1.16 Winter ~ Di Piu da Fuoco

Screenshot-365Last chapter of the Cultracy saw their very first family vacation, an event which involved a lot of treasure hunting, which Karla stands firmly in the fact that it is NOT tomb robbing, plus trap triggering, maze seeking, and other vacational type things, as well as Sep loosing his innocents by seeing a stranger woman full frontal, and he and Montez lost their lizard and turtle respectively. Then it was simple shopping and relaxing before returning home.

Hail readers! Zefiewings here again and Karla, our Founder, mother, painter, and friend, is here always and we are ready to get this show on the road.

Firstly, I must point out that the ‘u’ in Di piu is supposed to be a ‘û’ but that symbol REFUSES to type into the title place. And it angers me, because I technically spelled it wrong. Grr grrr grr. Anyway…I guess I just wanted anyone who reads Italian and/or looks up the translation know that I am AWARE of the mistake and not happy about it.

Although I am fairly sure that it is bothering no one but myself…

I guess I will stop babbling and actually get to the chapter now, shall I?


What could this teeny tiny addition to the house be? Well, I have that nectar from France, and nectar supposedly aged better in a basement. So…


I also stack their suitcases and some holiday decoration down here, thinking it would double as storage. They also have a shelf of preservatives. Yup. That’s my extra special basement. I did use move-objects on the suitcases to cram them all in without taking up the entire floor. They are just deco no one has to interact with so I don’t see a problem.


Tony has already filled up one fish tank with perfect fish, and we have to buy a second one to continue his project. It takes a little shuffling, but I make it fit in his room. I can’t believe that he is this far in his LTW already…he his only a teen! This is between school and homework and having to deal with curfew. I am extremely impressed.


Karla is finally painting interesting things with the street art skill. In general she paints weird things like a funny looking whale… but this one I like. I plan on putting in in the house somewhere.


Oh-ho! What’s this now? Birthday cakes? Why, it must be PARTY TIME!


Cue the assortment of friends and people who just happen to be on the guest list to keep it full, plus the occasional party crasher!

Because that is how a guest list is written in the sims world.


Random guy: “wolf wistle Woo! Karla!”

Yup. Mildly creeped. -_-


Random Old lady: “Woo hoo! Vinny-poo!”

Vinny: ‘Ahem, cough…ugh…’

Yup. Extremely creeped.  -__-


Ever since seasons, people have a tendency to bring food with them to parties. If they do it for all parties it seems like a feast party would be less special but what do I know. In any case, it winds up meaning there a lot of leftovers…in a house where there is a master chef…so yup. Luckily the large family means it goes by fairly fast.

But whose Birthday could it be? Find out on the next page!


18 thoughts on “1.16 Winter ~ Di Piu da Fuoco

  1. NOOOO POOR GIOVANNA. That is so sad 😦 I’m glad you asked her to move in with Karla. That is so terrible.
    And you almost lost Tony this chapter too. I’ve yet to have a birthday cake catch fire and I hope to never have the experience.
    But the twins grew up really cute 🙂
    And omg Angel is such an adorable cat! Betta is going to love her so much!
    Hopefully this upcoming Spring will come with less fire.

    • Thanks. 🙂
      It was very sad. More so in that I still can’t figure out what happened.
      I was happy with how the twins grew up. I may actually have a new favorite. (But I still love you Sep!)

      I really hope we are done with fire for a while. This has been the year of fire for my poor sims.

  2. Oh dear Zefie! What a challenging chapter! First, that isn’t the Zale house, thank heavens, second, yay birthdays! We can’t let the birthdays pass without celebration. Poor poor Giovanna, that was terrible. I’m so glad she moved in! I hope they continue to take good care of her. I know they will. You continue to write the best sims 3 blog on the net, and I’m honored to enjoy it. No more fires! Hugs to you!

    • Oh whew! I was looking at the picture while writing and…well I’m glad for that at least.
      Yes, the twins grew up beautifully. I’m really not sure which I like better.
      We will do our best to take good care of her, but she doesn’t make it easy. You play an ISBI, you know what I mean.
      Sims you can’t control are sims not living at their best.

  3. What an intense chapter. I had to reread the “party” part again just to prove to myself that both her daughters had actually spontaneously combusted! Wow….just wow. You seem to have the worse luck when it comes to fire.

    As always, you write an excellent story and I can’t wait for the next chapter (although I guess I will have to).
    On a side note – Claudia is BY FAR the most beautiful SIM I have ever seen. There should be some sort of SIMish law that would force you to make her your heir just for the sake of carrying on the good jeans and populating the game with gorgeous and talented SIMS

    • Yeah, that party…its was really scary. o.0

      Thanks for your complements, they always make me smile.
      And Claudia is very pretty. Is she the heir? You’ll just have to wait and see.

  4. I really like the basement 🙂 and moveobjects on with the suitcases is definitely the best thing to do xD
    Ahahah Vinny looks so freaked out at the party by random old lady ahahaha
    NOO TONY please be safe! Though LOL at everyone thinking the party is fun as the world burns around them ahaha that is awful. And hilarious. I love the picture of everyone thinking about the door while the couple of sims think about how rocking a time this is as the house burns. Stupid firefighter laughing at poor Tony 😦
    I don’t blame you for changing the trait, I hate the celebrity system too. Changing to the performer trait is a great idea. Oooh Montez is looking goooood~
    That poor kid :\ I feel sorry for him since you gave him that little story. Poor guy.
    The picture of Claudia playing the violin outside is beautiful :3
    Oh man poor Giovanna!!! O_O that was…insane! And when she’s just rocking that is so sad. .-.
    Betta and Angel are so cute, I love that she ran to rescue poor Angel from the snow! And Angel watching the fish omg so cuuuteeee
    WHEW what a chapter!!!!

    • This really was a scary and sad chapter to life through.
      That party was all kinds of messed up.
      And the poor random little boy, I still don’t know who he is, though thinking about it, he might be the paper boy, all service sims are technically homeless right?
      The twins both grew up beautifully in their own way, I really love all my kids.
      And Giovanna…poor girl. I just hope she can get better with time.
      When Betta ran for Angel, it was so funny. They are so happy playing together all the time. I love it.

  5. That IF thing has happened to me, too! I think the game freaks out if you don’t let the kids play with it and help it become real? I had to DL a mod to be able to delete them, because they kept appearing in town, then Overwatch would reset them… made the game really laggy when I had generations worth of IFs!

    Wow, you have so many fires in your game! If any of your sims have enough LTH, I’d suggest buying the ‘Fireproof Homestead’ reward. Even before I bought this I had probably only had 3-4 fires, most of them from auto-lighting fireplaces.

    The thing with free will is that it helps make the sims more ‘real’. I struggle with letting them do what they want, also, but it helps keep them more interesting than if they were just skilling all the time. Particularly when they get to be elders and the next generation of the family is taking all your focus.

    • Yeah…that was weird with the IF.
      I don’t really like using the rewards. I like when my game is challenging so I find them to cheaty.
      BUT I think this is about the point where it is necessary. :/

      I know it helps make them seem real. But I have CONTROL ISSUES!

      • I know what you mean about some of the rewards being cheaty. Like Steel Bladder – no bathroom every again? As if!
        But Long Distance Friend is a lifesaver. My sims would never have any friends outside the house if not for that.

        Haha, I know how that feels. I’m playing with an insane sim atm, and she keeps dropping her queue to stare out the window/talk to herself. Very annoying!

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