Spouse for a Spare ~ gen 1 – part 1

♥Spouse For A Spare♥

Generation 1 – Part 1

With a vote of 11:4, we have decided to move with the original plan of Elizabetta. I’m sure we will enjoy seeing the world through her plumbob, but before that happens, we have one more thing to decide.



As we already talked about, one of these lucky spares will be paired up with a spare from another story.

Here are the rules:

  1. Everyone will vote on which spare gets the honer of a hand picked spouse from another sims universe.

  2. While this vote is going on, everyone who wishes to participate must give me permission in the comments. So if you want a spare from your story to be chosen, please say so. If you have more than one story, please say which story you want me to look through, or tell me if you want all of them up.

  3. I will pick one spare from each participating story to be a potential spouse. This means if you have more than one story, you could have more than one sim up for vote. The sim must not be an heir or founder himself, and must either be CC free, or have a CC free version available.

  4. Once all the sims have been chosen, there will be a vote to decide which of the chosen sims will be paired with the winning spare.

Please note that once they are moved out together, they are at the mercy of the EA story progression and have nothing to do with me.

Just as a refresher, here are the spares current partners, in case that helps your decision any.

Tony's Gf - Elsa

This is Tony’s girlfriend, Elsa Condon.

She is very cute, and the two of them autotomonusly interact all the time.

We know she is a Couch Potato, Virtusoso, and Over Emotional, but the other two traits are unknown.

Sep's gf Ally

This is Giuseppe’s girlfriend Alecia Dennis.

Again, super cute and they are always spending time together all on their own.

We know only two of her traits; Easily Impressed and Disciplined, so far.

Mont GF Allison

Allyson Flint is Montez’s girlfriend.

She is not bad looking, but she doesn’t jump out as cute to me. They also don’t interact much without my initiating.

She has been known to ‘heart-fart’ every boy she sees, but I don’t think I have actually seen her cheat.

I just checked, and Montez has not learned a single one of her traits so, that’s a little weird.

Claud BF Reu

Last is Reuben McNulty, Claudia’s boyfriend.

Not bad looking, and has really interesting eye colour, so that would be cute to pass on.

He does interact with Claudia a lot…if she starts it. He also was extremely difficult to convince to go to the prom with her.

Claudia knows three of his four traits, Family-Oriented, Great Kisser, and Flirty.

So who gets the special spouse? And who is willing to volunteer their family?


15 thoughts on “Spouse for a Spare ~ gen 1 – part 1

  1. I voted for Claudia, since she originally won the faux poll and deserves something special. I’m sure I can scrounge up a Zale for her! I’d have to look to see who I have available. I can load an old save file and probably find one of the more recent spares, or check my SimBin. I know Abraham is available, but he’s not eligible! 🙂 I know I currently have Graham available, and Gwen and Giselle… and I could get Frond too. In an older save I can probably locate Evan… And they’re all CC free 🙂

  2. Such a cute idea! I originally was going to vote for Sep because he’s my favorite buuuut he already seems so happy with his gf so I voted Montez 🙂
    Too bad I don’t have any spares to offer this time around XD maybe next generation.
    Can’t wait to see the potential spouses!

  3. Yay!! I voted Claudia because I like her. 😀
    You can have my Kook Boys! They may be ready to go for this vote, I got more pics for another update and the story is moving along so I should have a vote soon. But you’re welcome to use them later as well! Also, my very first legacy, The Darnells, will have spares. The story was put on hiatus but I found my save file (I’m horrible for switching computers…) and I’m almost done generation 1… I just have to, erm, start writing for them again. *nervous laugh*.
    Here’s the link if you want to check out the Darnell kids: http://thedarnellslegacy.wordpress.com/

      • No problem! And feel free to replace the insane trait if you wish. I’m randomly rolling all the Kook Boy’s traits except insane which I’m making it my own rule that to be eligible for my legacy they have to be insane. Haha.
        I will upload them to my studio once they reach YA.

  4. I voted for Claudia although both twins really need new mates. I bet if they are really good, the Watcher will help them out. 😛 I don’t have any spares to spare either…sorry. I can’t wait to see what you do with Betta’s story; super excited about that.

    • Hey Sunshine, no prob about spares. Thanks for voting!

      Its going to be really close between the twins! 😀

      I’m excited about gen 2…but sad to leave gen 1. Noooo Karla you must stay forever.

  5. It looks like Claudia will be winning. xD I honestly don’t get the interest in her. Sorry folks :I
    BUT I voted for Monty. Feel free to take a Danevbie for the winner. I don’t have the spares up for downloads but I will put one up for you 🙂 I’m not sure if you’re going an AU type of path? I mean, if say you want Miracle that’d be fine with me but if you don’t because in Danevbies she’s married, that’s fine too. If you just want currently single spares then it’s just gonna be pretty restricted for the Danevbie clan I’m afraid :\ and the closest male, if you’re looking for a guy, is one of Serenity’s brothers xD

    • Well I definatly feel the Alternat universe thing. There may be a few couples I couldn’t stand taking one of, but in general as long as they are a ‘spare’ they are eligible.

      And don’t be so sure that Claudia is winning. I purposely am not letting the poll results shown so it can be a surprise. And I have a few people who vote but don’t comment. 😉

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