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The Challenges created by zefiwings

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The Cultracy Challenge

 Overview: This modification to the standard generational legacy challenges the simmer to explore a whole world of sim types. Each generation must focus on a new culture, with a spouse, traits, home, wedding, etc to reflect that culture. You are encouraged to make the spouse of your heir so they can truly reflect the culture as you see it.

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The Inhericy Rule

 Overview: This is a rule adjustment that replaces the standard rolling for rules in a legacy. It’s basic premise is that how we grow up affects who we become. It can be used along side many legacy challenges.


The Backwards ISBI

 Overview: Your founder is an elder male. His hair is an Adult, then a Young Adult, Teen, Child, Toddler, even Infant. You can not control anyone but the current heir. Each generation has its own challenges, at first living long enough for your heir to take over, then managing a household with the limited interactions of youth. Can you beat the hourglass and survive against the odds?
*note: currently only has a forum page with full rules as of now.

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