Liebster award!


The award is to help bloggers with under 3,000 followers to promote it so others can find the work.

The Official Rules: 

1. Post the award on your blog.

2. Thank the blogger who presented the award and link back to their blog.

3. Nominate 5-11 bloggers whom you feel deserve this award and have fewer than or equal to 3,000 followers.

4. Answer 11 questions posted by the nominator, and ask your nominees 11 questions

I can’t believe it! I was nominated by my friend Sam/somebodysangel author of the Rourke Epic Legacy – a boolprop challenge, the competed Maloney WYDC, and The Young Forever Backwards ISBI a challenge of my own creation! What a busy woman!

It was a pretty awesome surprise to say the least and I am extremely grateful to her and the people who listed me in their honorable mentions including Heather – Zale Alphabetcy,  And plumbawesim – Kultura family culturacy

I am a little late to the Liebster Party so most of the people I follow have been nominated already. Its pretty fantastic how close we are as a community, As soon as one simmer got it, it spread like wild fire! What a great way to try out new legacies that you could be missing out on! I can wait to read some that those I follow nominated.

That said, it seems all of the active blogs I follow have been nominated! Wow! So I am simply going to have to draw attention to the friends I already mentioned, Sam, Heather, and Plum, as well as sErin of the fantastic Danivbie legacy, and frozenorangejuice and MichelleLynn both also writing hilarious Backwards ISBIs.

Since I think filling out question-airs is fun I’m going to do my nominators and honorable mentions >.<

Questions from Sam:

1. Would you rather have a face clone heir or a Face One heir?

Truthfully neither bother me much. I always find that I can make sims look unique with hair and clothes styles and much of the time I don’t even notice if I get a clone or a face one. Between the two I suppose a clone because at least they still look like family.

2. If you could change one aspect of TS3, what would it be?

While there are always a few things I don’t love about every pack (like auto scolding Dang it!) over all the major thing I would want different is the story progression. Its the only thing in the game that bothered me so much I broke down and got a mod for it, so that should tell you something right there.

3. What is your favourite expansion pack? Why? (cliched, but a classic)

This one is a little tough. Generations is the least flashy but I think it added the most stuff that I use seamlessly in my game. That said my all time favorite is Seasons in both 2 and 3 and it was the one I got most worked up for pre release and I think I would be saddest to lose it because working around the weather brings a little challenge that I just love.

4. Who is your favourite spare in your challenge/legacy?

Another toughie and while Montez came a close second Giuseppe had me wrapped around his little blond finger from the get go and I can’t even tell you why. He is just the most loveble thing my sims have ever produced. However ALL the siblings this legacy had me head over heels. I guess there is just something about the recording process that bonds you like crazy. I had never been so sad to move out my babies.

5. Who was the very first sim you created in CAS? Were they based on anyone?

Oh man…that was years and years ago! It was a mom and dad and it was on my friends sims 1 game that she was showing me. I wanted to make boy too but my friend told me he technically wouldn’t be their son so I should just make them have a baby in game. I don’t THINK they were based off anyone but I don’t recall much except the dad being to depressed to play chess because he was so bored but I didn’t get it because my little nerdy self thought ‘that’s why I’m trying to make you play!’ and my friend had to explain that since it was tied to a skill he considered it basically a chore. I also remember ‘mom’ having a bladder fail at the mall and having to order a pizza because she was too depressed to cook. Boy! I sucked at the game haha >.<

6. If you could create a new TS3 EP, what would it be?

Hmm! Tough one! Suddenly I know why its easier to just use ideas from the old sims because all I can think is a hobbies style one! >.< But really, perhaps a ‘prep-school’ one… basically that makes a non rabbithole nursery, elementary, and highschool, with class room activities, school projects, science fairs, uniforms… and if its too much to keep up with just opt to enroll back in ‘public’ school (rabbithole)! Actually that sounds awesome now that I write it out. I wish I could work for the sims lol

I also want a stuff pack that is ‘hobby stuff’ filed mostly with clutter and decorations based on traits. Music stands and sheets, a fishing pole and tackle box, tools, seed packets, film rolls, map and compass, model cars…I think you get the idea.

7. If you could only eat one food/meal for the rest of your life (assuming it could sustain you), what would it be?

Probably spaghetti. I mean, my favorite food is actually steak but spaghetti is easier to eat repeatedly. In fact I’m pretty guilty of it already lol. Plus its easy to mix it up by adding different things to the sauce.

