2.1Fall ~ Début


Last chapter we met Tony’s new children, Edith and Brandt Cultric, Betta had her proper prom, the twins had a mostly successful double wedding, they moved out with their new respective spouses, Elizabetta grew up to a Young Adult, she graduated and we learned something funny about sim umbrella’s, she found out the truth about her family and the Watcher and that she had been chosen to continue Karla’s legacy, the family had the generations last holiday party at the public pool, Betta adopted her new kitty Merlin, Edith and Brandt became toddlers, Montez and River blessed with us another grandchild, little Colleen, and the family checked in to a simple resort so that I could start rebuilding the house without worry.

Bonjour mes amis! Welcome to the first chapter of the second generation of my legacy! It is a bitter sweet moment for me, passing the torch, and it was made all the more so when I began to demolish Karla’s hard built home. But its time for a fresh french start.


Here it is. It’s not quite finished… it needs landscaping and there are 3 spare rooms and two bathrooms I left more or less empty and I want to paint all the ceilings. But when there was 20,000 left, I wanted to make sure we could pay bills for a while plus afford the things I would inevitably realize I forgot and wanted. We will update some of it slowly and another big chunk after the wedding.

It took me a long time to do. And I am fairly happy with the result.


The entry way is mostly just empty but for art and a huge grand staircase. Originally the doorways to the other rooms were open archways but I realized that was more my preference and the grand doors were more french style. I had a really hard time choosing stairs I liked. I may switch yet, but I love the railing on these.


The small door to the right from entering is nothing but a tiny laundryroom. I didn’t like it anywhere else.


The grand door next to that is the diningroom.  The seating is around great tables but there is another small table for the food guests bring and birthday cakes.


Through there is the large kitchen with all sorts of cooking appliances. Bar-b-que, stove, woodstove, and even my brand new icecream maker and deep fryer! I am hoping to save up for the bakery stove and I;m going to put in some islands I think.

You may also notice the lack of fridge…I rectified that.


There is a small pantry in from there with…


a wine cellar. Can’t have a Chateau without a wine cellar!


Back to the entrance and to the left is the ballroom.  There is also a small coffee/sitting area and a grand piano, which Betta is going to learn.


The first door is a small bathroom.


The other is bookworm Betta’s library/study! Complete with fire for my loves the heat heir.

Screenshot-26Screenshot-23Screenshot-24Screenshot-27(this is the hall to Betta’s room…the hall to Karla’s is mirrored.)

Now to the second floor. All the family portraits hang here but at some point during renovations I must have deleted Ally’s. :/

I’ll have to get her back over asap.


Hang a right from the stairs and to to the door at the end of the hall on the right hand side for Karla and Vinny’s new suite. Unlike the rest of the house, this room kept the old style of decor so the old couple can still feel at home. There are still part of the Italian generation after all. A t.v is provided so Vin doesn’t have to miss his cooking shows when I decided a classic livingroom didn’t fit anywhere in the Chateau.


The ensuite is done in the same style as the bedroom.


Across the hall from her room is Karla’s new art studio. The huge windows of this house are going to give her great lighting to work with!

You may notice only TWO skill plaques hanging by the easel…I have no idea what happened to the one for the street art skill. Once I realized it was missing I didn’t even remember getting it. I looked at old chapters and never showed it as I did the others…but how could I not have gotten it? Maybe one of the kids checked the mailbox and I closed of the message when clicking though all the love letters I always get…


In the matching room at the other end of the house is Betta’s classy. french room. Mirrors, light blue and grey, flowers, crystals, and jewels decorate the snobs room. Hopefully it’s not too feminine for Jacques.

Her bathroom is just like Karla and Vinny’s but for the accessories and colouring.


The last three rooms (plus two empty bathrooms) just have…stuff in them. Eventually they will be bedrooms and/or something for Jacques.


Last but not least is the attic for the miscellaneous stuff left over from the spares and will have the new style holiday decorations eventually.


