2.11 Spring ~maggiordomo


Last chapter of the Cultracy began with Elizabetta settling into her midlife crisis by getting a fresh makeover and flirting with the barista while Jacques continued to be the husband she doesn’t really deserve by continuing to make sure her precious kittens get up on the wall and being a great father to their two girls, Vin visits the spare families as usual, we throw a rather lackluster Snowflake day ball (we really need to throw better parties, but Betta considers standing around in finery and socializing a good time so…) Betta continued to flirt with not her husband, we realize that things are getting close with her LTW but every cat we run into we already know, then the terrible, if overdo, tragedy of losing our founding spouse finally strikes, and we have a big funeral before laying Vincenzo to rest next to his late wife Karla on founders hill.

Bienvenue my friends. It’s been a long time coming hasn’t it? But its never easy to continue on when you lose someone important and I have’t wanted to play without Vin. But we must go on.



Elizabetta tail ends her crisis by buying a super expensive car that they super can’t afford because it looks high class and she likes to pretend she is still rich.

What is wrong with you! I AM rich! How do you not see my house? My belongings? 

How do you not see your bank account.

Hmf! Firstly I don’t take care of that so I don’t look at it much anyway. Second..well that’s not really an accurate reflection of my wealth. I have lots of…assets! Like my new car you hate so much! My home, my paintings, my jewels…

Betta…you refuse to sell anything. Jewels on your person don’t pay bills.

But Betta ignores me for a while, choosing as usual to remain blissfully ignorant.


Betta likes the status symbol. Jacques loves the car. The van was getting pretty old being honest and he is the one doing the running around. He is happy for the new wheels.
In fact he has an important errand to run right now!


Hey Antonio, I miss you!

Its so cute that whoever gets to the house first in the family makes a beeline to visit the nieces.


Anyway, it’s a Blue Baby Birthday! Everyone is here (with tonnes of food) for the special occasion!


It’s no surprise to me that Papa is the one to take her to the cake.


Everyone is still pilling in while baby Cosette and Papa make their birthday wish.


I am so SO excited to finally see Cosette’s genetics. I wonder if she will look more like Mamma or Papa?

Awww she’s a Blondie like her Mama! We can’t really see her eyes yet so we will have to wait and see on that. She definitely has a different nose than her sister but that’s all I can tell at this point.


Family is all together! I miss everyone.


This is Cosette’s bear. I don’t have a lot to work with at this point but I just make a warm fuzzy looking guy with blue overalls. I like it, sometimes you just want something simple.



4 thoughts on “2.11 Spring ~maggiordomo

    • Yay Heather! I’m glad everyone isn’t gone lol
      Yeah that Buttler. I have one idea of how I am going to save the money problem but it’s going to be hard to pull off. I mean, I kind of want ther to get punished but its not interesting like sims 4 (power shut off can be used in story ok) so I’m just going to try and salvage it. That said, she is NOT going to start cutting back on spending.

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