1.17 Spring ~ Ballo Studentesco

Screenshot-527Last chapter we built a basement for the wine and seasonal decoration, Karla actually started to paint nice things with her street art kit, Tony already needed a second fish tank for his perfect fish, the twins grew up together but Claudia’s cake blew up in her face and nearly burned down the kitchen and her oldest brother, but it worked out in the end and they both became teens, Karla visited her friend Giovanna, but two of her daughters unexpectedly burned to death and we didn’t want to leave her alone, so we moved Giovanna in as a roommate and had our, now kind of saddened, Snowflake Day party.

Salve amici! Zefiewings loving google and keeping a careful eye on our favorite Cultric family.

Aren’t they just so cute! Playing together… makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside…with a slight case of the blues…

Because I know how many chapters are left in this generation…and I’m not sure if I am ready. I can’t tell you how many, or you could just use math and figure out the heir, but I can say there are a maximum of six chapters left…and a minimum of 2 (including this one). At the very least, the fake vote is in two and I have another announcement to make after that.

Okay…I’m okay. Let’s get started.


I decided what to do with that cool new painting; I just think it’s very Sep.

Anyone think it looks an Asari? I think it looks like an Asari.


I also crammed more decorations in the basement, because I think it looks better the more crowded it is.


Notice the addition in Giovanna’s room?

Karla painted and gave this to her friend, trying to cheer her up. It turned out really nice, and made me decide to retract my earlier decision on the family portraits.


So Karla gets to work on her new project. I’ll just have all the generations capture the image of their family differently, there are a few choices to mix it up.

Painting, sculpting, camera pictures, phone pictures, photobooth pictures… if anyone can think of any others let me know.


Oh geeze…Montez luv, please go back upstairs and put some clothes on before coming down to breakfast please.


See? Your sister gets even gets dressed to practice her charisma skill.

She really is very pretty. I have the suspicion she might lead the ‘faux vote’ I plan on having.


Likely his millionth load of laundry later, and Vin finds a little friend in the dryer.

As of yet, I have not decided if it is cute or creepy. I guess it is supposed to be like that bear from that laundry commercial… but LOOK at it! It’s just staring at the screen with its mocking expression.


I was getting tired of how bare the backyard was, so I decided to do something about it and built a pond.

Looked great in build mode…but in live mode…well it’s spring but the weather is not quite got the message yet.


Vin: “Hey! Now that we have a pond, we can start trying to stock it with fish for generations to enjoy!”


Though she doesn’t work hard at much, Elizabetta is really doing a great job taking care of and training her kitty Angel.

Betta: “No! Bad Angel! We don’t scratch the rug!”

Angel: What was I thinking? This rug costs MONEY! I’ll never do it again!


Karla completes her portrait…but it’s definitely a do-over.

Can you believe this ‘filter’ comes from the Artistic trait? How is this more artistic than a portrait you can actually recognize.


Montez finished is poem book too! And unlike Karla’s blurry mess, his is a moderate success!

I really wish it was that easy to get published.


Karla is suddenly struck with the idea of a family portrait, so we pick a place that takes greeting cards and get one done!

Town hall is chosen for no particular reason other than its nicer than say, doing at the school.


She keeps it at her bedside…I just wish that they weren’t all in their outdoor were besides Claudia. We may have to try again when it warms up.


The next day Spring finally…springs so Vin can actually enjoy his chess set!

I can’t wait for little fish splashing in there. ^.^


After school on Monday morning this boy follows Claudia home from school.  He seems nice enough, but we have to get to know him a little to see if he is okay for her.


I…don’t even know how to caption this. Flies? How could this possibly be a healthy conversation.


Vinny: “For the millionth time, I am NOT INTERESTED! I am MARRIED! STOP CALLING ME!”

Also note, Karla got a better self portrait done.


Vinny, who has been trying hard to find a new pastime, remembers he is an angler at heart and so asks his son to join him at the ponds across the way.  They can stay out even longer than usual this way too because Tony won’t get in trouble for being out after curfew when he is with an adult.


12 thoughts on “1.17 Spring ~ Ballo Studentesco

    • lol It was a near thing let me tell you. With four people to try four and only three ish days to do it…lets just say they are lucky it too little effort for 3/4.

      I think they are meant to be vampire nails, but I just love them for Montez.

