Updates and Questions

Hey guys. Just a couple things I wanted to talk about and ask.


First of all, I did want to mention that I did post a new chapter. When I did it posted it under the date that I first started working on the chapter; over 6 months ago! If anything was going to rub in my face how far behind I am. >.<‘.
I did update the date on it but I don’t know what that meant for notifications. I mean, did it just toss it in the readers at the date it thought it was published for some reason? Because I feel that wouldn’t be helpful to anyone. If someone could let me know if/when that chapter showed up in their wordpress reader that would be great. I know the e-mail notification worked but that’s it.

I have pictures for 3 more chapters prepared then I can start to play again. I am resizing them as advised to help with memory space issues, but right now I am pulling them into pixlr, resizing, re-saving, one by one right now. I have a LOT of pictures per chapter. Its taking forever. If you know a better way I would love the share.

Along the same lines as the space issue, I am making a single image for each trait chart now that I know I won’t need to add more to them. Its taking a while but once all the images are made I can delete all the individual trait images from my folder. I also took away all the pictures from ‘family members’ page and replaced them with a link to a Family Eco family tree. I’ve also started replaying the pictures in old chapters with resized versoins. That one is going to take a while and I don’t know if I’ll end up doing the whole thing but I know it will help a lot in the long run, so I am trying.

Please check out my updated pages, let me know if there is anything you think could improve them. I thought about adding more info to the family tree page but I don’t know what I would add.

Trying to get back into this when there is SO much work to be done cleaning up the site is a little daunting. I could really use the feedback and support of you all.

thanks greatly



10 thoughts on “Updates and Questions

  1. It appeared in my reader as dated 25 August 2015. I am off to read it now. Sorry I missed it.
    I had wondered where you had got to. Glad to know you are still b

  2. I saw it hit my email as you published it. Not the date it was started.

    We talked once about storage. I paid for more WordPress storage, and it’s just annually. I forgot how much, but it isn’t a lot, and it’s enough to FINISH the Zales if I keep the same size pattern I’ve used so far. It’s just another cost for my favorite hobby. Worth it!

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