8. What was your favourite childhood movie?

Lets see…Beauty and the Beast and Free Willy. Thats the two from the youngest. Actually they were my favorite toddlerhood movies really. Childhood I think was..oh! I was obsessed with Titanic and the movie version of the musical CATS lol. But movies were/are a big thing in my house since we didn’t/don’t have cable (or satellite, netflicks, whatever). We watch a TON of movies as a family so its really hard to narrow down. We actually kind of have a ridiculous movie collection lol.

9. Did you play video games as a child, or only started when an adult?

My mom is a gamer and she started training me young. I think my first game was sonic and I was very little. Its another thing we do as a family. I loved as a child hearing other kids talk about how they couldn’t make their parents understand the hobby and they were always being limited game time. At my house the only thing that limited game time was that mom wanted a turn.

To this day she out shoots me in splinter cell.

10. What animal would you most want as a pet? (fantasy/extinct animals allowed!)

Exotic animals, I would love a tiger or a wolf. I love big cats and dogs.

A dragon from fantasy. Or a hippogriff.

In real life I’ve always wanted a snake or a hedgehog. The hedgehog I may end up getting but the downside to snakes is I’ve owned many rodents (mice, hamsters, rats..) and I couldn’t stand feeding my pet something I’ve had as a pet. So that will probably never happen. 😦

11. Do you believe in true love? Is there only one out there for everybody?

I think love is something different for everyone, even with the same person from one partner to the next. It can happen any time, anywhere, with no rhyme or reason, and can happen once or a hundred times.

Questions from Plum:

1. When did you start playing the sims and why did you start playing?

I started playing in about…oh grade 3 maybe? Its hard to recall actually. I went to a friends house who had a PC but I had a console…I guess it would have been my Sega at the time.  I had never heard of sims and she convinced me to try it. As I said…It didn’t really go well lol but I was hooked. Since we didn’t have a PC though it was a long time before I played it again, which is when I saw the sims for PlayStation in the bargain bin a few years later. I liked it but I didn’t love it like my sisters (who had never tried the PC version) because I felt disappointed because I had remembered it being so much better. It was a few more years again still when I got a special edition of sims 2 for PC for Christmas. THAT was just incredible! The rest is history lol

2. What was the last movie you saw? Did you like it?

New movie or repeat movie? The last time I saw a movie I hadn’t seen…two nights ago me and my mom tried the fist episode of the second season of american horror story because we saw it for cheep and we had heard good things. I don’t know if it picks up but that first episode was just awful. I honestly don’t know how it has an 8.5

Tonight we watch pirates of the carrabian with supper (we always watch a movie with supper). I love that one, I’ve seen it lots lol/

3. What was the best present you have ever received?

I’m torn between two.

One would be when my boyfriend (at the time)’s parents bought me a ticket to go see CATS with them. As I already said, I had been obsessed with that musical since I was a child but I had never seen a live production. That was really special.

The other… its a long story but basically my family used to be poor. We do well now but things were more than tight once. I also used to help my mom wrap the gifts for Christmas since she was a single mom and I usually knew what I was getting. I honestly didn’t mind. I usually got at least one good book and we always got a new movie as a family. The only thing was videogames were so expensive it was hard to get new games. I just played the ones I had a lot. This Christmas had been particularly rough and I knew things were even tighter than usual and I, again, knew what was getting and it wasn’t much. I was so VERY surprised when there was a gift I didn’t recognize the next day. AND it was a video game! AND not one years out of date! It turned out mom saved up to get me Kingdom Hearts as a thank you for helping during the particularly rough patch. It was a wonderful surprise, I think the most surprised I had ever been on Christmas.

4. What EP are you most looking forward to in TS4 (if you have it)?

I don’t have it yet and I look forward to the EP that brings toddlers so I CAN get it 😉

My sisters have it so I have tried it and I actually really love what they have done to it. I can’t wait to add it to my sims history.

5. How long do you typically stay in CAS?

Too long lol. It depends if I know what I want before I go in there but usually at least a couple hours. And then when I am all finished I stare at the dreaded name spot for another fifteen minutes.

Lol naming my characters takes me forever in all games I play.

6. What is your favorite TV show?

I don’t have T.V but I am currently watching Game of Thrones with my boyfriend and I actually rather enjoy it. But I only just started so no spoilers! 😉

7. Do you make and play sims of people you know in real life?

Sometimes but not very often. I usually create new people but I also like to re-create characters I’ve made in my Roleplay or game characters etc. But not often real people.

8. Who is your favorite sim that you’ve ever created or played?

Karla is the sims that I grew the most attached to. Its funny because she is so simple but she is very special to me. I’m not sure if she will be topped but I have many generations to go so it might happen!