  1. Awww cuuute. I rarely get dates for my sim kids either I’m always too lazy.
    I also love Montez’s new nails and earrings 🙂 I think they’re perfect for him.
    I can’t wait to find out who the heir is! I’m so excited!!!!!!! 😀

  2. The basement with all the holiday stuff looks totally great and realistic. I also like your use of that bare light bulb – totally basement. Very cool. I know you can paint as a portrait and paint as a still life, not sure if that counts as a separate way to document the family. I like the laundry gnome! I think he’s both cute and creepy too. I love the back yard, it looks beautiful in live mode even if it’s Springter. 🙂 Karla’s first portrait looks like she painted it through distorting shower glass! Or that it’s covered in poodle fur swept up after a grooming session. I love their little family portrait, even if they’re wearing their coats. I like Claudia, but she isn’t my favorite. Aw Vin, making all the teens pizza. Too sweet. Betta and the kitty are so adorable! And in her kitty pajamas too! Giovanna! Yes, sell the chair, I need to see her doing normal happy Sim things. Yah Karla and her LTW! Even if she painted a VERY creepy millipede thing. Great job getting dates for everyone for prom! Ha ha, Karla and that sketch, too funny! At least he does have a beard! And no, my kids always win king and/or queen. Oh! I just LOVE the sailing trip. Fantastic! ❤ I did not know you could fish from boats! WONDERFUL! And Karla's painting! OMG, I love this family so much! You're so funny: "Remember: I have already chosen the heir do to actually having readers being an unforeseen circumstance." Ooh! What a cliffhanger about the BETA! I can't wait to see what happens next for this family. Spectacular as always, have all my hugs. ❤

    • Your comments are always so detailed..they make me smile. 🙂
      I can’t wait to see who your favorite is.

      I actually think I should make a disclosure about the Betta considering the site: its not sims 4 or anything (how awesome would that be) and I won’t be talking about it or anything (again, I can’t) it’s just what might be the delay.

  3. I am enjoying how the story is going a lot but i am also sad knowing that it will be ending soon. I don’t like Claudia’s boyfriend, btw; she deserves MUCH better. I too am glad that you got rid of the chair, I starting to worry about Giovanna. I like that you kept the nails and earrings. Little things like that really make your families so lovable; your characters are so unique and your stories are so “real”. (Can I even use that word in a SIMS blog?) lol
    I can’t wait to vote, even though I know it’s fake. How about a real vote for us fans on something else…perhaps what we want to see in a new bf for Claudia? 😉

    • I’m so glad you enjoying it Sunshine. And it is kind of bitter sweet right now, you are right.

      I’m not happy with Reuben or Allyson to tell you the truth. But it’s just a highschool boyfriend, it doesn’t have to last for ever.

      I’m worried about Giovanna too. Not to mention she is really getting up there in age. It’s going to be so hard on Karla when she goes…

      I’m glad you like the look for Montez, I love it too.
      And yes, lol, I know what you mean by ‘real’ even if they are sims.

      There will be a vote that will affect the game, don’t worry. 😉

  4. The painting definitely looks like an Asari.
    I am really liking Montez too. He’s my second favorite :I I think if you pick him instead of Sep I won’t be as heartbroken as I would be with anyone else 😉
    Whoa Reuben seems a bit weird! >_O
    Yep I’ve had a couple kids not win prom king or queen. Calcifer didn’t, and neither Luna or Tempest won queen. Gens 4 and 5 had kings and queens, Chance didn’t go to public school, and there’s not been a prom yet for gen 7 teens though Vilkas didn’t win king when he went.
    Yay for all the kids getting boyfriend/girlfriends! 😀
    Montez does look good with the nails and earrings. I am reeeealllly liking him. Not quite as much as Sep but MAN! ❤
    Omg how cute is it Karla painted the father/son fishing picture! That is so cute!

    • lol, we are at the same frame of mind in this point of time. I was defiantly thinking “Wow, Montez is catching up to Sep in my favoritism.” Like I said…the story chose the next kid, I had little to do with it lol
      Hmm interesting…so it is possible to not get king/queen. Good to know.
      I love Karla’s art, it is defiantly something I will miss.

  5. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit
    my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing
    all that over again. Anyhow, just wanted to say great blog!

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