13 thoughts on “2.1Fall ~ Début

  1. Now I don’t have UL myself, but a missing certificate probably means one of two things. Either A) the Street Art certificate doesn’t exist because EA forgot, or B) the certificate exists, but isn’t coded properly and as such the message was just nothing and it looks like the Diving one, like the Riding certificate. But since I don’t have UL myself, I can’t confirm. 😐

    Anyway, good luck with Betta and this generation, you sound like you need it.

    • I’m not sure…as I said I COULD have just missed it when I pulled it out of the mailbox. The Cultrics get a ridiculous amount of love letter I need to x off every time I check the mail.

      Thanks for the good luck… 😉

  2. Your house is GORGEOUS! All the effort you put into it really shows 🙂
    And maybe when Jacques is added to the house you’ll have a lot more fun playing.
    I think Betta should get some kind of hobby. Or go out on the town and make some friends 🙂 then it’ll be more fun to play her.
    So far I’m really enjoying it 😀 don’t get so discouraged just yet, I’m sure Betta will grow on you! (and if not then with only 2 kiddos this generation will be pretty speedy!!!)
    Good luck!

    • Thanks. It took me a long time to finish lol
      I don’t want to force behavior…but I guess for now I will just continue to wing it. It might just be short chapters lol

      Thanks for the luck. ❤

  3. Wooee, that house is gorgeous! I love it! You know, Betta is kind of a snot, if you ask me, so she could always get up to mischief. Be unfaithful to Jacques, or just a spoiled little brat. Don’t let her sit around and read all the time, go make her do things 🙂 I like Plumb’s idea of making her head to town and make friends. She could develop a nectar problem… or all kinds of shenanigans that might make her more fun.

      • really? well I’m just going to play it by ear so I guess we will see.

        But PLEASE tell me if it gets boring. I have to count on my friends to be honest with me or risk loosing all my silent followers

    • I’m really bad at doing drama for drama’s sake lol. If that’s what she wants to do, then yes but…really she just wants to sit around.
      Not that I can talk…but I’m not trying entertain people with my life story lol

      but I may give her a nudge in a more interesting direction if it stays boring lol

  4. I didn’t realize that I forgot to change Marsha’s intro from “bla bla traits I need to look up” to her actual traits.
    I find it hilarious that no one pointed it out though lol.

    Anyway, its fixed now.

  5. Gorgeous house, I am so jealous of your decorating. I like the building part, and making different size/shaped rooms, but not so good with making it look pretty. I really like the contrast of Betta vs Karla’s rooms – great way to show the different cultures. Personally, the Italian look is more my thing, but the French chateau is so lavish and sophisticated, I think it suits Betta really well.

    I know what you mean about not wanting to create drama for drama’s sake – this is the sims, you’re going to get drama anyway. All the fires and deaths you had in Karla’s generation… I’m sure Betta will come up with something interesting to entertain us with.

    • Whoops, and I’ve been reading so much Zales that I forgot the Cultrics have multiple page posts. I’m with you about big families with lots of kids, one/two-child families gets boring very quickly.

      I do like Heather’s idea of making Betta a spoiled little brat. Kind of already on the way there with the ginormous house and such, but maybe get her to have some parties? Utilise that beautiful ballroom you made!

      (also, it’s definitely, not defiantly. :))

      • I love big families. ❤

        ah…I am dyslexic so basically I just type then right click my many many red squiggly lines. But I have a hard time reading words when they are isolated so I sometimes have a hard time clicking the right word lol. -//_//-

        Were was that mistake.

    • I have the opposite problem. I’m an ok builder but my time really gets put into the decorating.
      I am also partial to the Italian look over the French one and it actually took a lot of self control to try and keep it as accurate as I could rather than just put what I thought looked best IMO lol

      I guess I was just being worried and paranoid. I need to have more faith in my readers lol

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