1.19 Fall ~ Orgoglio


Last time the Cultric family was seen enjoying the fruits of summer, the twins get special awards from their respective after school activities, everyone pitched in around the house, even Giovanna though hers was less helpful though a nice thought, Karla was given this legacies first ‘mark of the watcher’, the family threw their annual Leisure Day party,  Tony and Sep were cuties all over with their girlfriends, Tony grew up as this generations first Young Adult and gained Natural Cook as his final trait, his girlfriend Elsa grew up beautiful though we don’t know what trait she got, Betta left the last child stage of the gen behind and gained both the Snob trait and a striking resemblance to her mother which also completed Vinny’s LTW, Antonio graduated with honers, Valedictorian, and most likely to have a big family,  then the game crashed before Betta could get her proper post birthday makeover.
Between the last story update and this we also discovered that our baby Betta will be the one taking over for heir, though she and her mom don’t know it yet.

Hello chiiiiiildren! This is zefiewings awooo! and you’re reading the Cultracy legacy! Bringing you the story…no matter how long it takes.

Our first important order of business is to get Elizabetta out of Karla’s hair and those un-suiting clothes. Since normally you wouldn’t know who the heir is until their adult birthday, I thought I’d take advantage of the fact that this time we get an early look at it. Bearing this in mind;


Here is Betta’s french style! Many of you guessed this would be the next Culture and here is is confirmed in all her little cute barrette glory. I think her look turned out rather well.


With her Snob trait and favorite colour being grey, I thought that she’d be girly but with a more ‘elite sophisticate’ style than say her girly diva princess sister.  I used french styles because ever since her trip to France as a child, Elizabetta has had a fascination with it, (see what I did there 😉 ) but there is still definite evidence that she is a teen with her kitty calender and gnome, bulletin board, throw pillows, etc. It tuned out rather well I think.


So our self loving sweetie wastes no time in putting her new fancy mirror too good use. Can’t say I’m all that surprised, and at least we know she likes it.


Apparently that was hard work because she relaxes with a book once she is done.

Its actually one of the french books so that’s something at least.


13 thoughts on “1.19 Fall ~ Orgoglio

  1. Oh my! So much happened! I loved every moment of it! *Sniff* they’re getting so big! I love them as if they were my own little simmies. I am very worried about Giovanna. You must keep her close and safe until she passes! I love each and every bit, and I hope there’s more soon! ❤

  2. Awww this was such a cute chapter. They’re all grown up now save for Betta 😦
    I mean, I can’t wait until we get to France but these guys were such a good family ;-; it’ll be sad to see them out of the house.
    Vanna is also making me sad, I don’t want her to die especially since she’s not in the household… 😦 hopefully the wedding will happen real quick and then she’ll be back with them 🙂

    • I know..I can’t believe how big the family is! Its hard to grasp too. @.@ I don’t want any of them to move away! Sigh
      I know..she is too old…to old to begin the training.

  3. “Hello chiiiiiildren! This is zefiewings awooo!” not sure if Three Dog (fallout 3) reference or not xD I am pretty tired right now but that’s where my mind went. And it made me happy!
    Betta looks good and I like her room! :3 Sep is cute with his girl though I am still sad he’s not the heir xD also, love the pic of Monty in the leaves! :\
    AWWW Tony and Elsa!!!!! ❤
    Oh no Sep not again! I didn’t know that about tinkering either. I knew you could get electrocuted obviously… but fire? Hmm. Glad Sep was okay again xD and lol about Monty sleeping through it all!
    Oooooh Monty, looking good too!! 😀 ;D ❤ hehehe
    Great update ^_^

    • Yup! Defiantly 3 Dog!
      Because ones not enough and two is too low!
      That tinker fire was new and unexpected…but at least I figured it out.
      Monez did turn out nice didn’t he. 😉

  4. Wow, your game just keeps on throwing fire at you, doesn’t it? I have had sims electrocuted and killed with a laptop, but no fire. And why did Sep have to run all the way outside for a shower? Is there no bathroom/shower inside?? Weird routing. Oh, EA, your fails make me laugh.

    Also, valedictorian, but Most Likely to be Mediocre? WTF, EA? I swear, if they get an A, they get valedictorian. The only time I’ve had that not happen is when I have multiples graduating with As. Don’t even have to get on the honor roll.

    The twins are so gorgeous. I would love to have them in my game, are you planning to upload them at all?

    Even though I don’t love Elizabetta as much as Claudia, I am glad one of the younger ones got heir. If it’s an older sibling, the younger ones sometimes get lost in the shuffle. I had one older heir married with a son before his youngest siblings moved out (though he was one of 7, so that might explain some of it). In all the birthdays/graduations/romances for the older ones, Elizabetta hasn’t had much of a chance to shine, so hopefully she will now that she has more screentime.

    • Yeah…I have no idea what’s up with the fie and this house. I just hope it ends with the generation.
      I actually sent him to the outside shower because his siblings were freaking out in the hallway to the bathroom and I didn’t want him to die in a routing fail. So I just sent him where no one was in his way lol.

      Valedictorian…prom king/queen…generations sure had a way of giving every sim what was supposed to be hard to earn.

      Hmm…I should really save file all my sims just in case people want them. I will do so now, before they get too much older.

      I hope we can get to love her as much the others. ❤

      • Haha, fair enough. I’ve had sims die from routing fail, it’s heartbreaking when that happens. My vampire sim came very close to dying the other day, when she chose to stand outside (in the sun) Town Hall for 3 hours instead of graduating.

        Indeed, Generations is a whole lot of hit and miss, and not much average stuff. I really like the after school activities and prom and all the kids playthings, but there are many things that are annoying also.

        I’m going to need to save my sims, too. Even though I’m not blogging, some of them are so gorgeous I want to use them again. Multiple generations of sim genetics so often ends up beautiful and varied. One of the few things that are coded very very well.

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