9. What’s your favorite song at the moment?

Cry little Sister by Gerard McMann is my all time favorite but my right now favorite is probably… Beneath the Mire by Opeth.

10. Do you play the sims in town that are given to you or do you only play with your own?

The Broke family (sims 2) are my favorite because I love the ‘broke’ challenge. I have played a few other families but I typically play my own.

11. Why did you start blogging?

When I was playing it just felt like my sims had a story to tell. Then I found the sims blogs and I knew I had to do it too. I love to play and I love to write. And I love the bond it creates for me and my sim. Now, even when I am playing just for fun I feel sad I have no one to share it with lol.

Questions From Heather:

1. Did you every play TS1?  How about any of it’s expansions?

Sims 1 was the one I tried at my friends house and I know she at least had town life (is that what it was called?) because I went to a mall but I don’t know what else she had. My own collection started with 2.

2. Do you like to have the last word?

A little. >.< For some reason if I don’t say the last goodbye when leaving I worry I missed something. Other than that not really.

3. What’s your favorite pizza topping?

I actually don’t overly love pizza but extra cheese and some sort of meat.

4. What is something you want to accomplish in the next 5 years?

I really want to start a YouTube channel. It’s kind of silly but if I can make even a little money doing that it would be fantastic because I am agoraphobic and I hate to leave the house.

5. What’s the last book you read?

I think it was series of unfortunate events 11. >.< I just reread it for fun lol

6. S’mores – necessary camping treat, or gross?

I actually don’t have much of a sweet tooth at all. I don’t even really like chocolait. So I’ve never had s’mores. I do love roasting marshmallows though I can usually only eat two before I’ve just had enough. Which sucks because the act is fun. I roast hotdogs but its not the same as seeing how golden I can make my ‘mallows.

7. Do you have TS4?  TS3?  TS2?  Name something you like about each one you have.

I have 2 and 3 and my sisters have 4.

Sims 2 had really extensive expansions and I likes the pre-made families and their stories. That said, once I went to 3 I barely went back for a little while until 3 got more expansions then I never went back again.

3 fixed the thing I hated about 2 (which was the reason I couldn’t go back even with only 1 or 2 expansions to my full stock from 2) which was the personality system. 3 did a lot of things I liked but it was the traits that I thought were the most fantastic and helped me create sims that actually felt different from one another.

4 has a lot of things I like, I think one of the major things being the revamped socializing. I really feel the conversations they have and they way they interact with others and objects seems a lot more natural. in 3 I did a lot of activities with my sims but I was guilty of having very few friends because the conversions felt like a chore and really separate from the rest. Like it was a battle in a JRPG and they just wooshed off to a different place to do their chat then returned when it was done. I can’t wait to play the game regularly.

8. Can you speak Simlish?

I can’t speak it but I find I can weirdly understand it. If I hear my sims babbling on when my camera isn’t on them I usually know what the problem is or what they are saying. Its kinda odd actually lol

9. How many Sims have you intentionally killed, and why?

I remember doing it a couple times in the sims console version because I got so bored so fast. I remember doing a challenge where I just played kids but It wouldn’t let you make an all child family BUT it didn’t do anything if the adult with them died. 😉

I know I’ve done it a few times in 2 but not much and honestly I can’t remember doing so with 3. Defiantly not since blogging. I think that just made me too attached ones I was giving them stories, even the ones I wasn’t blogging lol.

10. I was asked this question, and I liked it – Who’s your favorite legacy spare?  How about Heir?

I was already asked this 😉 And I’ve only had one heir so far. Someday this will be harder though! lol

11. Do other people in your lives know you play and blog?  Do they care?

My mom, step-dad, both sisters, and best friend all read my blog and tell me they really like it. In fact their support means a lot to me.


2 thoughts on “Liebster award!

  1. Wow, congrats on the award; you certainly earned it. I have enjoyed following your story and I’m sure that once others start to find out about you it will become very popular.
    As much as I have really enjoyed all of your characters, I have to agree with you that Karla is your best sim. I think of her as innocent rather than simple though. She’s sweet as sweet can be and really loves her family. The fact that she put up with her husband’s mid-life issue (I couldn’t believe how mad I got at him) and still doted on him said a lot for her character. I cried real tears when she died and missed her in the story line. Vinny, of course, had it worse but I felt his struggle.
    Keep up the blogging, you are pro!

    • Thank you Evie!
      By simple, I don’t mean her intelligence I simply mean I didn’t go crazy with making some complicated character. She is a simple character idea and yet I love. Ah Vinny’s mid life crisis. That was a mess and yet…I feel like it made me appreciate their love even more. I miss her too. ❤

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