2.6 Winter ~ Aller voir


Last chapter of the Cultracy saw Jacques buying his wife a plot of land to be her very own cat sanctuary, the two spent their money frivolously, Jacques acquired his new (and proper) lifetime wish of having a bottomless nectar cellar, and Montez’s daughter Collen became a school age girl. Our beloved Karla passed into the next world and we all have to deal with it best we can. After the funeral Karla was buried on the newly created ‘founder’s hill’ in the Cultric cemetery.


We start our chapter checking on Vinny. I can’t help but worry about him.

Poor man is notwell, notthat I expect him to be. He spends a long time watching T.V quietly…just feet from his bed. His wife’s bed. I wish could talk to him about it but he is left to deal with it on his own.


Elsewhere in the house more sadness is ensuing, though its nothing on the loss of our founder. With the cat park not drawing in any new furry friends for Betta’s lifetime wish, we are left with but one option; we have to breed our friends. Which means we have to put our current babies up for adoption to make room for more.

Will you still be able to watch over them?

I’ve told you Betta; I watch over my chosen family. That’s all. I can take quick looks around but it is you and your family that my eye rests upon. I’m sorry.


Betta: “I’m sorry baby…I’m sure they went to great homes.”


I don’t know why he was in the hot tub in the snow…but Vin can’t seem to catch a break because the tub decides to break and Vin will probably catch a cold.

Clearly the most eloquent sentence ever written.

Also when hot tubs break the water turns green I guess?


I am going to need another painter for portraits because I don’t want some of the kittens and not others. Its so weird to see the terrible level one style paintings again. It’s been a while.

I let him paint until the picture is almost done then scrap it and start again because the painting career has been done and I can’t sell them. Its just way easier than deleting the object.


13 thoughts on “2.6 Winter ~ Aller voir

  1. Phew – I was worried Vinny would die in this update. I’ll miss the kittens, but your plan makes sense – good luck getting all those furry friends! So fun to see an update – and I promise I’ll play my Sims sometime again soon.

  2. The cat friend one is an LTW I’m glad I’ve never rolled. Good idea on moving on the kittens out once they’ve grown so you can breed the friends in. You could also CAS create a few cat families and add them to existing households in the hood, and that would give a bit more variety, plus they could breed on their own.
    It’s good to see the Cultric’s back again.

    • Thanks Pink! It’s good to be back.

      Yes, the cat herder thing is one I have not done before and don’t see myself doing again. I mean…I guess it’s nice to try something different and I love a challenge but this one seems to be more a pain in the butt sometimes.

      I haven’t made any families for the town but it may come down to that. I was really hoping my cat park would work better. But what can you do.

  3. Glad to see you’re back! 🙂

    The kitties are so cute. ❤ it's too bad that your cat park didn't work as well as you had hoped but what can you do? it'll be sad to see the cats go to new homes though 😦

    Loved Betta's party dress! Gorgeous and perfectly expensive looking 😉

    I feel so bad for poor Vinny :/ he looks so lost without Karla. 😦

    • Glad to be back plum!

      I love the kitties, giving them up is so hard. I think it will just keep getting harder too as I have to do it again and again.
      Betta sure loves her expensive clothes.
      And I know…I feel so sad for Vin all the time. He breaks my heart.

  4. I love Jacques’ mask too, so pretty. And I really like how you decorated the house, very elegant and very Betta.

    I have heard about the aging being different in non-active houses, that’s what people use mods (Awesomemod and StoryProgression fix it), but I understand that you don’t want to use them.

    Here’s hoping Betta’s grief over her mother and the cats will allow Jacques to give her something else…;)

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