1.18 Summer ~ Cresciuto

winter - love letterLast time on the Cultracy, Karla painted herself and her husband, we made a nice pond for the backyard, the family got a picture done together at the town hall, the teens all got dates for prom, Claudia had to fight harder for hers and became his girlfriend before he would go with her, they all had an all around good time at the dance, the boys got their first kisses there and all started going steady with their dates, Karla mastered the Street Art skill, completing her LTW, and Vin took his oldest son on a fishing trip, and got a really creepy love letter from evil-sitter.

Ciao a tutti! Zefiewings again, excited, nervous, and a little sad. This is the last chapter before the vote and announcements. I hope you all got to know the kids well, and are ready to make your opinions heard…even if they won’t change anything this time.

Sounds like I’m a politician. I swear the votes will matter next time.


She even painted a nice picture of the pond.  I like how it turned out.

So summer will begin with everyone changing into more weather appropriate clothing.



I more or less like the outfits…though I am not quite happy with Montez’ shorts.

Anyway, between school and school work, there are all sorts of fun Summer activities for the Cultric family.


Fishing, brooding, exercising, learning to drive, and playing in the sprinklings.

Sep seems to be causing a bit of a traffic jam…


12 thoughts on “1.18 Summer ~ Cresciuto

  1. Ahhhhhh Betta is finally a teen! So sad to see generation 1 coming to a close 😦 I don’t even know who I want to vote for, all the kids are so perfect in their own way. I mean Tony, I suppose, is the one who represents the culture the best buuuuut…ahhh I don’t know. Too much pressure to decide, I don’t know how you did it!

    I know you said previously you didn’t have Twallen’s MC because it’s so big, but even so I highly recommend it, simply because you can fix almost everything. Like you can go into CAS or Stylist via MC without resetting the age bar among other things. Just a suggestion 🙂

    Anyway, can’t wait to see what’s next for the Cultric family!

    • I know that MC is a good mod…its just that, as I said, my game rarely crashes and I would like to keep it that way.

      I chose my heir by a story that popped into my head. If I had to pick based on which one I like more it would be a much harder decision lol.

      • Right! It’d be like choosing favorites among your real children!

        Yeah, I figured you’d say that about MC but I figured I would mention it. I wish I had your willpower and could delete it but despite how often my game likes to crash I can’t let the mods go.

        • lol my willpower is not really that strong. If I got it, I doubt I would be able to let it go.

          Which is why I have NO mods! I think if I got that ball rolling, I wouldn’t be able to stop.

          But I’d brake that rule for a mod to let me know their preference. I don’t like the idea of just choosing myself, because I’d only be able to go off stereotypes or something. :/

  2. Another great chapter. I am excited and sad at the same time. I love this family so much and I am going to hate to see it change. I couldn’t believe how much Betta looks like Karla. Enjoy your Beta weekend but know that are all sitting here waiting for the next chapter. 🙂

  3. Yay! You picked the plumbob for the tattoo! Perfect! I had wondered what you’d choose. Betts does look do much like Karla, but it’s the hair. I can see differences in her face. I’m so sorry your game crashed!! And aw, generation one, all grown up! Sniff. I like Tony. And Sep. and Betta.

  4. Oh my gosh Montez ❤ writing the love letter oh my gosh I love him, I didn’t think anyone could compete with Sep but ahh! (Sep is still #1 though)
    Awwwwwwwww Tony not waking Betta up was just so cute! ❤
    OMG I LOVE THE MARK OF THE WATCHER THING! That is an awesome idea! Looks like I need to go read another story 😉
    Whooo Tony looks pretty good all grown up 😉 not as good as Sep and Monty will of course. –coughs- Tony and Elsa are super cute together. ^_^
    Poor Montez though. He deserves a super good girlfriend. (hmmmm by the way if you are giving other story sims to the spares like I think I remember reading you were feel free to take a Danevbie ;))
    Whoa Betta looks like Karla o_O can’t wait to see the makeover!

    • Yes, Montez. ❤
      Thanks! I loved her "tattoo for the heirs" idea, and made it my own. And you should defiantly go read it.
      I do REALLY love Tony and Elsa.
      UGHATA. Can't I just play ALL my kid's families?
      Oh good. I was really hoping you'd say that about the Danevbies. 😀
      And Betta lol. I nearly had a heart attack there, but at the end of the day she is nothing like her mom so she is still unique and I love her.
      I love all my babies.
      sigh…was it this hard for you to part with spares your first time?

      • It’s almost always hard to part with spares. The first time it was super hard since the one I wanted to win didn’t win. The only time it wasn’t hard at all was Chance xD I didn’t mind at all parting with Mira :I

        • Good to know I’m not alone. I’m so scared for the fate of my babies left to story progression but…
          No. I won’t the twallon one, its too big.
          *tries to stick to my own guns*

  5. I don’t know what happens to so many of you legacy writers with the crashes. My game lags like crazy and occasionally time freezes so I have to quit and restart…but I’ve never had a crash to desktop. I guess I’m lucky? Don’t really know what you mean by MC being so ‘big’, it’s less than 1MB. Most of the store content is bigger than that… maybe because it does so much? I know I couldn’t run my game without it anymore, it’s been a lifesaver far too often. But I respect that you have more self control than I do, and are happy to play the game as is.

    Anyway, I loved the huge party, and all your commentary on the randoms. Claudia is so gorgeous, I would have picked her for heir, if we had a choice (I know she won the fake poll, so I’m not alone). Interested to see how you’re going to change the way the voting works – so much change from a normal legacy, I’m loving this blog.

  6. It’s crazy because I also never get the crashes, so it freaked me out so much. T.T
    I love(ed) all my sim babies. I hope you like how it turns out, I’m so excited.

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