2.7 Spring/France ~ Découvertes


Last time we updated about poor Vincenzo on his own after the passing of his wife, us giving the kitties up for adoption to make room for more LTW friends, Jacques taking over the legacy portraits responsibility, Marsha and Darla became children, Angel and Merlin had 3 more kittens with a gem theme for names, Sep had a new baby named Alejandra and Monty had a new baby named Rafael, And we had another Snowflake Day ball which Betta did not help prepare for.

Bienvenue my friends and welcome to another chapter of the Cultrics legacy!


So it’s barely Spring but Betta wasted no time in relaxing in her hot tub. I missed it but that is why she is in her bathing suit. But there are a few things around the house that needs cleaning so I pull her out to deal with it.

You want ME to deal with it?

Elizabetta Cultric your father is still sad and its not fair to make him do it any more! He is old and he misses his wife and he should be able to relax and spend time with his grandkids without having to clean up after his grown daughter!

Okay okay fine. Sheesh.



This…isn’t exactly what I meant you know.

What now?! I dealt with it! And honestly I don’t know why we didn’t have a maid before now.

You remember that you aren’t currently bringing in any money right?

It’s fine. We’re rich!


Our new friend here gets off to a bit of a rough start though. There is a dishwasher and a sink in the kitchen plus a vacant bathroom with a sink downstairs but no, the one where someone is currently bathing is best.


Then he puts the plate in the mostly empty computer room and just sort of…contemplates it for a while. All though he isn’t even looking at it’s more like he is think about what he saw.

Don’t think too hard buddy.  That’s my heir’s husband!


He does eventually get back to work though and Betta continues to enjoy a lifestyle that is quickly becoming outside her means.


Vinny, once very aware of the predicament, is becoming more and more out of touch with it. He is very old at this point and spends most of his time with his grandchildren who he loves so much.


And frankly, that’s okay. The money problem is going to come to a head soon but it doesn’t have to effect him. If he wants to spend the rest of his days cuddling his family in ignorant bliss, well I’d say he’s long since earned it!


Speaking of new grandchildren…new grandchildren! Yay! Claudia and Graham had another baby girl and Vin is happy as always to welcome them in.


 The newest baby bundle is Jesse Cultric who is a little Grumpy but a natural Virtuoso as well!


Of course Nono loves all his grandkids, not just the babies.


12 thoughts on “2.7 Spring/France ~ Découvertes

  1. HA! A juiced night in Champs les Sims is all it takes Betta 😉
    CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NOOBOO. Although, I get the feeling that Vinny is more likely to take care of it than Betta *sigh* but that is okay. ❤
    I sure hope she realizes the money situation soon though. Living in denial won't get you anywhere and I'm sure she wants to avoid a visit from the repoman. Jacques can't really sell his nectar either…. :/ I'm worried about them.
    Loving the updates on the other kids. Wow they sure grew up fast!

    • Yup! The truth is I’ve had them try for a baby twice before in situations that they might not be that careful but this is the first that took. They were going to actively try once they hit adults but there could have been a surprise baby as far back as their wedding night! Its funny to think how different that would have made the story.
      Jacques can sell his nectar; I decided a while ago to limit it to one person per generation can have a skill job rather than it being only the heir. The problem is making it takes a LOT of work and the early bottles sell for very little.

  2. First, that creepy dude is creepy for sure! And it sucks he only cares for his leaf-head son. Hopefully the neglected boy has a much happier life. AND that picture you have of the two brothers walking away while the snow melts is REALLY good! I adored it.

    I love Jacques and Betta – and I’m so happy there’s a baby on the way! You know, that’s the same bedroom that Daisy and Gustave conceived Evan Zale in… that quaint bedroom in the nectary… too funny!

    I’m so worried for Vin – he’s gotta be so old! I hope he gets to meet Betta’s Baby before he passes. Always so great to see an update from you! I wish I could have the Zales give you all of their nectar. Daisy bought a ton of the stuff when she was in France, and it’s just been aging and aging in the basement for generations. Each bottle is worth a small fortune…

    I love how you let the TFB a couple times… I can only imagine how different the story would’ve been if they’d gotten pregnant on the wedding night! What fun what fun indeed!

    • I wish creepy people would just stay out of my town!
      They turned out to be a good couple. And fun to play even with Betta’s personality being so far from what I usually do.
      I’m worried for Vin too. 😦 we will just have to hope.
      haha Betta would love it if you could do that!
      haha shared conception bed!
      (ewww I hope they clean those sheets often >.< )
      yeah…I was hoping at the time a surprise would come early. SHE might not have wanted babies right away but I sure did. It worked out in the end though I think.

  3. So excited about the baby.
    It’s great to be reading about them again. Hopefully having a baby won’t limit Betta’s cat time too much but then Vinny will probably be very involved won’t he?
    This will help with the best recipes to use to use for money, -http://www.carls-sims-3-guide.com/skills/worldadventures/nectarmaking/recipes.php

    • Thank you! teh biggest problem is that most involve life fruit and I don’t want those around now that I’ve given them free will. But it’s still a great reference list though.
      I’m excited for the baby too! Vinny will probably have a hard time putting the baby down lol

    Vinny will be so happy, and Karla would be super happy.
    But poor bank account, haha. I hope they start paying attention to the $$ soon ❤

  5. This whole money-dwindling thing is a very interesting issue, and you’re doing a good job with it. I must try out a challenge without rabbit hole careers, would make the money thing so much more challenging.

    Nectar making does take a long time, but (assuming they can afford it), a couple of trips to France and exploring tombs could net you a number of high value bottles. I’m not sure whether they’d count as part of his nectar cellar, but it’s worth a look. My WA test sim filled two racks from exploring alone, and they’re probably worth about $10k on their own. And hey, skilling in France costs no time in the real world 😉

    • It would probably count towards his LTW but not towards his skill career in that I wouldn’t allow him to sell it. He has to use his own skill to level up.
      I’m having fun with it. 😉

  6. Noooooo! Creepy guy is creepy! And his kid is a VAMPIRE! Ewww! O.O

    However…. Yay new baby! ^.^

    Hopefully Jaq and Betta don’t run out of money, I’d hate to see what would happen to Vinny 😦

    • He is creepy.
      And yes YAY new baby!
      It would be best for Vinny if he can just live without worrying about if. Hopefully they don’t make it such a problem that he can’t ignore it anymore. :/

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