2.8 Summer ~ Petit Fifille


 In the last chapter Elizabetta hired a maid instead of actually helping around the house, Claudia and Graham had a new baby named Jesse, we updated the cat park, there was a jerk at the park being mean to his kid, Jacques and Elizabetta went to France so he could get started on his LTW , they had a little too much fun tasting the nectar, Betta refused to sell most of the loot from there so they didn’t get any money out of it, and she found out that juiced Woohoo can have baby bump side effects.

Hello hello hello! Zefiewings here and I have excuses but I’d rather just get right into it like I haven’t been MIA forever.


This summer is off to a great start with everyone just enjoying themselves. And frankly I love this picture, I don’t even really know why.


Vin is spending his time outside too. I almost can’t believe this guy is still around I’ll be honest. Karla passed last fall and two seasons is a LONG time to wait after seeing as both their bars were full before Betta even got married. I am supposed to able to set a maximum age with SP but I can’t seem to make it work. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that Vinny here but it is getting to the point of ridiculous. Can you imagine how old he would be in human years? I’m kind of afraid to calculate it to be honest.



So much for relaxing in the sun then huh?


Relax, your dad is on the way and 5 kids later he is a pro.


Or…er…um. Ok well your husband has a level headed. Maybe he will be more…


…uh…yup. Ok, just start heading towards the van. They are usually okay once they are in action.


There. See? Just needed a task to focus his mind on.

So what do you hope for? Boy or girl?

I’m not ready for kids. 

Oh, well you have a whole hour to come to grips with it, so go ahead and take your time! :eyeroll:


Jacques: “Psh. A real man doesn’t freak out like that!”

uh huh…

So Betta’s baby is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..


16 thoughts on “2.8 Summer ~ Petit Fifille

  1. Wow. That’s quite an update. NOOBOO.
    And Vinny… I hope he’s still alive forever. He’s such a great sim…
    You have some odd glitches Zefie.

    • yeah I don’t knows up with the glitches. As I said, it could be either story progression or the fact that I am actually in this town for a long time so its building up a big save file.
      I’m pretty excited for the new baby too! ❤
      Oh Vinny. I want to say I hope he lives forever too but its actually starting to stress me out lol.

  2. If memory serves, the SP option you’re looking for is Nrass > Story Progression > Town Options > Death: Maximum Number of Elder Days. It should let you set the set what the number of days past the standard age that a sim can live up to until the game forces them to finally die. I don’t recommend setting it until after Vinny dies on his own, for obvious reasons.

    Also, I didn’t know that the Monte Vista hospital had a psych ward that patients could escape from. Someone should look into improving the security. 😛 Randomly generated homeless sims can be funny at times.

    • I checked there again. Nothing. I know its supposed to be there but I can’t kind it! The only Death option is Death:aging true and its just a toggle true/false, I can’t set any number or anything. I’ve check the other sections too. I know its supposed to be in the base SP. I guess I am just going to have to make an account on NRASS and ask there…

      Yeah that was possibly the most hilarious thing I’ve seen. >.< I wrote down her name but I lost it in all my moving shuffle. I hope I see her again so I can get it.

      • I checked the site and it looks like that you need to install the Population module in order to have the option, granted I don’t know if you have any of the modules installed already or not. If it’s not that maybe you need to turn on advanced options under General.

  3. I know you don’t like mods much, but you should definitely get Error Trap and/or Overwatch – I think Overwatch is the one that fixes the cars, while Error Trap will stop script (or other) errors messing with your game. Though neither seem to help with ant sims – I’m having them in my game quite a bit also, I think it’s an issue with outfits.

    Hoping that Betta and Jaques get a reality check in the next chapter, their spending is ridiculous. Even if the nursery is adorable, heart theme is very cute. Can’t wait to see what Conny looks like!

    • Awww I just knew once I got one I would start looking into other mods >.< oh well lol. I will check them out.

      Yes, its still in the air if they are going to skate by and not learn anything out of luck or if things are going to crash down around them. And I am not sure which I am hoping for lol.

  4. Yay. Zefie is back. The story must go on, so the LOLs can continue! But it might be short lived if Betta doesn’t smarten up. Also Vinny is just immortal from all that perfect cooking. (It’s the secret spice in the pasta for sure)

  5. Okay, sorry, but I have to say this cuz it’s super bugging me right now.
    ‘Vous’, when adressing to only one person, is actually really formal and it’s commonly used when you talk to your boss, or a principal, teacher,people with authority in general. (otherwise ‘vous’ is said when talking to more people)
    So when Jacques says ‘vous’ to his daughter or wife, it sounds as if he is adding ‘ma’am’ at the end of the sentence.
    In this case, it is more appropriate (and normal) to say ‘te’, ‘tu’, ‘toi’ etc
    So the sentence would be
    Je te tiendrai toujours ma fifille
    Again, sorry, but it’s like one of those things that just bug you ^_^
    On a brighter note, I really enjoy the story, and I can really relate to Betta cause I don’t do anything around the house either XD
    Man, I wonder how Constace is going to turn out, and if you allow me to suggest some names for the next (and possibly last) nooboo?
    For a boy you could go for something really french like Alain or Claude, or if you would like more english names, Christopher or Christian are pretty common too. (also, I just remembered this comic book character, his name is Potetoz, but I should mention that he is a talking dog so…)
    For a girl, a French name that I really like is Magalie, or Anna , or Marie (the last two being similar to my real name/middle name ;P)
    Also, Lily (or Lyli, if you had my 8th grade French textbook) is really pretty.
    I hope I helped ya, and if you need any help with translation and such, I’ve been speaking French since I was 10, so you can come to me if you have any questions ^^

    • Thanks Analeep! I really appreciate all the help and while I do know more french than anything besides English, I haven’t studied it in a great many years so I know I will make mistakes.
      Because Jacques is ‘proper’, I was using the formal on purpose but in retrospect perhaps even he wouldn’t call the new baby ma’am . >.< I think I shall fix it as you suggest.
      Again, thanks for pointing it out and please do let me know of anything else I mess up. The whole point is to learn. ❤
      I do like those name, I will have to consider them. You are right that they will probably only want one more, but you never know what life will throw at you. 😉

  6. You can use mastercontroller to rid sims of their occult status. It’s under intermediate-occult remove. If you do it from city hall you can remove the occult from all the sims with any status in one go.
    I bet Constance will be pretty when she grows up.

  7. Awwww baby girl! I can’t wait to see what she’s like as a child!
    But now I’m worried about their financial situation :/ I get the feeling that they’re going to be receiving several visits from the repoman 😦
    The cat park is looking super cute!
    And I’m so glad that Vinny is still alive! He got to see Constance being born so now if he dies I won’t be as sad when he does finally go 🙂

    • Little Conny! Its so exciting inst it?
      The financial situation is worrying. I have no idea how its going to work out. its possible it might be anti-climactic because its not a planned story and well….sims is just not that hard to avoid the problems lol >.< at this point I don't know if I want something to happen for the sake of the story or nothing bad to happen for the sake of my precious sims!
      That cat park is coming along.
      Its odd for Vin to be living so long, but at least he got to see his last baby have kids. ❤

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