Gen 1 heir vote Results

It’s time…the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The results of the

Very first heir poll!

here it is!

Results Are:


In a terrible dead last, the baby of the family Elizabetta Cultric with a depressing 0 votes!

I don’t know why she got no love. Maybe because she is kind of a clone of her mom, perhaps because we never got to see her as a teen and develop as a young lady. Maybe its her mildly unfavorable traits. If I’m honest with myself…Betta is my least favorite as well. Sorry sweetie…guess it’s just not your time to shine.

Tony YA

In second last, is our first born Antonio Cultricย with a respectable 2 votes.

Compared to 0 anyway.ย  He’s a good boy, a lot like his daddy. Again, this is kind of how I rank it, he would be second last. Not because I don’t love him, but he is ALREADY nearly done his LTW … I think it would be boring without him. I also happen to know some people didn’t vote for him just so he could stay with Elsa. And I love them together so much, I can respect that.

Sep - teen

In 3rd place is the super cutie, Giuseppe Cultric withย 3 votes!

Though he was in 3rd place, Sep had some of the loudest fans. The ones who loved him, loved him so completely! Although he is one of my favorites, I think if I was ranking them for heir myself I would put him in third as well. Why? I just love him with Alison so much! They are so cute together, I couldn’t stand breaking them up. I have the feeling this may have cost him some votes from others too.

And in second place…






Montez teen

Montez Cultric with a grand total of 5 votes!

The twins were very clear favorites, and I can’t blame them. I think if it was my choice alone (by favorites) Montez would have won for me. For a long time it looked like he might catch up to his sister, but in the end she pulled ahead. Still, second place is nothing to sneeze at and I’m proud of my baby.

Which means!

Claudia teenClaudia Cultric is our winner!

With a grand total of 7 votes!

I’m not going to pretend I didn’t see this coming. Claudia was a clear fan favorite even just in the stories. She is beautiful and talented. And I would look forward to playing her if this weren’t a faux vote.

But it is. And I have a problem.

Because the one I had pre-decided on was Betta. and I feel weird about having the 0 voter win.

My story idea was this; as a lazy cat lover (and now a snob) Betta would NOT WORK and just try and live off her mom’s money. I thought it would be fun to see if I could last. But now…I feel weird about it..if she had just gotten one or two votes…but zero?

So I need another vote. >.>

Should I stick with the plan? Or go with the vote winner?


23 thoughts on “Gen 1 heir vote Results

  1. I voted! And I say stick with your plan! We didn’t get a chance to know Betta, but I love her. Claudia was never my favorite, so I have no problem letting her go. I’m excited to see what you choose, and I’ll love no matter what you choose!

  2. Long time ninja, Second time commenter. I’ll always vote for Montez, but we all can see that he lost. (T^T) The Betta plan could be interesting, but who doesn’t want to see the adventures of Claudia Cultric. (I might just be making wild assumptions here)

  3. Commenting as someone who has not read the story so I have no real preference, just some advice.

    Give yourself a few days to see if you can’t come up with a story for Claudia that would match your enthusiasm for Betta’s story. I know your readers who voted know the poll wasn’t official, but let’s assume most voted who they want to hear more about. If you can’t figure out a story for Claudia, then go with your gut decision on the heir: Betta.

  4. As much as I love Claudia (and I did vote that you go with her btw) I think that what Heather said sounds really good. I hadn’t really looked at it like that before and going with your original choice would be not only a fantastic way to get to know Betta, it would make a new and interesting story. I still stand by wanting a story about Claudia but would not be disappointed if you went with Betta. You are such a talented/gifted story teller that I look forward to whatever you do. The only thing that would be terrible would be if you stopped writing.

    • Well it’s really good to know that even those who voted the other way would more or less be fine with Betta.
      >.> and you are a flatterer Sunshine. But don’t worry, we’ll be back to the action soon.

  5. WHAAAAA?! Sep shoulda won it! >:I Claudia was my least favorite of them :I I never really liked her much….. so I say go for Betta. xD Betta was in slot 4 for me, soooo 4 is better than 5.
    -goes and pouts that Sep got third- at least Monty got second…. but CLAUDIA?! @_@ I don’t understand people. (lol)

    • hahaha Oh sErin. I know you loved Sep, so do I. You are the only one who would be more disappointed if I went with Claudia rather than Betta. i love all my babies, but I’m bias what with them being my first generation of children and all. Just out of curiosity, what didn’t you like about Claudia?

      • There was nothing about her that interested me. She is pretty, yes, but so are all the other heirs–they all look good. She just never really stuck out in my mind. I don’t really hate her, honestly, she just… is just there. I dunno if I’m explaining it well enough xD (Welll okay she beat out Sep and Monty sooooo that made me dislike her a bit ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) At least Betta had super cute moments with Angel ๐Ÿ˜› Claudia never really did much to spark my interest.

  6. Hi! I voted already – and originally my vote went to sticking to the readers wants. HOWEVER, after thinking it over, your storyline for Betta became more intriguing and so I’ve since changed my mind :I
    I can’t vote a second time so if you’d move one of the votes to the ‘stick to the original plan’ that’d be awesome haha ๐Ÿ™‚
    Either way, I’m sure whatever ends up happening it will be great ๐Ÿ˜€

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