2.10 Winter~ Crise


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Last time in the Cultracy Conny became a toddler with green eyes and brown hair, Sep had twins and Montez had a toddler but the information on them is currently missing, we finally brought ourselves to pack up Karla’s old art room and began turning it into a playroom, the two kittens Jade and Rubis finally aged up to cats like their sister, Betta and Jaques had a double birthday and became adults, Betts new age sate brought with it a midlife crisis, the spooky day feast was visited once again by Death taking Jacques Mama with him this time, Betta realized she was pregnant with the second french generation baby, and had a new baby girl at the end of the season named Cosette who is Clumsy and Loves the Heat.

Welcome to the home of Elizabetta Cultric, heir of the second generation of the cultracy.

And I have been now stuck on this opening all day and that’s just enough of that because I actually want to start being at least half butt productive.  So frigg it! Lets just go.



So winter hits the Cultric household like a brick. Just yesterday it was a calm autumn and then BAM  blizzard. It’s like winters around here. Only that tends to happen at about mid autumn. Sometimes it does actually wait until winter, but if that happens it can blizzard until mid April. Like what happened this year. Not that I’m bitter about that April blizzard. At all.



New baby Cosette is hopefully snuggly warm in her butterfly room because she loves the heat. So it is not her cup of tea out there at all.



Nono is ready to take care of the baby this morning as both her parents are busy.




Papa Jacques has his morning gardening. His green house got a few new items and some reorganizing. When we plant something new in the pot though it goes dormant like we planted it outside. It was okay by that evening though, but it worried me at the time.

I also learned here that you are not actually meant to be able to plant trees in the pots. Which makes perfect sense. I just planted the rest of the greenhouse right after making it so I guess MoveObjects was still on. Ooops! I turned it back on and planted one last tree. In for a penny. I already have 3 in here so it doesn’t really matter at this point.

Perhaps Betta would have helped with the baby during the gardening time in the past but she’s not quite…thinking clearly.



Fresh out of bed Betta heads into town to get the makeover that she was unable to get while pregnant.

Papa is there! Why are you giving me a hard time about this? I have been wishing to do this since that awful birthday. 

Its not the act of this in of itself that is the problem Betta. Just…just try not to let it get out of hand. Okay?



Ugh. This outfit is just…ugh. This woman has no idea what she is doing. 

Sigh. She isn’t even lisnting to me. I’ll just have to keep an eye on her.

That woman does actually have her mind on something else. Jacques’ Papa. Lady, that man is only JUST freshly a widower. Leave him alone. And if you don’t, I sure as heck hope you are not into him for his money.


Now that! That is what a sophisticated rich lady would wear. 

At some point you are going to have acknowledge that you are not in fact rich any longer.



I am a diamond among women. 

As frustrated as I am with her I am actually a fan of the look. Not anything I would wear but it truly does suit her. I like the new hair too.

Betta spend some time with your babies…please?

Well…I just got my nails done so I wont change Cosette. But I see no reason I can’t read with Constance. 



If Betta was a snob before, Elizabetta under the influence of a midlife crisis is nearly unbearable.
Deep down she still loves her kids. It’s just…any chance she had of being a doting mother may have been lost with this crisis.



Jacques has been trying to take over the portraits. Certainly Betta isn’t going to put in the effort. He never sells any. The ones he messes up or uses for practice he scraps before they finish. As per my rules of the one craft career per generation.


Where are you going so late? You usually prefer to stay in.

I just need to get out of the house. 

Well…why not invite your husband out for a date then. I’m sure he would…

No. I just feel like going out myself. 

Oh…okay. I guess.



Betta: “Bonjour. Lavender tea for me s’ill vous plait.”

Barista: “Right away darling.”



Betta…have you been suppressing your Italian accent in favor of a French one? I only just noticed…

Maybe…a little. Why does it matter? 

Well…I guess it doesn’t but…why? I mean…you are Italian.

French is a classier accent. 

Do…do you do this around your father?

I don’t know. That barista is looking over here isn’t he?

Uh…seems like it why?

Oh…no reason. I’m just curious how…how he sees me. Old or…I’ll just talk to him quickly. 




Hmm. He’s an attractive man isn’t he. And I’m not stupid. I see how he looks at me. I knew I was still beautiful. 

Betta…I see your wishes. And I don’t…



Betta: “So…you like what you see huh. You aren’t bad looking yourself.”




Unknowing, Betta’s loving husband is at home taking care of their children. I watch it metaphorically through my fingers like a horror movie. I don’t really want to watch. But…I need to keep an eye on her.



Was Jacques picture missing before? I really could have sworn…maybe not. Now I’m sad. Normally I’d be a little sad simply because Jacques would be left out of what founder Karla painted but as it is…it feels uncomfortably symbolic. You deserve to be up on that wall Jacques.  I hope Betta won’t try and take your place out of this family.



Luckily, at least for now, Betta is good with a little flirting before getting bored and coming home for more self pampering. She is satisfied with feeling beautiful enough for the younger Barista to flirt with. We will just have to hope that her wishes stray back to the makeover side of things.



So…the Barista thought you were attractive. That enough to convince you this whole thing is silly?

What whole thing? Realizing that I need to put a little extra work into being the best person I should be right now? I want to be a Lady of status. My image is important.

This can’t end poorly.



8 thoughts on “2.10 Winter~ Crise

  1. If you have Into the future it comes with a grass rug you can place inside even upstairs to make a greenhouse or whatever. Lets you do trees without move objects, is cheaper, and they don’t go dormant in winter.

  2. Aw, bye Vinnie. He had a good, long life, but it’s always sad to see them go.

    I think it’s actually refreshing to see a sim like Betta, who doesn’t love her children and is insecure like she is. It’s so rare we see a sim like that, I quite like it – wouldn’t be opposed to her being written as a bitch, it could totally work.

    • He did have that. But it was really time. It was starting to get uncomfortable how long he had lived.

      Since you guys have expressed interest I may start writing her more harshly. I think I have been toning her down a lot out of fear of reaction.

  3. It was very hard to watch Vincenzo go… But with tiny bits of tears in my eyes, I laughed out loud at Death’s comments. Especially the one about maybe dying outside? He’d like to see the lawn, kthanx.

    I adore Betta. Her naughty, self-indulgent nature is very entertaining to read about. They can’t all be Karla. ❤ She wants to be rich, important and beautiful. Anything that doesn't feed into those needs can take a hike. And sometimes, the children and her husband DO make her feel important, or beautiful… So she's not completely without affection for them…

    I loved seeing another update from my favorite family.

    • It was hard to be there too. I don’t know why Death wound up with the personality he did but I’m kind of glad for it. At the same time though I wonder if I should be taking away from the sadness of the situations.

      Ah Betta. I’m glad people are not mad about her. I mean, its ok to be mad AT her when she does bad things but I guess I thought people might get mad at me if I write her saying/doing mean things. I may let her off the hook a little with the feedback I’ve been getting.

      Thanks for the feedback Heather. I’ve been having a rough time and it really helps to hear from you guys. ❤

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