1.20 Winter ~ Eventi

Screenshot-320Last chapter of the Cultracy contained Betta’s teen makeover, Sep going on a cute date, Betta’s first day of highschool, Little Angel Kitty growing up, Montez learning to drive really quickly, Sep’s Young Adult Birthday in which he gained the good trait, he graduated most likely to be mediocre because his classmates suck, Tony caught his 13th Perfect fish, completing his LTW, he proposed to Elsa Condon, Sep managed to set his own butt on fire by tinkering with his laptop, the twins had their YA birthday and Monez became Socially awkward while Claudia showed she was irresistible, and the baby and heir got ripped off in her prom because I thought they could only happen on schooldays.

Hey simmers and readers! Zefiewings finally got off her butt and wrote the next chapter.

sounds of shocked gasps everywhere

I know I know…but hopefully you will understand why this one took a while to write.


We open with the Cultric family trying to get the last of the leaves gone before they are covered in snow.  Vin does not look appropriately dressed for the ocation but what do I know.


What I found weird about it is that we seep to have a rodent infestation out here. Seriously…I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than one or two together but they were everywhere!


But, as usual, right in the middle of my doing something I remember that I completely forgot about graduation. Yup.


Pile in everyone! Including old lady that literally JUST showed up at my house claiming to be my new roommate and apparently I need to turn off that mode? Whelp…welcome to the grad you are being kicked out right after so enjoy it.


Row of Cultrics. Waiting to walk up the hill.

Sep: Ghost?

No…just graduation relax.


Nice outfit random old lady. Everyone pile in! What are you waiting for?


Ah…Claudia is slowly Diva walking up the hill. Gotcha.


Sep choosing this moment to suddenly be considered ‘eternally faithful!’ Yay!


Well…everyone is inside and I have nothing to do but notice that this snowball has been here since last winter.


Slowly traveling up the tower in camera mode…


yay! Exiting! What did you get luv?


Hey one sec…


Oh…ya that’s not Montez. Don’t know who this is.


So…they whole family is just sort of hanging out…for whatever reason the twins have way more left in the event… so we are just sort of twiddling our thumbs now…


Oh! Here they come for real. I know that’s Claudia for sure.


Yay Claudia! What did you get?


Most likely to be a Rock Star! Cool…not quite because she wants to top the symphony branch but close. No Valedictorian…maybe Montez got it.


STILL a little until Montez emerges…


Now THERE are the beautiful green eyes I was looking for!


Valedictorian as I guessed…but no MLTB? What the heck!


Whatever. People always assume twins can just share instead of getting their own. Poor things.


But instead of heading home, Montez and Claudia decide to go out somewhere together to celebrate.


The pool! Why not.


Hi skinny dipping old lady. That is not weird or disturbing at all.


Look who it is! My ulterior motive for the pool trip! A couple of happy coincidences!


Montez meets River Danevbie and MY! That is off to a good start!


Well well! And Claudia thinks that Graham Zale is fiery hot too! This could not have gone better!

They don’t stay too long because they are tired and the naked lady is burning their eyes but I needed to meet them asap so we can invite them out and stuff


13 thoughts on “1.20 Winter ~ Eventi

  1. Noooooooo Vanna :C what awful timing, though I can’t say I didn’t see it coming but……still 😦
    And Vinny and Karla are now elders which means that their time is coming up slowly but surely as well…

    but on a lighter note, Tony’s wedding was beautiful. I’m sure he and Elsa will have a wonderful marriage (and pop out a few kids now that you have SP 😉 ) but yeah be super careful about the ‘just one more’ as its what I tell myself ALL THE TIME and then my game gets super bloated :/

    But OMG River and Graham are there now too YAY! I’m so happy ❤ I'm sure the twins will be so happy with them!

    Can't wait until the next chapter! 🙂

    • I knew it was coming too but man… I was hoping she’d make it through Snowflake day. :/

      No no nope. I’m not thinking about Karla’s time coming up. *in denial*

      I’m glad you liked the wedding. I’m trying not to use ALL my wedding ideas in one generation lol

      I’ll do my best to exercise self control…

      Yay River and Graham! ❤

      I hope to get the next chapter ready soon…I can't wait either!

  2. Oh. Oh Zefie! I was so happy to see my Graham! Then the funeral. The beautiful and sad funeral. I’m all teary, and they’re just pixels. It was so sad to lose Giovanna. And then Karla and Vinny. Elders! And the lovely wedding. So much to celebrate! And so much sadness. Something tells me this is how the entire cultracy will go. As time passes, there will be more losses, and more frequently! But there will also be more causes for celebration. It’s funny, my idiotic Zales have seen far more deaths, and far more births. Yet it’s so insignificant… They lack the depth and nuance you manage to share with us. Your cultracy epitomizes why we all love and play The Sims, and some how takes what we all see on screen and makes it magical. I understand why you feel stress and pressure. If I was creating such a work of art, I too would -well- what am I saying? I could never make something like this. Hugs, Zefie. You have a true gift. ❤

    • Heather…you made me cry.

      My story is NOT better than yours. They are simply different styles. We are both going for humor and you make me laugh a lot. That is exactly what you set out to do, how can you say it’s not good?

      I’m glad you liked the chapter though. I spend forever getting that gazebo memorial just right lol. Then I was all…’ya…I am spending an awful lot of time on something that will only be up for two sim days :/ ‘ lol

  3. Oh my gosh, where did you get squirrels from? As an avid Staring-Out-Window Enthusiast, I love squirrels! I’ve also never seen a skinny-dipper before.

    I forget things all the time, I think I’ve missed 3 or 4 funerals by now. (In the game, not funerals IRL.)

    • Do you have pets? Squirrels are some of the common small animals that run around if your do. They are really cute, but I was still surprised to see so many at once lol.

      That was actually the first sims funeral I’ve ever thrown…but it just seemed like what Karla would do.
      I’m so attached to my simmies this time around though I suspect I will be doing it more.

  4. Vanna! 😥 Can’t say I didn’t see it coming but still.
    Seems i’ve finally caught up! At least for a moment 🙂 Loving the story!

  5. I agree with Heather, you somehow bring the characters to life so beautifully, there are a whole lot more feelings involved. Similarly to Erin, you make us feel the characters as more than just, well, characters in a game.

    I love that you’re allowing the spares to marry other legacy sims, I’ve done that myself. It’s a great way to play with other people’s sims without *actually* playing them, if you get what I mean. And the two you chose are gorgeous, especially River, she was one of my favourites.

    Very sad about Vanna, but at least now she can be in peace with her daughters. She struggled so much after they died. Hopefully Karla and the family can get through it together.

    The gazebo is beautiful, great idea to make an undercover outdoor party area, even if the first ‘party’ was a funeral. I actually didn’t even know you could throw funeral ‘parties’. Guess that’s (yet another) thing I have to try out. For all we complain about EA, they really do make an amazingly complex game, even after 4 years of playing, I’m still finding new things to do!

    • Thank you so much! That makes me so happy to hear. ❤

      I really love River and Graham too…they are just perfect for the family.

      Vanna's passing was so sad, sadder than I expected it to be even. But she wasn't doing very well yes…its probably better than her continuing to get worse.

      Yes, there are still plenty of things I haven't played much of yet, or even at all!

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