2.4 Summer ~ le mariage


Last time Monica tried to move in after the Snowflake Day party, Darla (Sep’s daughter) became a toddler, Betta proposed in a hot air balloon, She had a wild bachelorette party, and her parents reflected on their baby growing up.

Hello my freaky darlings!  Let’s start. Ça vous dit?


Summer gets off to a great start around the Cultric house with the founding couple relaxing beside the pond.



We still have a collection of rodents. It’s really gotten to the point where I consider them almost a family pet. I think someone is feeding them. Probably Karla.  I’m going to miss them when we finally move.



Vin has taken to grooving out in the Ballroom all the time. It’s adorable.


Karla meanwhile has been commissioned to paint a street art painting somewhere in town. She starts by dropping off her completed paintings at the consignment store.

And as usual, for whatever reason, Jacques’ parents are there flirting it up. I don’t know why this is their date spot of choice but whatever makes them happy I suppose.


We decide on the art gallery and while we are there we put some of Karla’s sketches up since they can’t sell at the store anyway.



I really think Karla has more than earned her place at the local gallery don’t you?



I was going to have her keep trying until I liked her choice but I liked the first one she did. Bonus!

Why wouldn’t you like my art?

Let’s be honest honey…your street art is sometimes more weird than good.

Yeah…I don’t know why. 


11 thoughts on “2.4 Summer ~ le mariage

  1. OH MY GOSH WHAT’S GOING ON WHY AREN’T THEY HAVING BABIES… Sorry. I like the babies and I can’t wait to see what theirs will look like 😉
    But what is Jacques up to?

  2. Beautiful wedding! Very grand and expensive (just like Betta would like it!) Everyone looked like they had a good time.
    I can see Betta is enjoying her fancy mansion…don’t think the money is going to hold out for much longer, especially when Karla passes away 😦 I wonder if she’ll have to, god forbid, get a job. What about Jacques? Does he have a job in business? His clothes look like the business career outfit.
    Speaking of Jacques, what is he up to? And if he has the proper trait, that’s why he keeps changing into formal wear.
    Fingers crossed for nooboos! I know it won’t happen for a while, but a girl can dream!

    • Yes. Betta’s wedding was very Betta. lol
      I do wonder what she is going to do if/when the money runs out. But, frankly, she doesn’t think that far ahead so I don;t know yet either lol.

      Jauques doesn’t have a job as for my personal extra challenge. He just likes fancy clothes.

      I’ll dream of Nooboo’s along with you.

  3. What a wonderful wedding! It was so beautiful! I love Betta. Ugh, ever since you told me that Karla and Vin are at the end of their life stages, I’m freaking out while I read, terrified that the next shot is their last! Ah! The house looks just gorgeous! I’m super fascinated to see what happens with Betta’s life!

    • You and me both! Playing is a nightmare when you are constantly on edge lol
      Betta’s life is so played by ear that, unlike with Karla who had clear goals so I knew at least generally where it was going, I am in as much of the dark about the future as you guys!

  4. Maybe Luna was born after midnight (or whatever the check time is, 3am I think?), and the others before? That happened to me once, but with human sims. One pregnancy, two different birthdays.

    The wedding was lovely and so over the top, perfect for Betta. I do wonder how long the money is going to last, though. I know your personal challenge is that spouses don’t get jobs, but I can’t imagine Jacques would be one to sit around and do nothing, like Betta. Maybe he could do a skill to bring in some money?

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