Not enough space


You are currently using 1.7 GB out of 3.0 GB upload limit (56%)



So…only partway through the second generation? That’s going to be a problem.


There are some things I am going to have to do. For example, my trait pages have all the trait images uploaded separately. Now that we know there are no more traits coming though I can make each of those charts just a single image then delete all the trait images.

I am working on making profile cards for the family members instead of 6 separate pictures each.

I got rid of the old Sawyer chapters that sucked anyway and all those images.

But this is not going to be enough. I just use too many pictures in my chapters.

What should I do? Get a new blog once this one fills? Just start not using pictures that are redundant or don’t matter instead of every image I take? (>.>) Will that be enough? Should I go back and thin out my old chapters? I really used a lot of pictures…

I mean…shorter chapters would mean I could actually get it written in one sitting so I’d have less trouble getting them out…so although it will be hard I don’t really have too much problem being more image picky. It might be weird though for the chapter to suddenly get short(er). I could set myself an image limit per chapter…

I could really use your help on this guys.


15 thoughts on “Not enough space

  1. Hey, I had this same problem. So I just went ahead and paid $20.00 A YEAR to add to my storage. So right now I’m at this for the Zales: 
    13,312 MB Space Allowed
    4,623.46 MB (35%) Space Used
    And half finished! So I should be able to complete the Zales with the allotted space. I’m not sure how you feel about spending money on the blog – but I personally think it was well worth it.

    Regarding your options and alternatives, I’d definitely work on tidying up trait cards, and individual trait images, but I absolutely would NOT go through back chapters and thin out your pictures! I also wouldn’t want you to start posting fewer pictures. I love the way you run this blog, and I’d hate to see it have fewer pictures. It’s all those lovely pictures that keep us (me at least!) invested in every single character, even more than some of my own Sims!

    I do think the option of starting a second blog is also reasonable. I was thinking about doing that myself, but in the end, I knew I really wanted everything all together in one place. And for only $1.66 a month, I can make that happen. Also, just a second blog wouldn’t be enough. You’re over half full in two generations. That means you’d probably reach around gen 8 and have filled up a second blog too… so by the end you’d have three separate blogs to tell your story, which is worth considering.

    Another thing you can do is use a photo hosting site, like Flickr or Photobucket, and then imbed the images in to your posts from there. That method links to the pictures from the other sites, and doesn’t use wordpress storage. But the hosting sites have upload restrictions as well, so it’s only a matter of time, really, before you’d need to revisit the issue again. Or, you can pay – I have a Flickr PRO account, since I have a million pictures of my dogs there, and that’s the only place they’re saved… but again, it’s just a reasonable yearly sum.

    No matter what you choose to do, I’ll follow you – and I bet lots of other readers will too! ❤ ❤

    • Thanks Heather. Honestly, the idea of multiple blogs for my story is terrible for me too. I thought about upgrading but I guess in my head it seemed like its something you only do for… professional blogs? does that make sense? Or at least blogs with followers in the tree digits lol
      I don’t really want to use less pictures either.
      So the upgrade might be the best choice…
      Thanks Heather! I’ll think on that option!

      • Yeah – I can see your point on the whole “professional” blogs thing – but you know what? I get a great deal of pleasure out of my blogs (and other people’s too!) so I really have no problem parting with money for something I really enjoy. Especially something as reasonable as $1.66 a month! Even if I only have a few followers 🙂

  2. You can upload your images to a site like photobucket and instead of importing them into your media center you can import image links and they should show up.
    I’m coming up on my picture limit as well. They really don’t give you a whole lot of space on this website :/

    • thanks for your input plum! I will look into a hosting site
      I actualy feel like they do give plenty of space for free all things considered…you are not really to be posting a picture book on here like we are lol I’m sure for most blogs it is plenty

  3. I found that resizing my images helps reduce the size a lot; regardless of what size screen you play with, it’s highly unlikely you’re posting the images at full size. My pictures come out at 1280 x 1080, and I resize to be 1000 across – and it reduces the file size by about 40%, though the actual image size isn’t that much smaller. Helps a lot! Each of my 100-picture chapters now takes up about 55mb, where before it was almost 100mb. Not that you should go back and reduce the size of all the pictures in previous chapters, just something to think about for future ones – I use Google Picasa for my image editing, it’s awesome and free.

    Though that may still not be enough; depending on your finances, I’d look into the paid blog, as Heather suggested. Image share sites have bandwith limits, and it can be annoying if you go over it and all your images disappear until the month resets.

      • I didn’t know it would change so much either – first used it when I wanted to make a picture smaller to post on boolprop, which doesn’t have the sizing capabilities of WP. But it’s saved me tons of space; my WYDC has over 3000 pictures, and only takes up 49% of my 2gb allowance.

  4. I have free account on photobucket and that lets me use 2gb of storage and 10mb bandwidth, which is fine for me, although that probably won’t last you long.
    Please don’t go back and thin out the previous chapters. I think that would be a real shame because. they are great the way they are.
    If you do a google search lots of free image hosting sites come up. Some are view restricted like imgur and pics have to be viewed every 6 months or they are lost. Image shack I found complicated but apparently you can upload unlimited pics but bandwidth is 10gb a month. Apparently that = 1000 views of 1mb pictures, so it would depend on your pic size. I think standard in game photos tend to be under 0.5mb so you could be looking at 2000 views a month across your images. And if you’re worried you could just have multiple image site accounts.

    • Thanks pink. Don’t worry…I didn’t want to have to go back and thin out old chapters anyway . I’m a little thankful that people don’t think that’s a good idea lol

  5. I strongly suggest resizing your pics. My monitor is 1980×1020. I resize down to 750×4– whatever. I think my pics end up being about 100-175kb after editing. The Tart’s are in Generation 7 and I regularly post 100+ pics a chapter. I am at 951.04mb or 3.0gb.

    It never even occurred to me to pay for the blog, but it is also a feasible option.

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