Story progression and Master Controller

It’s been a long time since I legitimately had to play a lot before I had enough to update. Don’t worry; only a few days of winter left and I’ll be ready to start writing about it. And let me tell you; its already a doosy.


Anyway, chapter teasing aside, you all know that I am getting close to the point that I’ll be needing to move out my first spare soon.

And you might have noticed my hesitation to do so…and even outright stalling.

A MAJOR part of my problem are the horror stories with EA story progression.

See, for those who don’t know, the story progression works as a series of numbers. If population starts getting low, sims will have babies, if not they won’t. And which ones have babies and which don’t seems more or less random. So family oriented sims who want 5 kids may not have any. And sims who hate children could end up with 3.

Sims will also quit jobs/ switch jobs, or not get any based on what is needed. Did the current school teacher die? Another random sim takes his/her place. Has nothing to do with sim traits, wants, LTW, anything like that.

I don’t want my sims to come to a complete stand still. I don’t want them divorcing their love for no reason (because I actually don’t know what causes that). I want them to have kids and jobs. I want them to have LIVES.

This brings me to my dilemma. There are mods (modifications to the game, not made by EA) called the NRASS story progression and NRASS Master Controller. And I want them.

I have gone this long without mods in my game because they can cause lag and glitches and worse. Yes, some (like these) are trusted and have been worked on to cause little problems. I’m just paranoid. They can still cause lag because of their sheer size.

Most people who have swear by them, say they can’t even imagine playing the game without them any more.

Some, I’ve noticed, don’t even know what’s bad about EA’s story progression because they haven’t ever played without them.

I want your advice. Do I risk it? (I’ll make backups first of course) Just forget it? WHAT DO I DO?!


For those who don’t know, here are some things that these mods do that I want them for.

Master Controller

  • Will allow me to check gender preference of my sims. 😀
  • I can find sims I need to that aren’t in my family with map tags. Like significant others or best friends or the like.
  • I’m pretty sure I can use it to change the colour of the baby blankets so they don’t have to be stuck in the pink and blue all the time and can look a little differen’t
  • It can be used to fix certain bugs. Like I can add the tattoo without it messing up the ages…I think.

Story Progression

  • I can choose setting that will more or less help take care of my sims not in my active household and help them life the lives they want.
  • I can get popup notifications about important people; I would be able to know if one of my spares have children rather than me haveing to try and remember to check the family tree and potentially missing a birthday or something. Imagine not seeing Sep’s baby until he is a child or Teen because I didn’t know about him or her?! D:


For people using these mods, let me know some other cool things about that you like.

Let me know your guy’s experience with/without these mods.

I would also love any other tips or advice.

Even if you don’t play sims, I wouldn’t mind your impartial advice. What do you think you would do in this situation?

Thanks always for your help!

May the odds even be in your favor.  Sorry…that just sounded right to say here.





11 thoughts on “Story progression and Master Controller

  1. Everyone loves mods, so I’m sure you’d be pretty happy with them, as long as your game continued to run well. As you know, I play with no mods, and no CC, so I can’t really provide any further information. Knowing what happens with spares is pretty nice. My spares do nothing but live and then die. There has not been a single spare child born in 8 generations, or a single spare who got married… that’s pretty sad. It’s not important to the Zale story, but it IS important to your Cultracy… definitely something you have to consider.

  2. Hi, I’m NeroGaffling on the Sims forum.

    I love the mods because I have horrible luck with my game glitching up with the ages, so I use it for that.
    I love keeping up with the Sims in the neighborhood, as well as momentarily switching to them if I need to.
    I love love love not having to use just the EA baby blanket.
    There are also a bunch of little features like if you create a Sim, and want it to be something other than the supernaturals it lets you choose in CAS.
    I do suffer from slightly slower speeds, but I can live with that because of all I get out of this mod. However for me it’s not like it is really really slow, just a little bit slower than before… You would not notice if you were not looking for it.

    Okay, but for reals. I’ve never used Master Controller but it seems pretty cool. I’ve been warned by my sister not to use mods but I’m sure if I can find enough people who swear by it she’ll change her mind 😛 Let me know if you decide to try/like it!

  4. If you’re feeling a bit iffy about it all, you can just put it in for a while and see how it goes, and take it out if necessary. They should be easy to uninstall without messing your game up. Honestly, EA’s story progression is pretty bad, so I would say if you wanna just go with one, go with StoryProgression. I haven’t had too much lag from it or any bad glitches (I’ve had some books and stuff somehow go through the floor which didn’t happen before the mod but it wasn’t anything that crashed my game, it just looked weird). Anyway, it is your choice and if you wanna give it a try, then I say go for it!

  5. I say go for it. If you don’t like them, you can always take them out.
    Now with MC you can also change inactively sim clothes and hair if you want to give them makeovers, you can fix the family tree, you can change traits and favorites, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

  6. I personally can’t play my game without SP and MC. They do just about everything to make your game exactly the way you want it. If you just have those two mods your game shouldn’t lag too terribly, but it also depends on your computer.
    At the very least, you should give them a try because you can always delete them right away. 🙂 But I think you will enjoy using them.

  7. I’m using NRaas and I haven’t had any problems. Every day at around 3am it unsticks Sims, removes abandoned vehicles, turns off stereos & TVs, etc. It also reminds me to save every 30 minutes because I always forget. I can’t say for speed but my game hasn’t corrupted which is my biggest concern.

    I think my only complaint is NRaas Pop-up notifications. I have trouble figuring out how to turn them off. I’m still getting messages every time a neighbour flirts with another neighbour, or random messages about neighbours being in long-term commitments. There’s also a Caste system that I don’t understand, I don’t want to mess things up by accident!

    • You have to click on city hall and go to nraas story progression and I forget where it is but you can turn off the notifications thing. The caste system thing is super confusing I always have to read a guide on how to enable same-sex pregnancy when it used to be so simple x_O

  8. I use NRaas mods and couldn’t play without some of them. The only time I ever had problem was when I updated my game and forgot to update my mods xD and then everything was easily fixed by replacing with the updated mods. MC and SP are great. I hated EA’s story progression so much.
    I mean if you put them in and things don’t go well you could always remove them.

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