you could go on tours or rides or whatnot. That was cool.
    POOR SEP walking in on that lady like that D: poor baby!! Though his face while looking at the greek statue… “I know what those look like now @_@”
    I agree about the creepiness of the public rooms. :I
    The picture of Sep and the lizard is soooo cute. I just adore Sep. I hope he’s the heir. Coughcoughcough. It’s a shame the lizard disappeared. 😦 there should be a way to keep the animals to take home.
    Loved the chapter!

    • Sep is a doll. >.> My poor baby. And then he lost his lizard.

      I am pretty sure I am going to have a mock vote, just to see what people would have voted for. But as I said…I have my hair picked out already.

    • It was a lot of fun! Their family is always crazy busy so I don’t know when they will be able to go again but I’d like to get at least one vacation per generation in.

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