2.9 Fall ~ Neuf Bijou


Last chapter the Cultric family was enjoying the summer weather when Betta suddenly needed to stop and give birth to her baby girl, Constance Cultric, who was born Excitable and Absent Minded, Betta decided that was the perfect excuse for a super shopping spree, everyone was super excited for the new baby, Claudia’s baby Jesse became a toddler so we got to see her genetics at work, we had a few antsim glitches, but so far we have identified them all and have been able to fix them, Jacques spent the rest of the money on a green house but at least he is finally working on his skill job to bring in money, but his Nectar skill is not high enough to make up for all the money spent yet, he registered as self employed, Saphire aged up into an adult kitty before her siblings, we barely managed pay the bill so the repo-man didn’t pay the family a visit, then Betta spent more money she didn’t really have to spare on updating her cat park.

Coucou my friends! Welcome back to the cultracy. I’m about 1 thousand years behind schedule. I don’t know why I can’t stop moving. and every time I sit down to do this I feel behind and discouraged. I mean… heck I dont even know if my old followers are still around! But I know of a couple that I think still are, my online simmer friends. So at the risk of sounding needy…I’m really depending on you guys. I hope things are going well for you and I hope things are well for our Betta. But there is one way to find out….on with the show!

Screenshot (1000x625)

Look at the pretty green balloons and ribbons! Whatever could it mean?

Screenshot-2 (1000x625)

Decorated dinning room all ready to go. I wonder who it could be for?

No I don’t. I did it. I know who its for. Silly!


Screenshot-3 (1000x625)

Betta: “I am going to go up in the world by throwing an awesome party!”

Betts, this isn’t about you.

Screenshot-5 (1000x625)

Jacques: “Everything is set up just perfect! Everything is perfect for ma petit fifille.”

I can’t decide if Jacques is focused on the right thing here or if he is just focused on the art critic inside him.

Screenshot-4 (1000x625)

Jacques: “Excited ma minette?”

Betta: “Oui my love.”

Screenshot-6 (1000x625)

We invited as much of the family as possible but family has gotten so big now!

I am considering getting the bigger party mod…only because I feel this game is all about the family, which is why I got the progression mod, and it wouldn’t necessarily be a terrible thing to get another small mod if its for the family to be together.

So we have (right to left) Jacques’ mama, Betta’s friend who is always protesting (Monica Monty I think), Montez, his pregnant wife River, and Jacques’ Papa.

Screenshot-7 (1000x625)

Antonio and Giuseppe are also here!

Screenshot-8 (1000x625)

Our oldest spare child (well, tied with her twin) Edith, Tony’s child.

Screenshot-9 (1000x625)

Screenshot-12 (1000x625)

Betta is happy to see her siblings, and siblings in law.

Screenshot-10 (1000x625)

Vin is happy to see his grandchildren.

Screenshot-11 (1000x625)

Jacques is happy to his Papa.

Screenshot-13 (1000x625)

Everyone is happy to see everyone!

The people we haven’t re-introduced at the party (left to right) are Claudia, Tony’s wife Elsa at the piano, and the last Costa daughter in mix-maxed clothes.


6 thoughts on “2.9 Fall ~ Neuf Bijou

  1. I am so hecka glad that you’re back, zefie! I had a heart attack when the grim reaper showed up – I nearly cried! – but then it wasn’t Vin and I was happy… then i saw Jacques’ face and I felt bad 😦
    But I am super excited for Gen 2, especially with a child named Cosette! Because YO I LOVE LES MIS TOO!

    • Thanks Apoo. I hope to be back for real this time. You read pretty quickly lol
      I basically went through the same series of emotions as you with the grim.
      I love Les Mis. I actually felt silly after naming Constance because I thought “What if you can’t use Cosette now silly!” but that worked out. All that would have changed is reverse name order so I’m good lol. Though I am sad I didn’t get to use my favorite french boy name.

  2. Yay! An update! So happy to see the family. I almost wish it had been Vin who passed. I know it’s right around the corner and it’s going to be terribly sad.

    I. Love. The. Girls. Cosette and Constance are just a delight.

    I almost hope Betta gets into tons of midlife shenanigans. She’s a selfish soul, so it suits her.

    So happy to see you, dear one. Hugs.

    • Yay! Happy to be back 😉
      I know what you mean about Vin. He’s keeping me really on edge lol. It’s actually a little stressful. Also he must be around 150 by now so you know…
      I love them too! I’m so happy they are coming across okay, I was worried my stress about the chapter would taint the view of them.
      Who knows what Betts will get up to. I’m both scared of her doing something terrible and think it would be interesting if she did. But I am such a control freak..the idea scares me!
      Thanks for the hugs Heather. Needed that. ❤

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