2.5 Fall ~ Au Revoir

Screenshot-113ast chapter the Cultrics enjoyed their summer with painting, dancing, and relaxing and Karla was commissioned to do some street art at the museum. While we were there we dropped off some of her other work so she can be immortalized in Monte Vista properly. The kittens grew up though Lune decided to wait a full day to grow up after her siblings, Tony’s toddlers grew to school age so we went over to visit and fix their bedroom to be useable again. Karla planned Betta a beautiful french wedding, but the night before we had our first robbery. But the wedding still turned out wonderfully and Jacques finally joined the family and we officially entered Culture two. The family spent the rest of the time getting used to the new family dynamics, having fun together, and adding to the house. Finally, Jacques was clearly up to something…but what?


Greeting and salutations my faithful friends. It`s been a while as one crazy distraction after another kept drawing my attention away from my game. But I am back and I have a schedule I very much hope I can keep to. Cross your fingers for me.  Meanwhile, let’s get back to the family we’ve been missing, shall we?


We open this chapter with what I thought was a fail at first. I was shocked and disappointed to see a puddle there in the kitchen. ‘Vin!’ I thought to myself ‘ how could you!’

Then I noticed his soaked moodlet. Apparently the poor man had the clean, wet laundry fall on him when he was trying to put it in the dryer. Poor Vinny.



Jacques misses his mom, so when he gets back from the town hall (for that’s where he was) he calls her while waiting for his wife to get up. But as soon as she does he tells his mom he will have to call her back: he has something important to discuss with Betta.



Jacques: “Elizabetta, ma minette, I want you to listen to this idée loufoque. I think it would be great for you.”


Jacques: “I bought you something…something that may even help bring in more money!”


Betta: “Ooooh! What is it love?”

Jacques: “Une surprise. Viens voir.”


Jacques: “Voila! It may look like just an empty plot, but it’s registered as Monte Vista’s first Cat Park!”

Betta: “Oh! Thank you! A cat park and shelter! What a wonderful way to meet more furry friends!”


Meanwhile, at the family’s second lot, most things are being sold to make money to outfit the cat park. The materialistic couple are already starting to live outside their means. Let’s hope the cat park is successful in raking in the dough.


But, blissfully ignorant of the problems they are setting themselves up for, all the arrangements are made to make Betta’s dream cat sanctuary.


And I have to admit…even if it was a little unwise to spend all that money the place looks good.

Inside is just a little area for scratching posts, litter boxes,  and a bathroom for the two legged guests.


Jacques jogs home; he’s been meaning to start some cardio to keep his ‘proper’ weight.


Betta stays behind waiting for new kitties to meet and be friends with.


9 thoughts on “2.5 Fall ~ Au Revoir

  1. OH NOES
    But I’m sorry to hear about your computer and personal things ❤
    Everything will be better soon, I promise ❤

  2. KARLA NO 😦
    From the title, I kind of figured someone was going to die…but I thought it would be Vin, not Karla 😦 and then you put in the blurb of her saying that she wasn’t as young as she used to be and I just knew after that 😦
    So sad…a Founder’s death is always the worst.
    Also, I’m sorry about all the personal things going on in your life 😦 it sounds terrible but I’m glad that you’re doing okay. ((hugs all around))

  3. Oh, this was so sad. I knew it was coming however – and before too long, I’m certain we’ll lose Vinny too. I’ll miss Karla, though, she was a wonderful founder.

    Even through the sadness, I loved this chapter. I feel like Betta is really coming into her own, and it’s definitely her time to shine as heiress. I think you’ve done an awesome job incorporating her spending nature, and I’m excited to watch the bottom fall out, and then her learn and grow because of it. ❤

  4. You are most welcome, my friend 🙂 And I’m glad that it helped make you feel a bit better.

    This was a sad chapter, but they (and you) handled everything so beautifully. The memorial was gorgeous, a great mix of Betta and Karla’s personalities. And I love the graveyard you built – founder’s hill is a great idea!

    • It really did! I can’t wait to use the hair. 😀

      Founders’s hill was an idea from an old legacy which I did not record and did not finish. I liked it so I brought it back. 😉

      It was very sad…and loosing my Karla was terrible. Its so much worse when you write about the legacy because you develop them even more and grow that much more attached.

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