2.2 Winter ~ Problèmes

Screenshot-137Last time on the Cultracy we toured the new generation two house, everyone took some time to settle in, Angel and Merlin became mates, Betta started to learn the piano, Angel had three kittens; Lune, Soleil, Étoile, Giuseppe disappeared but we fixed him, then he threw a pool-less pool party,  we found out Claudia was pregnant, we re-painted Elsa’s portrait, everyone did some chores but Betta, Claudia had her baby girl named Marsha, and Tony and Elsa threw a formal party in which nothing happened.

Wow…the summery is rather short without a bunch of kids to keep track of. Anywhoo…

Salut. Ça va? Bien? J’en suis ravi. Commençons.


This is the start of every morning now. I neglected it too long and one of the kittens lost her friendship. The counter on her LTW went down which makes me really nervous that when my cats pass on they won’t count. Which means, since I can’t have 15 cats in the house at once, I’m going to have to make friends with other random cats. But since I can’t interact with the ones that don’t live with me every day how am I going to keep the friendship up? It’s not like I can just call them.

Makes me kind of wish there was a pound or humane society that she could volunteer at or something.


Betta: “Flies 😀 ”

Étoile : “Wine merchant 😀 ”

Soleil: Scratching post…


Karla, how does it feel to have to start all over in the updating department?

Nice actually, I like doing it and I had run out of things to tinker with in the old house.

Well as long as you are having fun.


AH! GEEZE! I take it BACK! As long as you are having fun and NOT BREAKING BOTH YOUR LEGS IN THE PROCESS!

Calm down, its a very advanced mechanical technique.

It is NO SUCH THING! Its a pair of dislocated knees!


Snow falls for the first time on the gen. 2 house that night. I’m glad that it still looks pretty in this setting.


Really early in the morning everyone piles in the van for another family excursion.


Screenshot-7Screenshot-8Screenshot-9This is Darla Cultric. She is Excitable like her mommie and Loves the Outdoors. So I guess it will be up to Alecia to play with her outside…


All the Cultric children have children except Betta now.


And I just realized that if the spares weren’t popping out kids I wouldn’t have anything to write about…


No really, looking back my posts so far this generation are 75% writing about the spare kids.

Screenshot-14But that’s okay with me. The babies are cute and Karla and Vin always look so happy holding them.

I can’t wait to see what they all look like grown up. It’s very exciting.

I’m glad I got story progression, or none of this would be possible.

And I would have very empty chapters.


Merlin joins Betta on the bed for the first time. They both dream of shiny valuables. Emeralds and lobster tails might not seem like they could have anything in common, but they both seem like riches to their dreamers.


11 thoughts on “2.2 Winter ~ Problèmes

  1. Aw, I’m sorry nothing worked out! It goes that way sometimes… I’m terrified you will lose the cat friendships when they pass away. I swear I was reading a legacy where that happened, and you actually have to have fifteen cat friends at one time, which I feel is impossible… but I could TOTALLY be wrong, so don’t you dare listen to me and start to worry! I think the party was lovely, how they all got to watch Betta play on her piano. Once the kids get a little older, you can invite them 🙂 I still loved the post! It can’t always be birthdays and weddings and babies. I enjoy the chapters in the middle where it’s just Sims being Sims. ❤

  2. Well, if I had a wife as lovely as Karla, and she wanted to give loves, I wouldn’t tell her to stop kissing me so I could put down a glass. xD

    I’m sorry your holiday plans didn’t work out. : ( The house looks lovely in the snow, though. Maybe the long distance friend reward, or something like that, might be able to keep kitties friends when they don’t live in the house?

    • That IS true. There is no *stop, wait* when Karla wants some loves.

      I’m hoping the long distance friend will help… I guess we will just have to try and see.

  3. Awwwww more nooboos 🙂 I don’t mind you checking up on the spares. It’s nice to see that they’re living their lives! And Betta seems to be enjoying her time alone in her mansion 😉 sorry to hear about the friendship counter going down :/ that really sucks. I agree with ozziedoggirl, she should get the long distance friend reward to help. 🙂 you can then make friends with the kittens and then send them off to be adopted and then make more kittens.

    Sorry about the lame Snowflake Day party 😦 It’s happened to me too where I “don’t have enough space” for the gift pile (which is absolute baloney IMO). Unfortunately, I can’t give you any advice that doesn’t involve downloading something 😦 hopefully next gift giving party you’ll have better luck 🙂

    Hopefully in the next part Jacques and Betta will be engaged! I can totally see Betta being a complete bridezilla 😉 maybe that will add in some fun to the game. She wants (and deserves) the best and she wants it NOW 😀

    Good update 🙂 can’t wait for more ^_^
    Happy simming!

    • I’m glad people are enjoying the spare checkups. Sometimes its hard to tell…I mean, just beings I want to do it when I play doesn’t mean people want to read about it over and over lol.

      Haha yes. Betta is a *tiny* bit spoiled. (read: majorly spoiled) so…

  4. Loving the blog. Personally I’m rather fond of Betta, and the house is spectacular. As was Karla’s.

    There’s a walk through on Carl’s Sims about the Cat Herder LTW.
    Here it is: http://www.carls-sims-3-guide.com/lifetimewishes/pets/catherder.php
    According to that you should be able to make friends with strays and the cats belonging to other sims. So you could CAS create a few cats to add to all the houses in town and get Betta to walk around town to visit them.

    • Thank you! I am so glad you like it! And I am glad you like Betta too.

      I did read that walk through but it made it hard to tell if kitty deaths counted.
      I am just going to have to make friends with neighborhood kitties but Its going to be weird lol.

  5. That same problem with the gift pile happened to me recently. I thought it was all the rugs in the way, but there how would a rug prevent a gift pile? Not to mention I’ve had a gift giving party in the same house before, and the pile spawned in the library, the tiniest non-bathroom room in the house… Coding is weird sometimes.

    I still love reading the posts, the pictures are so pretty. And you’re giving me ideas about non-birthday things to take pictures of for my own blog.

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