S.F.A.S ~ gen 1 – CLOSED!

It’s been a crazy busy last two weeks for me guys…sorry for the delay.

Without Further Adieu


Graham Zale

Graham Zale!

River Danivbie

and River Danivbie!

Wow! Firstly, I hope our two loosers don’t feel too bad…the girls were tied until the last second and the boys were only a few apart! But I am so excited to have these two in our game and our family soon!

I have to say I am quite happy with the winners. It’s nice that there was one from each and it turns out I messed up and Kyle Danivbie is actually gay…so if he HAD won I may of had a guilt complex over sticking him with a woman. ‘^.^

These winners are sure to put some “ompf” in our genetic bloodline, even if it’s not the playable bloodline.

Thanks again so very much to Heather and sErendipity. I love you guys. ♥


P.S… Erin, Riven seems to have been removed from the exchange… can you put her up again for me?

Heather…maybe I’m just blind but I can’t find ANY of your zales? Can you link me?

Thanks again guys.


15 thoughts on “S.F.A.S ~ gen 1 – CLOSED!

  1. I don’t think I posted Graham, but I know he’s in my SimBin, so I’ll get him up TONIGHT for you! Sorry about that! For some reason, the things I put on the exchange aren’t staying up. Breanne Zale was uploaded, but she’s not showing up, and my SimSelf USED to show up, but now she’s gone… so whatever… I’ll keep trying with Graham until he’s up there for reals!

  2. OH! And I’m super excited, I love Graham. He was a close second to Giles, and every time he stops by the Zale house, I’m thrilled to see him! I hope lots of cool things happen for him in neighboring Monte Vista.

    • I love Graham too.

      Once again I am seriously considering getting Twallan’s story progression so I can get notices about what he and Claudia get up too. With the EA one I might not even know when they have a kid until forever later! IF the EAs story progression sees fit to even bless them with one, despite the fact the Graham clearly wants many. :l

      • I know! I don’t think my regular sims have EVER had any offspring. Just paparazzi and townies who were already expecting when the world loads new. No Zale spares have reproduced.

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