2.3 Spring ~ Célibataire


The last chapter we met a new Cultric, Sep and Ally’s baby Darla, Karla painted the grown kitties portraits, we got an evil gnome in the mail, Collen had her toddler birthday, and we had a fail of a Snowflake Day.


Bonjour! Comment se fait-tout?


Monica Monty…still here the next day and I didn’t notice. Her hair isn’t rendering properly but it looks hilariously like she is disheveled and messy. You know, how you would likely look if you just hung out drinking coffee all night instead of sleeping.


Vin: “Wow. Someone is drinking a lot of coffee and getting it all over the counter.”

Monica: “Mmmm…what’s for brunch.”

I think she thinks she lives her now.




Karla started River’s painting at the party and finishes it today. Now she is back on the wall of family where she belongs.


Hey guys! I think she is finally going home!


Nope. False alarm.

Monica: Man I’m sleepy. Better get another coffee. 

You could go home and sleep. Just a thought.


The day just sort of proceeds in its usual boring manor.


So close yet so far. But you are being entertaining so…continue on I guess?


Mmm Lobster. And this is SUPPER so surely Monica is home now yes?



At this point I figure she’s got to be glitched. I am just about to reset her and she leaves. I was so genuinely shocked I didn’t get a picture lol.


Did you have anything to do with that mess Evil Gnome?

Also you best not be hurtin my rodent collection.



18 thoughts on “2.3 Spring ~ Célibataire

  1. You’re so funny! It was a lovely story, ha ha ha. I loved the hot air balloon proposal! Too cute! I’m glad your glitch houseguest didn’t move in permanently. Her floating in the yard was a little alarming, I must say! Oh silly game, how I love thee. I hope Karla and Vin aren’t getting too old :/

  2. Oh. My. Glob.
    Betta you Party Animal.
    I’ve actually never had my sim have enough friends for them to throw Bachelor or Bachelorette parties. Maybe that’ll change soon ‘-.-
    Anyways, great chapter Zefie! I can’t wait to see Betta’s wedding ❤

    • haha well a magioity of her guests were siblings/siblings in law. It helps to have a big family.

      I know, I can’t wait for you guys to see the wedding either.

      And you guys are commenting really fast this chapter!

  3. I think the shirt you don’t like on River is one of the career outfits, I think one of the low music career outfits.

    That party looked like fun. Can’t wait for the wedding. Hopefully Karla and Vin will make it.

    • I was pretty sure it was a low carrer outfit. But it still bugs me because they never seem to change out of it and also I KNOW she has been promonetd at least a few times!

  4. Haha at Betta drinking out of the chocolate fountain. I made my simself do that as soon as I discovered that was an option, because CHOCOLATE, and the people around her all got negative moodlets from it. : / Apparently drinking straight from a chocolate fondue fountain is ‘uncouth’.

    Oh noes about beautiful, lovely founders being at full age bars. : ( I always feel like the founders are the saddest when they go.

    • Yeah…lol everyone was juiced at the party though so I don’t think anyone cared lol

      I’m sad about my founding pair, and scared too. I actually don’t wan’t to play right now because I don’t want hem to go. T.T

  5. Aww the proposal was so cute and romantic. I can’t wait to see the wedding! (and the future nooboos 😉 )
    And the bachelorette party was so funny! Poor Betta probably got very, very juiced. It’s too bad that Karla and Vinny couldn’t get into the resort 😦 that really sucks. Luckily they didn’t seem to mind.
    I’m sad that their age bars are nearly maxed out. :/ I can’t imagine this legacy without them. Hopefully they’ll live long enough to see the wedding and Betta’s children 🙂

    • I’m glad you liked the proposal! It was fun (if not mildly frustrating to get them to both stay in the darn thing at first).
      The party was fun to play. I was sad about the resort too, because the party was really not Vin and Karla’s things. Luckily everyone was passed out or dancing in the ballroom when they got home so they were able to sneak upstairs pretty easily.

      I can’t imagine it without them either. The wedding, I hope, they can make it for but as for kids…Betta wants to wait for them so I’m not sure that will happen. T.T

  6. Aw, I love that proposal. It’s very appropriate for Betta; expensive, over the top and lavish. And romantic.

    Similarly, the bachelorette party was also very Betta. I liked that she had a wild time – even though she’s a bookworm, we can still have fun on occasion!

    • I’m glad Betta’s personality is developing a flourishing lately. It really helps me decide what is going on easier. She was slower to come than Karla or her siblings so I am glad it’s working out.

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