1.22 Summer ~ Fine


Last chapter of the Cultracy Tony moved out with his new wife, Karla make friends with the sprinkler, Sep proposed to and married his Ally, the twins proposed to their sweethearts from the other legacies, Karla and Vinny had their golden anniversary at a resort I demolished right afterwards, and Elizabetta finally went steady with her crush from France.

Salve amici! Come va? Me, I am both in a state of excitement and sorrow. So settle in for this chapter guys, it’s a doozy.


This chapter is going to start a little dark.

Don’t worry; I just mean literally. It’s very early in the morning but Karla and Vinny have somewhere they really need to be.


If you can’t tell in the dark and with unreandered windows and doors; here is the house of their oldest son Antonio and his wife Elsa.

What could they possibly need here so early?



Vin: “Complimenti Tony! Mia così eccitato! Dove sono mia prezioso bambini?”

Tony: “Upstairs Papa. And please try to keep things quiet. Mia amore is resting.”


And here she is! Meet Edith Cultric the first grandbundle of the legacy! She is Evil and clumsy! Oh no! But, as Heather would say, she is TCTBE right now: that’s Too Cute To Be Evil! Perhaps she will grow into a full fledged Evil one day…but right now she is still just a bundle of TCTBE!



It’s been so long since they held a Nooboo in their arms, but they could probably both be called pros at it at this point.

There is something so precious about Karla’s wrinkly smile as she looks at her grandbaby.

I was so excited when I got the popup about Elsa being pregnant: I even took a screen shot with the intention to post it…but then I thought: Nah! It will be more fun as a surprise! It’s wonderful that my story progresstion is working, I’m glad I decided to go with it. It was worth it for this moment.

But the surprises aren’t over yet.



Blue blanket? Twins! Meet Brandt Cultric! This precious baby is a Light sleeper and a Virtuoso! I can’t wait to see what kind of music he grows up to make!

I don’t get any shots of Vinny with Brandt because at this point Tony reminds them that, while he will be happy to see them visit again soon, he and Elsa really need their rest right now. We will have to come back later.


10 thoughts on “1.22 Summer ~ Fine

  1. AHHHHHHH! I’m so sad that this gen is ending but SO EXCITED for Betta 😀
    The nooboo grandbundles are super cute ❤
    As for the cat herder LTW I think they all have to be alive. But don't quote me on that, I rarely play the Pets LTWs.
    And the party guest limit can be bypassed with a mod ^_^; Nona's More Guests and No Time Restrictions for Parties Mod or nRaas MasterController. Since I have MC I don't know how Nona's mod works but I've downloaded others from her and I've had no problems. You don't have to keep it, if you know you're going to throw a party you can install for the play session and then take it back out again. Or you could keep this mod without installing the massive beast that is MC…But this way you can invite the whole family instead of having to pick and choose.
    Ahh okay but yeah this was so cute. I can't wait to see where Betta's journey takes us. (hopefully she won't wait too long to have a couple nooboos!!!)

    • ahh! No tempting me with more mods you! 😉

      drat…I was hoping I could just do cats that live with her but obviously she can’t have 15 cats at once…I don’t think.

      It just seems like it would be super hard to keep the friendship of cats that don’t life with you up, its not like you can call them!

      The grandbabies are so cute and I am so happy to have them! ❤
      I am so nervous and excited to start the next generation!

      • Haha sorry! It’s so hard to read what you want and think “wow, this mod is what you’re looking for!!!!” and then not say anything. Gotta give you options you know XD

        And I did a little research on the Cat Herder LTW. On Carl-Sims 3 Guide someone did a LTW walkthrough and some of her cats died but she still completed the LTW SO I think they do actually count. Which is good news for you and Betta 🙂

        Can’t wait to see your take on French culture! ❤

        • haha it’s okay, I understand. I’ve done that in real life – someone was getting mad about something and I was like “uh, yeah this is the tool you need for that job” and it made them mad and I was all “but that’s what you wanted T.T”
          So I get it lol. It’s good to know the options!

          Oh! I really hope that works that way. Thank you! I tried to look it up but apparently I suck lol.

  2. Oh! Oh oh oh! It’s so wonderful to see my Graham immortalized in paint! Thank you Karla! I LOVED his wedding look, don’t you worry about that! I so excited for the next generation and your house remodel! I really like Merlin too! I just loved this! I hope Graham and Claudia reproduce soon! Can’t wait for Betta’s rein. ❤

    • Hahaha too bad I can’t sent you a copy to your sim’s mailbox.
      I’m glad you liked his wedding. Sorry I didn’t get as many pictures of his. 😦
      I’m working really hard on the house…but MAN a french french chateau is NOT a simple build. @.@

  3. I really liked the double wedding, Claudia and Montez’s outfits were perfect, as were their spouses. Love that River and Montez have had a nooboo already!

    Great idea for them to stay in a resort while the house gets rebuilt – much more realistic than “tada, here is your new house that wasn’t there a moment ago”. Can’t wait to see what it looks like.

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